Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ready To Wear

With my newly sewn linen skirt laid out to wear with my maxi tee and favorite necklace, I stepped out of the shower preparing to head out to Grand Central Market for some shopping in my new ensemble (that I made to wear for such an occasion).... when Theo calls to let me know he already took care of it.

But.  But. But I was gonna wear my new grocery shopping skirt....  
And take pictures!  Shopping...  In my new grocery shopping skirt!

Thankfully, I will be hungry again tomorrow so we'll surely have a need to go grocery shopping again and I will finally be able to debut my ready to wear pieces appropriately :)  

For now though, let me just pose.

It's almost like an oversize tennis skirt.  I love it's volume!!  It's slouchy, just like my tees and it's mid length, which is nice because that means I don't have to sit like I'm holding a dime between my knees.  I can lounge, bend, move, kick back!  As though I were wearing pants.  That's why this skirt is perfecto for errands.

I also added piping along the bottom for a simple finish as I knew I'd be paring it with white a lot over the Summer months.  I'd like to make another with black piping.

And speaking of ready to wear, I'm so glad I finally figured out a way to finish a long drawn out draping project I started when I first moved to L.A..  

So excited to show and tell!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Natural Shades

 Shades of nude and biscuit and creams swim around my room.  After Theo and I installed our new linen drapes, 
of which I originally felt were pretty blah and void of style, turned instantly elegant...

It's interesting how something so simple and bare can do so much, aesthetically speaking.  These simple drapes literally transformed our bedroom...
In a very minimalistic, chic way of course :)

And more interestingly, my new drapery spawned some new ideas for my Tiny wardrobe.

Once again, I found another way to wear these oxfords.  What will I do when these things finally fall apart one day?  I am fast on the hunt for a couple more.  
When something works well, I like to make sure I have spares.

This new skirt, The Tiny Closet Collection, is different.  Hip slung, pleated and swing style - and also mid-length.  And most importantly, the fabric is incredible!  
A delicious weighty, drapey wheat hued linen.
Mama like.

And paired with my collection of maxi scoop neck tees, it's the perfect Summer outfit for shopping at the Farmer's Market,  vintage browsing, coffee outings and... a windy day :)  
---with all this swing and pleating, this skirt's really got some Marilyn Monroe flair when it's windy out!  

You will see it on me soon enough so check back tomorrow!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Fit Form Style

During the day, I try not to eat heavy foods as I get tired very easily and anything heavier than toast will just send me to dreamland.  But I also don't really feel like having just a juice in the middle of the day either.  So, to keep my stomach from growling around 3pm (and to satisfy my demanding sweet tooth), I like to blend this quick snack:

ice cubes
20 almonds
1 tbsp flax seeds
small glass of almond milk


Trader Joe's Midnight Moo chocolate syrup


Almonds are a great source of vitamin E (yay for skin!!) and give me energy.  And flax seeds are like a superfood with Omega 3 fat and fiber.  
Midnight Moo is also a very important source of goodness... so that's something too.

And why am I wearing Skipper's undergarments?  

Well, I don't have a fit form.  If I did, my life would be a slice of amazing pie.  But I don't so, oh well...

For those you who don't know what a "fit form" is, it's a mannequin form usually of the neck to butt portion of the body.  In the sewing world,
it's made for draping and tailoring commonly for formal wear.  Which I am doing.  But without a fit form :(  wah, wah - you get the picture.

So since I am sans fit form for now, I have resorted to draping and measuring pieces on myself, which means that instead of wearing drapey, comfy clothing,
I have to wear second skin pieces while sewing so I can measure and place fabric with ease.

It's not my first outfit choice for the house but it makes my projects much easier and...

Sometimes I catch myself in the mirror walking by and I have to say, the simplicity of this look is kinda chic no?

Anyway, I wasn't really wearing anything interesting on Sunday but I thought I would just show what I was wearing anyway!

I'm out ladies!  Off to watch my Khaleesi kick some butt in Game of Thrones!!

Friday, April 19, 2013


We still don't have curtains in our bedroom.  Or in our entire apartment for that matter.  Ah, but we love the light!  
When it comes to editing video, photos, and generally using a computer however, we're pretty much blind between the hours of 8am and 3pm.

So, Thursday we finally (begrudgingly) decided it was time for some curtains.   I don't care for curtains.  They tend to look messy no matter how you hang them or what material you use and over time, the pattern or color can make me feel stir crazy.  I love beautiful bare windows - especially against brick, which is coincidentally what we have - 
so if I have to cover them up, I decided to make my own.  

Being only a few walking blocks away from the garment district and a world of options for, well, anything - Theo and I set out to shop for some chic, simple curtain fabric.

Of course I got super distracted by all the street-side tulle and fabrics for costumes and Quinseanera dresses.  Siiiigh!

chambray: Shades of Grey / pants: All Saints / necklace: Heavenly Couture / smoking shoes: 

I also had to pick up the final fabric for a gown I created for a friend.  I am tremendously excited to see how this special project turns out.  
And of course, I will be showing it here soon!  


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Summer In a Flash

Wednesday was super sunny...as per usual.  I love that I can say that now.  Ahhh.  
Anyway though, yesterday was hottt, actually and I wasn't really prepared for that type of warmth.

Preparing to meet Theo in the Arts District, I rummaged through a bag of clothing I've been putting together to donate to Goodwill and pulled out this old polka dotted silk crepe skirt.

Decided to wear it as a halter dress.

In 10 mins, I had sewn a grosgrain ribbon to each end of the skirt opening, threw on my ultra comfy, casual lace bustier and stowed my booties away in my bag for later.

I was ready to go out!

So, yesterday was a reality check for me.  I realize I am definitely not as prepared as I thought for the upcoming Summer months... Looks like I'm finally going to have to go... 


And y'all know I don't shop a lot.  I actually don't even remember the last time I went shopping for new clothes... I definitely like to play out the longevity and see the potential in the clothing I already have - hence the Tiny Closet.  But don't get me wrong, I love to shop.  In fact, I love it way more than I should, it's an absolutely delicious past time.  So... with this new climate and all...  I think it's time.

Don't you agree?

 dress: thrifted / bra top: Free People / booties: thrifted / sunnies: Rayban

Avant Garde

Attempting to push the boundaries of my normal styling tendencies, I decided to restyle some favorite pieces of mine into a look unfamiliar.  

I think I succeeded.

An unfamiliar aesthetic made up of many of my favorite looks: 
androgyny, men's formal, minimalism, Eastern, exotic.

It was a bit hard to keep a straight face while walking around downtown in this yesterday but I have to say, it's now one of my favorite ensembles.  I felt like Charlotte Rampling!  Just so exquisitely sophisticated and mysterious and super cool.

It's outfits like these that when looking in the mirror, I see my future self.  The person I envision myself to dress like later in life, when I'm peaking and at the top of my game.  Clothes can really be interesting in that respect because they have the power to influence our behavior and state of mind.

mens shirt: PINK / harem pants: Bottega Veneta / flats: Trotters / sunnies: Rayban

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am incredibly drawn to this weird look I've concocted.  In fact, I need to create more of these looks because it's here to stay.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Noachella For Me

While every blogger and their photographer it seems was at Coachella last weekend, I was hard work draping a new long Summer evening blazer.  The fruits of my labor you will see next week but for now, it's boringville and I've been living vicariously through tweets and Facebook status updates.

I hope those of you who partook in the crazy festivities had a blast!

It's been touch and go here lately with weather but I'm actually right in step with my all-season Closet.  On a particular warm morning, I took this photo as a request.  You've seen this Catherine Malandrino item before - as you have with all the clothing I wear.  

My closet is after all, Tiny :)

I have worn this dress many times.  Perhaps though, you might think a dress like this isn't that versatile.  
But it is. I've worn it with a sweater dress and then I've also worn it as a tunic over jeans.

And the oxfords?  I wear these babies  E V E R Y W H E R E.

See ya back here tomorrow!

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Tiny Closet Collection... Here's Hoping!


The incredibly positive feedback I've been getting from the handmade pieces I've been incorporating into my Tiny Closet has been amazing to receive.

Thank you.

I started designing and sewing clothing because, while blogging about my adventures in having a small wardrobe, I was growing a more discerning eye for quality and style and I just began being a lot choosier with the clothing I would wear.  I realized the clothes that I truly loved were considerably beyond what I could afford and frankly, waaaaaay overpriced to begin with anyway, so I began making the things I saw but couldn't/wouldn't buy.

For the past two years, I've been loving sewing everyday, tweaking designs I see in store windows and even creating my own designs.  It's become quite a passion actually.
So a few weeks ago, after discovering the meaning of life over Cheerios, I realized life is too short and valuable to not do what you love to do.
So I went down to city hall and and got a little present for my Tiny Closet: 

a business license

The Tiny Closet is now a licensed business - as a special promise to myself to keep sewing and designing, and working towards one day being able to see my creations in
someone else's Tiny Closet.  That would be a dream come true.

As I am working on a clothing line to sell, I am testing out each piece right here on my blog.  Seeing if you like them, testing how they fit, and also testing out how they go with my daily style and wardrobe.  The question of exactly when the line will be available is still to be determined but I do know I have never wanted anything more.

Your encouragement and feedback while I continue testing out new clothing is amazingly helpful so
for visiting, commenting and emailing.

I so hope you'll continue to stick with me because
I am so excited for what's in store... 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mid Drift

So I've been wearing a lot of mid rift tops lately.  Partly because of the stupendous weather, a little because I'm lightening up a bit - 
but mostly because I'm neck deep in mid-drift culture now...

Eh, when in Rome!

Though in the past I've proven to be quite experimental and courageous with clothing (yes, I was the girl in high school changing in the bathroom into platform heels and a shorter skirt before class), I've still always dialed it way back when it comes to showing tummy.  You gotta leave a little mystery right?  A bare mid-drift's place should be purely beach or poolside but all well, some thoughts need to be changed, you know?  Cropped tops are cool. modern, edgy, sexy, playful AND classy!  

And btw, yes, I know I'm like the only woman who is just now getting hip to this "cropped" concept, please be patient with me :)

top: Tiny Closet Collection / skirt: H&M / wedges: Et Fiancees / earrings: Francesca's Closet 

So, I have decided to finally add them to my closet.  And this cropped Tiny Closet Collection piece is fitting right in!


Oh!  And I finally found a moment to add more photos of my new Chevron print dress! 

 Scroll down to view or just clicky here!


Looking forward to the weekend!  
Lots of sewing, maybe catching a movie and definitely going out to try a new restaurant :)
Keep up with me and my to dos on Twitter and Instagram!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chevron Print

But you don't understand.  I am obsessed with chevron print!

Ever since I moved to Los Angeles, my mind has been riddled with interior decor ideas.  The aesthetic of my Tiny Closet really spans all corners of my life, needless to say I go simple and minimal. But I love pops of color and well-opportuned spaces for amazing print!

While at the fabric store looking through upholstery fabric, I spotted an incredible collection of chevron prints.  I knew I would have to give time for Theo to mull it over with his man brain (severely doubting his end answer would be "yes" to kelly green jumbo chevron striping for our couch *sniff*) so I chose to skip the inevitable compromise and headed to apparel fabrics to buy a cute and zany chevron print all to myself.

But what would I make??

 I rarely wear skirts.  Come to think of it, the only skirt I do wear more often than not is a piece I actually made for myself.  I am quite short and skirts never hit me right - plus I think I just don't like skirts so that's the end of that buuuut I adore this multi colored, chevron print skirt.  
I adore it to pieces!!!

It was a bit too short, but I couldn't help the width of the fabric.  No matter - I am wearing lil shorts underneath :)  And speaking of playful, I decided to wear a lil bandeau under my denim jacket.  Very Summery!

denim jacket: American Eagle / skirt: Tiny Closet Collection / bandeau: F&F / shoes: CMG

This is a fabulous Spring/Summer item and, because it has gone over so well with my closet and was nearly a sinch to make, I will be making a couple more in equally playful prints.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

...And The Livin' is Easy

After a few months of intensive people watching here in L.A., it's clear that I am not the only chick in town that craves comfortable, easy, sultry ensembles.  I am loving the beachy, loose and loungy styles I keep coming across.  It's like a perpetual Coachella - very bohemian indeed.

And normally, I steer clear of bohemian styles.  Taste-wise it's just never been my bag of tricks.  But bohemian looks have definitely evolved past the saturated gypsy/70s vibe and into an eclectic mix of looks that I very much enjoy currently.  People like Sienna Miller and Halle Berry are actually a great inspiration to me when branching out to find more sexy, comfy looks.

So on Taco Tuesday, while walking through downtown choosing which taco place to hole up in, I tried my hand at an eclectic bohemian mix.  Check it out!

It's about that time again (in California anyway) for sunny, carefree dresses and skirts.  During the Winter months, I use my Summer dresses as nightgowns - like here.  But since Summers in Seattle are a mere dot in the space time continuum, this skirt has mainly been nightwear.  
While getting dressed, Theo asked me why I was wearing my pajamas...  
They're not pj's anymore!

My bohemian mixture was a bit Southern with my fedora and tassled oxfords - mixed with a bit of Western with my prairie skirt and beach top.  Overall, a very easy bohemian brew.

I also did my hair :)

 top: Tiny Closet Collection / oxfords: CMG / 
necklace, skirt & fedora were bought at stands in the Philippines

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Makeup & Skincare: A Tiny Routine

It's actually not that Tiny now that I think about it...  

In fact, I spend a lot more time and energy on my face care and makeup than I do with my hair.

So for those of you who have asked me about my regimen or have commented that my skin tone is very similar to yours, this lil routine may be worthwhile.  At the least, you can see what products and colors I go to everyday to achieve my particular look.  So without further adieu, I'll give you the diet coke version first:  3 steps!

1. concealer

2. bronzer & blush

3.  mascara


Now let me explain....

this is me, no makeup - just a good, hot face wash.  BTW, you'll have to excuse the eyebrows - I am growing them out :(

Anyway, I do the same thing morning and night:

Since my face is used to wetter weather, this new desert scene is really not going over so well.  So I massage a teaspoon of coconut oil all over my face before washing. I use a delicate soap, usually Johnson & Johnson's bath time soap, followed by an intense steam with a wash cloth.  
I run the cloth under very hot water!

At night, I use a balm that my mother makes.  It's chock full of amazing ingredients like shea butter, green tea and tea tree oil and has the texture and thickness of lip balm.  Pretty heavy stuff but it gives me quite a baby face in the morning.

In the morning, I use a lighter moisturizer that my mother brews up as well consisting of various oils like vitamin E.  I require a lot of moisture but have little tolerance for parabens and "extras" that usually come with store-bought face creams so this works for me.

 So, makeup!  Concealer first.  The below two photos shows my daily blue print to achieve a more even tone.

The left photo below shows me with bronzer and blush.  I take my kabuki brush and bronzer and sweep a ring around my face to create a warmer look.  I follow it with very pink blush on my cheeks, chin and nose.  I love a sun-blasted beach look so I love me some bronzer!

The last step shown in the right photo above is mascara.  For me, mascara makes all the difference between having Disney eyes or stick character eyes.  My lashes, though quite long, are very fine and are virtually invisible without mascara.  So it's a go to for sure!

My Daily Tools:
Bobby Brown and M.A.C. are my main besties.  I have literally tried everything else and nothing else comes close to my skin tone and style.  I love these guys!
concealer: M.A.C. NC45 / concealer brush: e.l.f. / bronzer: Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder Deep 4 / bronzer kabuki brush: e.l.f. / blush: Bobbi Brown Pink Coral #8 / blush brush: M.A.C. 2007 Christmas Edition 168SE /  mascara: Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara (travel size)

Yay, makeup!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Saturday Night

One thing is for certain, California women definitely love to dress up on a Saturday night.  Unlike the Northwest, the come-as-you-are states, the no-frills-no-gimmicks attitude, as much as that was a nice change of pace from the more traditional state of mind of what a woman wears to go out on a weekend evening, I much like the fancier option.  

Don't you?

I am just loving prancing around in a tight skirt and heels, showin a little skin and not sticking out like a frilly, overdone thumb becauuuuuuse the difference here is that.... 
every other woman is doing THE EXACT SAME THING!  Ahhhhh :)

Saturday night, while dressing to go out for drinks with Theo, I decided to take my trusty white tube dress and wear it as a skirt.  The front of the tube dress is higher than the back, which made for a more interesting look when worn as a skirt and paired with my black tied up button up.  I just loved the dip in the back!

These wrap up sandals have silk ribbons as straps and you can tie them any way you wish!  
This definitely makes them more versatile, as you can tie them to look casual or tie them up to look quite fancy.  

I actually wore them with a super comfy, casual skirt and top here.

People ask me how I achieve such a full bun with my curls.  The truth is, my hair isn't long enough to put it into this kind of a huge bun soooo 
I put it up in a tall ponytail and then take a sheer hair net and wrap it around all the hair and mold and form it into a bun!  Tada.

To get an even better look at it in daylight, I wore it also here.

shirt: T by Alexander Wang / skirt: tube dress H&M / sandals: Nine West / bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAB / necklace: Heavently Couture

So yes, in my own Tiny Closet style I still kept it simple but, as always, changed it up a bit to get yet another different look.   Oh, the possibilities!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Friday!

Soooooo, Theo and I have been taking pictures for a little while now....  And from time to time, during post shoot editing, I usually come across a hilariously unattractive candid photo of me mid-expression or talking or positioning myself for a pose.  I have collected these horrid gems slowly over the months and thought I'd share the laugh with you.

Enjoy :)

Theo likes to take pics of me eating.... it upsets me.

I supposedly make this horrible expression a lot.  Why hasn't anyone told me so that I can never make it again??!!

Theo was way to close and the flash went off and made me blind for an hour.

I thought this pose may be okay.  Theo told me it wasn't.  It so wasn't.

 Sometimes I wonder why Theo isn't always laughing at me with all the goof ball expressions I'm always making when I'm not busy posing.  Eh, that's the ABC's of me I suppose!  I will have more for you later.  You thought this was all?  Hahaaaaa!  No way.  I'm just too vain to show any more.  Just goes to show he is one heck of a photographer.
Thanks for making me look good, babe.