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My Summer Capsule... So Far

Ahhhhhh.  And what a wonderful Summer capsule it is!  Maybe because not only is my closet carefully curated by me, it's also well um, made by me too!  I'm laughing as I write this because it's a bit ridiculous, I think the only clothes in my closet that I haven't designed and sewn myself, including my base closet that I wear all year round, are my jeans.  I even sew my t-shirts!  Oh wait, and my coats and jackets.  Whew!  Talk about a custom closet.
Honestly, I sew my own clothing because all my money goes toward fabric for my clothing line and I don't have much left afterward for shopping.  So I save my money for the really cool stuff that I can't make, like shoes, jewelry and fun outerwear.  

But the thing is, you don't have to sew your own clothes to absolutely love the pieces in your closet.  No way.  I could have found all the items I was looking for in a myriad of places.  You just have to know what you want and have the patience to hunt for it.
Above is my mini capsule for Summer (and a bit of Spring) only.  If you'd like to peep my base closet of clothing I wear year round, click HERE.  

Here in Los Angeles, there's not too much of a difference from one end of the year to the other.  I mean last week, it was 90 degrees.  I live in a year-round warm to hot climate so my seasonal capsules do look a bit similar so instead of building capsules on weather and temperature, my capsules vary based on the "spirit" of the seasons.  Same goes for my shoes.

I only buy one or two pairs of shoes for a season capsule.  For summer, my new capsule shoe is a simple gold 2-strap flat sandal.  And it goes with everything.  I may buy another Summer shoe since the Summer zeitgeist in L.A. runs until October.
This railroad stripe jumpsuit above was made for Spring but it weaves in nicely with my Summer pieces so I included it.  If you'd like to see more of this one, I featured it in a recent blog post HERE.
And this marigold mama, my sexy maxi dress, came out last Fall and I loved it but I find it's best suited for Summer.  It also pairs much better with a Summer shoe.
I bought a pair of suede block-heeled mules last week but they are for my base closet.  I included them above because they actually go really well with my Summer items.

These black mules from my base closet also go very well with all my Summer items.  One item in particular that is fun to pair with is this frilly white Fame & Partners party dress that can be worn day or night.  I featured it in a blog post showcasing it's day-to-night behavior HERE.  It's the one thing I didn't make myself and it's more frou frou than I care to wear year-round but for a capsule, it's perfect!
I have also never worn aqua blue before and I don't intend to often but in this midi dress above, for my Summer Capsule, I love it.  
And that's the beauty of a capsule closet - you can experiment for a time, play something out and then put it away.  My experience with having everything together, all my clothing for the whole year in one space is chaos and it eventually leads to pieces being forgotten or undervalued.  My base closet is where I keep my basics, my staples.  My seasonal capsules are where I have more fun and where I can shop more in the moment.

And speaking of shopping, I'll be chatting about that on Monday!  Tips and tricks for the Summer months coming your way next week.

Oh!  And I hope you have an amazing Memorial Day weekend!!  
I'll be celebrating my birthday :)  
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The Start of My Summer Capsule

 Today is a big day actually :)

After weeks of drafts, samples and experimenting, I finally debuted my Summer capsule in The Tiny Closet Shop.  Today!

I so love the collection so far and I've been living in each piece so it's very personal.  But one piece in particular stands out quite a bit from the rest.  This dark mandarin wrap dress...  It's a minimalist's dream.  One piece, one statement.  Throw it on and go.
I had drafted this design numerous times before but couldn't find the right color or weight or drape or, or, or....  And then at the last minute it came together.  Guys, I couldn't get this dress on fast enough!  I was walking down the street with threads still hanging off of it because I literally couldn't wait to wear it as soon as I finished my first sample.
Anyway, I had planned to show you my Spring Capsule last month but time got away from me.  Grrrr.  But Summer is around the corner and I am going to walk ya through my Summer Capsule!  I'll recap on some really helpful shopping techniques to try out this season and I'll show you how to throw out and replace those pieces that make you go "meh".  I'll also revisit the art of impulse shopping.  Yes! Impulse shopping can help you build a fabulous closet/capsule when you know how to do it!

So I'll see ya on Thursday for the start of that.  And please stop by The Tiny Closet Shop to peak at my other lovely Summer pieces finally available now to shop!  I hope you love them and I hope you enjoyed this piece today.  It's my fave and I had to share.

Happiest of Mondays to youuuu!
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Day to Night w/ Fame & Partners

Transitioning into Summer slowly, I linked up with Fame & Partners again for their S/S collection of pieces.  This time exploring transitioning from casual, carefree days to sultry warm nights.  Summer can't get here fast enough.

And you know me, it is 'The Tiny Closet way' to be able to seamlessly go from day to night with the right carefully hand-picked pieces from my current capsule.  And this fresh white (hot) frock fit in nicely with pulling double duty.  Take a look-see:
 One of Fame & Partners' new arrivals, The Irina dress is so comfortable.  Fitting like a glove, I slipped this gal on, threw on my newest favorite mules and light trench and took her for a spin.

A little froufrou, a little chic.  A little girly, a little sexy.  I'm thinking brunch, cocktails, baby showers, basically anywhere a girlfriend will say when she sees you, "Oooo, I love this dress!"
 And I loved the bit of juxtaposition of rich brown leather accents, a tan classic shape of the trench with a pop of white and frilly peplum.  Effortless fancy.

As the sun goes down, I switched out my daily gold studs for jumbo pearls, replaced the mules with black strap sandals, put on some glossy red lips and used my guy's dinner coat as a topper.
Simple and makes an awesome night time makeover.
The Irina is a chic blank palette, which is great for me because I love styling.  And for my first evening look, I was easily able to go a bit "Havana Nights".  So obviously that was fun.
Such contrasting looks by just changing your coat and shoes!  And the fact that all the pieces at Fame & Partners are bespoke and custom made is very reassuring for me that retail is finally headed in a beautiful, ethical direction.  

What I mean is since every piece is made-to-order, there is no waste of excess inventory and pieces are meant to make a truly tailored wardrobe.  And this I'm all about because I too make clothing and find it awful and intimidating to maintain a business of a boutique clothing line as big fast-fashion stores sell poorly-made clothing for next to nothing.  It's flashy and thrifty but if you really think about it, no one really wins in the end with this concept; from the workers to the customer.

Anyway, I'm joining in on a fast-fashion fast over on Instagram.  If you want to know more and even join in yourself, come and visit @thetinycloset and see if you can stay off fast-fashion for 1, 2, 3 or even 12 months!
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Pardon Our Dust

The scheduled feature I was excited to show-and-tell has been postponed till Thursday. :(  So instead, I'll talk about something else exciting that's happening.  

I'm currently undergoing a major makeover...
My design space has, ahem, grown out of the current corner of our loft so we are now moving it into our second room where it will be a proper design/sewing/fitting studio.  Can I just tell you


Lots of plans will finally be materializing over the next months and I will try my hardest to share the highlights visually with you the whole way.

I'm so embarrassed to show you how cluttered and "real" my workspace is but I'm showing it with no photo shop or filters to reinforce the truth that you truly have to start from somewhere.  And I am definitely still neck deep in start up mode.  But lemme tell ya, I started with nothin.  Well, actually I started with a sewing machine...  And now it's a dream to see it growing and evolving before my eyes.

Plus this will be a fun Before/After story when we're all finished.  10 years from now ha!  I hope it doesn't take that long to complete this room.
We are painting the concrete floors a bright white for shoots and for working more easily with different textiles and fabrics.  
White on white.

And starting yesterday, I peeked into Pandora's Box of organization culture: The KonMari Method, which is the Japanese way of organizing one's space and home.  Now what's awesome is The Tiny Closet actually employs the same brutal rules of letting go of "having things" and throwing out literally anything that doesn't bring you joy - but this girl, Marie Kondo is downright spiritual about it and she teaches a cyclical ritual that when you get the hang of it, you look at "things" very differently.

I love it.  And you should too!

I will dive into this concept and lifestyle choice later but for now, I wanted to give you a peek into the early messy stage of my business makeover.  

Wish me luck and come back on Thursday where I'll be showing how to take a party dress from day to night.  

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The 3 Jeans & Tees

I have been trying to perfect a few jeans-and-white-tee looks for years and I think once I do, it'll solve all my life problems: The Boyfriend, The Classic and The Babe.  These are looks I've labeled personally as they are three looks that I tend to alternate between constantly - as do many other women.  One is casual, one is a bit preppy and one is sexy.  I already found the The Boyfriend, but I'm still working on the other two.  

This was supposed to be The Classic look but as it turns out, I'm not quite there yet.
 Because, as many of you probably already know, finding that perfect delicious pair of denim that makes you look and feel dreamy is pretty difficult (and time consuming if you really go head to head with the challenge).  Finding 3 pairs is a bit harder.  Although, once you've found one, it's kind of all down hill from there because you've broken the code.  
I will say after years of designing scores of tees, I have found the exact 3 tees that I've been dreaming of for the three looks.  So I'm getting closer.   This tee ended up being a wee bit too cropped for these jeans and The Classic look that I was trying to achieve so oh well.  Back to the drawing board.
I can't wait to show you the trio of looks once I finish them.  In fact it might be fun to try yourself!  Because it's all interpretation: The Boyfriend to me is slouchy, worn denim with a huge drapey tee, The Classic is vintage high waist denim with a stiffer crew neck tee, and The Babe is tight denim that has a bit of stretch with a cropped tee.  And it can all look differently to someone else, which makes them signature statements.  What are your favorite jeans-and-tee looks?

See you on Monday for an awesome new feature and a knock out ensemble!!
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Trying New Things

A new wash and go routine, a new jumpsuit design, some amazing new mules, new jewelry...

Would I sound shallow if I said it was just what I've been needing??
If it does, oh well.  For someone who rarely gets new things, I've been feeling pretty indulgent lately.  And I'm loving it!
The girls at the Haiti Chai + Amarilo flagship store let me poke around a bit and take photos of myself and some of their new pieces.  It's great having jewelry designer friends because as you know, I'm not much for accessorizing but I so admire it.  A genuine minimalist like me doesn't like too much  on the body so it's hard not to feel "busy" or heavy when wearing jewelry.  But both Haiti Chai and Amarilo pieces are truly effortless and allow me to participate in the accessorizing game!  Both artists are so light but bold at the same time.  In fact I brought a lot of their pieces with me to the tropics last Winter.  You can view a gorgeous body chain by Haati Chai here.  And some cheeky rings and things by Amarilo here.
I also took my new jumpsuit out for a spin, finally!  I made this piece a while back but new orders and designs at The Shop stole my attention so it didn't quite get finished until last week.  I so love railroad print linen - the durability and ease of wear with this fabric is awesome.  And because it's a bit stiff like denim almost, it looks so fresh and pressed when I wear it.  I'm thinking of making it available in The Shop....
Whatchu think about that??
I wore these beautifully simple statement earrings for the shoot but I think I may just have to buy them.  And I came across my old signature M.A.C. lip color over the weekend and I almost cried.  I used to wear this piercing crimson color all over town and now that seems like a lifetime ago.  It's time to break this mama out!  As soon as I saw myself in the mirror, I was like oh hey girl, I remember you.
Amarilo rings are so fun to stack!

 These Nissolo mules were a lucky gift I got from a friend.  I have tiny feet and they fit like a glove.  The leather and wood-stacked heel is so gorgeous, I'm already wearing these babies every day.  
So I've been feeling more myself these days.  Ahhh :)  Who'da thought I just needed to go shopping  LOL!  I'm kinda joking.  And kinda not.  I realize it's very important to make a habit of taking time out for oneself.  Especially if you're a really busy person.  And aren't we all?  Women tend to put themselves last and I'm not going to do that anymore.

I woke up this morning feeling so good.  I hope you did too.  And if you didn't, I understand.  Try and do something really nice for yourself.  Something you wouldn't normally do.  It may end up making you feel really good.

Happy Monday :)
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My hair has grown to an odd length and the last time I had it cut into a style professionally was well over a year.  Still, instead of getting it cut, I tried out this updo the other day.
 Maybe I've been watching too much daytime television at the gym or maybe the 90s really did have some classic looks - but whatever inspired me, I thoroughly enjoyed bringing it back with this curly twist up.
 Anyway, it was all in celebration of my newest piece in The Tiny Closet Shop: The Shopper.  I've never worn this color before.  In fact, I pretty much never wear pastels... but this aqua blue drapey feel was too fun to pass up - aaaand it's perfect for Springtime expressions.  I'll be wearing it with some white sneaks, flat sandals, and clickety heels, a great addition to my Spring Capsule.
I'm on the road to pampering myself again, wearing lipstick, doin' up my hair and getting a bit more creative with my daily wardrobe.  Come on over to The Shop to get this fresh Spring arrival for yourself and see what you can do with such a versatile piece!  

See ya back here on Monday for more :)
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Getting My Groove Back

Okay so a week turned into a few weeks...  I haven't posted in a while.  Sure, my absence on the blog could certainly be due to my efforts being primarily focused on maintaining The Shop but actually, I'll just be honest about it, 

I've been feeling pretty frumpy lately.  
And the last thing I want to do is take photos of myself.
It's a shame too because I have a bunch of things to share with you guys for Spring but...  Sometimes you look in the mirror and just want to put a big ol' plant in front of it.  
And that's ok.  It happens.
But what if this "blah" feeling won't seem to go away?  That's when it might be time to shake things up.  I've been trying my best to hide my frump-feels but to tell you the truth, mama needs to find her groove again.  Because it's been a whiiiile since she's felt groovy.   

And I guess Spring tends to bring that out.  New growth, new life, a fresh new start!  Yes please.  I've been putting all my heart and sweat into making clothes women can feel fabulous in and somewhere along the way, I seem to have lost my own fabulosity.
I made a personal list of things that may help perk me up and bring me out of my frump.  If you're feeling like you're in the same boat, this list might help too.  It also might help to read the list out loud with jazz hands:

1.  Find a new sexy workout routine like SoulCycle, kick boxing or cross training.  And wear a fresh hot workout outfit to class

2.  Spend a little extra time getting ready in the morning.  Wear those earrings you only wear in the evening or a special glitzy shoe or lip color you don't typically wear during the day.

3.  Wear perfume to bed.  Feel femme as you fall asleep and wake up smelling girly

4.  Change your hair.  Go blond, get some crochet braids, get an edgy cut for Summer!

5.  Try a new makeup trend.  Go to a pro and get their advice on what trend you should fly with.

I dunno - that's what I got so far.  Wish me luck!
So, among turning out some pretty fun, fresh new pieces for The Shop next month for you, I'm going to be enjoying exploring some fresh new looks and feels for me!

See ya back here on Thursday for all new Spring style and maybe an idea or two for you.
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