Saturday Night

One thing is for certain, California women definitely love to dress up on a Saturday night.  Unlike the Northwest, the come-as-you-are states, the no-frills-no-gimmicks attitude, as much as that was a nice change of pace from the more traditional state of mind of what a woman wears to go out on a weekend evening, I much like the fancier option.  

Don't you?

I am just loving prancing around in a tight skirt and heels, showin a little skin and not sticking out like a frilly, overdone thumb becauuuuuuse the difference here is that.... 
every other woman is doing THE EXACT SAME THING!  Ahhhhh :)

Saturday night, while dressing to go out for drinks with Theo, I decided to take my trusty white tube dress and wear it as a skirt.  The front of the tube dress is higher than the back, which made for a more interesting look when worn as a skirt and paired with my black tied up button up.  I just loved the dip in the back!

These wrap up sandals have silk ribbons as straps and you can tie them any way you wish!  
This definitely makes them more versatile, as you can tie them to look casual or tie them up to look quite fancy.  

I actually wore them with a super comfy, casual skirt and top here.

People ask me how I achieve such a full bun with my curls.  The truth is, my hair isn't long enough to put it into this kind of a huge bun soooo 
I put it up in a tall ponytail and then take a sheer hair net and wrap it around all the hair and mold and form it into a bun!  Tada.

To get an even better look at it in daylight, I wore it also here.

shirt: T by Alexander Wang / skirt: tube dress H&M / sandals: Nine West / bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAB / necklace: Heavently Couture

So yes, in my own Tiny Closet style I still kept it simple but, as always, changed it up a bit to get yet another different look.   Oh, the possibilities!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Go ahead girl! you look great and I agree. Most of the women going out, do all look the same: Short skirts or bandage dresses, almond toed platform heels. Nice that you took a different approach!

  2. I. Love. Your. Style! Seriously, it's inspirational.

  3. Love it!! I agree with you about the attitude and behavior about dressing up. I miss the Midwest and South, seeing the women in the multiple array of sophistication and poise.

  4. Work it lady. Sophisticated & Sexy x