Natural Shades

 Shades of nude and biscuit and creams swim around my room.  After Theo and I installed our new linen drapes, 
of which I originally felt were pretty blah and void of style, turned instantly elegant...

It's interesting how something so simple and bare can do so much, aesthetically speaking.  These simple drapes literally transformed our bedroom...
In a very minimalistic, chic way of course :)

And more interestingly, my new drapery spawned some new ideas for my Tiny wardrobe.

Once again, I found another way to wear these oxfords.  What will I do when these things finally fall apart one day?  I am fast on the hunt for a couple more.  
When something works well, I like to make sure I have spares.

This new skirt, The Tiny Closet Collection, is different.  Hip slung, pleated and swing style - and also mid-length.  And most importantly, the fabric is incredible!  
A delicious weighty, drapey wheat hued linen.
Mama like.

And paired with my collection of maxi scoop neck tees, it's the perfect Summer outfit for shopping at the Farmer's Market,  vintage browsing, coffee outings and... a windy day :)  
---with all this swing and pleating, this skirt's really got some Marilyn Monroe flair when it's windy out!  

You will see it on me soon enough so check back tomorrow!


  1. The wheat color is so refreshing, clean and summery! love it!

  2. I am so with you about the oxfords! A photo of you (wearing those magnificent shoes) on Pinterest is what led me to your site! I've since read every single post to be sure! laughing I totally admire your style and writing. I credit YOU with inspiring me to learn how to sew! Please let us know if you find another fabulous oxford-they are my favorite style of shoe, and I am always looking for "the perfect pair." Thanks for being so incredible! Cheers,Gaia

  3. Gorgeous new additions to your collection! Also - for Oxfords, I would HIGHLY recommend Cole Haan. The Gramercy Oxford is probably the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned. They have the Alicia Oxford on sale right now, also with Nike Air technology inside (and for much less than the currently full price Gramercy Oxford):,pwp,c-102701/f-10001+70016+4294966442+4294966454,pwp,c-100/f-10001+70016+4294966454+50146/t-WOMEN%27S|OXFORDS

    Happy Oxford Hunting :)

  4. I go weak in the knees for linen ... anything linen - really. I love the waist of the skirt. It's minimal and easy to wear. Way to go!