My Fall Capsule

I have been waiting to reveal this!!   With the weather having been like mid July for the past couple months, I postponed showcasing my Fall pieces so that I could actually wear them and figure out what kind of look I wanted to have this season.  
Finally, overnight, Fall has descended upon Los Angeles as a silvery dark cold blanket.  Never mind last week, which was sunny and in the hundreds - it's Fall so get used it!

Let's get right into it: 
Look-links to click! top to bottom: brown platform sandals / patent heeled mules / open toe wedges

These few pairs of heels have been my go-tos since August.  The coppery brown sandals I wear pretty much year round because firstly, I'm in sunny, warm California and also because their color is gorgeous for Summer and Fall looks (sometimes even warmer Winter months).  The other mules go well with denim, leggings, midi dresses - you name it.  And they should because I got them for that reason actually - not for my wardrobe but for modeling with my clothing line.  Having no intentions to make them part of my Tiny Closet, I bought them to wear for fittings and product shoots.  None of them are even over $40!  They looked so good though, I just started wearing them to the shoots and then out leisurely.
This is actually a sneak preview of my new collection of basics coming up...soon.  The collection is called "Standard" and these particular designs were fundamental in creating my clothing line.  Anyway, I'm very excited to share these pieces with you.  For now, they are part of my Fall capsule this season specifically because I am testing the fabrics for performance and look.  So far I love them! And so will you.  On the subject though - I've found it very helpful to always have a set of fine tees.  White, heather gray and black are my set.  Excellent drape, great feel, and a feminine deep neckline for a light sexy, slouchy style.
Look-link!  cropped lace camisole

And a lace or silk camisole is super helpful.  A key piece in bringing a capsule together.

This midi skirt has been a keeper for years.  Definitely medium weight kid leather (the most exquisite kind!) with a silk lining, I only take this babe out for Fall & Winter.  I've noticed an article of leather does well in every seasonal capsule, whether it's pants, a skirt or a jacket.  If leather aligns with your ethics, or maybe vegan leather, the look is all-season and you can have fun with colors for each capsule!
Look-link!  one-shoulder knit midi dress / Available for preorder 11/9

My one-shoulder knit midi dress comes in handy pretty much all year.  I debuted this piece as regal Summer evening wear.  But I've found it's relevant and beautiful for Fall.  I plan to make this piece in a long sleeve to better fit the current season.  

My orange wrap dress from Summer also does very well for Fall here.  I'm thinking a scoop neck body suit underneath as an additional look for the season?  Could be fun.  A dress with an of-the-moment statement color or print always does well in a capsule.  Always!

Of course, I had to include my smoke black V-neck waterfall dress.  It seems to be perfect for any occasion!  I designed it and even I'm surprised by its capacity.  This piece became quite popular after I released it's first design as a Summer tunic (below).  The fabric is heavyweight so for me, it's definitely a Fall piece.  Layered with tights and an overcoat or statement sweater, it could also work as a light dress for Winter.

A Summer tunic turned every-day oversize top.  This long roomy tunic goes so well with my work clothes, it's almost as basic as a big white tee - I'm sure I'll bring this top with me through all of my capsules.  I am also releasing it in a mulled wine color next week sooooo.... maybe that will be my new Fall favorite?  It'll be nice to have options though :)

I love The Painter dress as it's called in my shop.  But the original dress I released last Spring looked better on me.  Also, I haven't had a chance to wear it much with the blistering heat.  The denim is heavy weight like a stiff pair or jeans so Fall/Winter months only.  It's got a great silhouette and damn sturdy!  And since Fall came to us literally overnight, I'll have more opportunities to sport this daily workhorse dress.

Be sure to check out all my "Look-Links" to see how I styled each of my Fall capsule pieces in past and present season.  And speaking of looking... 

New Winter pieces are arriving in the shop next week!!!! 
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A Dress & Jeans

Restyling my closet has always been a high-energy sport for me.  And over the years, styling, mixing, repurposing has grown to being the forefront of fashion anyway.  Mixing high end luxury clothing with clearance sale fast fashion, mixing genres, mixing textures, seasons - it's the new expression of fashion.

And last week I played with an old mashup: a dress over jeans.  Honestly, I feel like any (yes, any) dress can be worn over jeans but it's got to be the right jeans for the right person.  And shoes are a biggie as well.  Technically speaking, someone of my height (a wee 5') shouldn't play with this method.  And uncharacteristically, I actually agree with this guideline...  
But not today.  These jeans are my most favorite denim ever so I'll find any excuse to wear them with anything else in my closet, let alone my Fall capsule.  And this wrap dress that I've named, "The Nomad" in my shop has become my new favorite piece so I also want every reason to wear it.  Voila.
It got pretty chilly for a few days last week and I thought this mix was a good idea.  But it was back to 96 degrees yesterday so I think I'll be mashing up quite a bit more throughout this season, at least until there's more consistent weather.  For those experiencing similar weather while trying to get into the classic Autumn spirit, stay tuned.  

And for those of you starting to feel the nip, I guess this post is for you!  
Because I would've been sweating like a lil piglet if I decided to wear this ensemble any other day.  It was fun while it lasted.

Want to shop this wrap dress?  Click here.
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Lengthy Statements

I've been styling this white v-neck tunic all Summer long and now into Fall.  It's an upgrade from a big white tee - in fact, it's not even jersey.  It's a woven rayon with drape for days.  And I love draping it with everything!
So yeah, yeah you can wear this tunic with leggings and palazzo pants - predictable but looks fabulous nonetheless.  But I like to play with more atypical styles.  Styles that, while still completely accessible, they're a bit off the well beaten path.  This vintage (can you believe 80s is now considered vintage??!!) leather midi skirt is my fave and I'll have it for years more to come.  It was the first thing I thought of pairing after designing this tunic.
I initially thought having two long oversize pieces on my small 5 foot frame would be a distraction.  No one should notice your outfit before noticing you.  You and your look need to be an equal pair.  But when I put the two together, it balanced quite nicely.  No distraction from the wearer, very me and so very comfortable.
I chose to go silver for this style.  I never wear silver, having such warm tones but for one, this chain-link cuff was a dear gift from my husband and I haven't been able to fit it in years.  I tried it on randomly and boom, it fit like the day he got it for me...7 years ago.

Also, I've always loved these simple hammered silver earrings.  Topped it off with a sky blue Larimar ring (which was featured here two Summers ago) and my minimalist heart was pleased.
There's a handful of outfits I'll never tire of and this one was just added to the list.  Such a simple artful statement - and so effortless!  That's why it's fun to experiment with going against the rules.  I always do.  Because you never know just how wrong those silly "fashion rules" are if you don't try breaking them.  Wearing what you love and looking how you want to look always makes a statement anyhow.

Happy Monday :)
p.s. you can actually purchase this fabulous v-neck tunic at my shop!  Enjoy.

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Effortless w/ Separates

I am so happy to be living in Theo's my All Saints drop crotch jeans again!  They have the.most.perfect slouch and crinkle-ness about them.  Boyish and rugged.  I mean after all, they are mens jeans so...they're more to play around with, style-wise.
That means, I love putting super simple feminine tops and separates with them.  And in the case of last Sunday morning, a white deep v-neck body suit, slim gold pendent necklace and an oversized draped wrap top was all I needed.  I've already worn this ensemble twice in a week and this is The Tiny Closet so I'll be sporting it again within another day or so.  This outfit is so darn simple and yet, an alternative styling to jeans and a tee.  It also still gives an effortless, leisure vibe that jeans and a tee would, which at my bottom line, is what I like to see in all of my clothing.  Why? 

Because if it looks like I thought too hard about it, the outfit is no longer a seamless form of self expression, it's just in the way.  It has to be effortless.  Because effortless is natural.  And we all want to be natural, and look natural for that matter.  So if I can't put it on and go, if I'm stopping in the mirror to mullllll then to me, it's not working.  It's not effortless.
I mention "effortless" because separates tend to be a little more work.  The coordination, the fit, the flattering of color and the way it moves etc - I tend to go for one-piece looks because of this.  But I've been playing a lot with separates lately and the goal of putting things together with minimal effort is a challenge I've been up for lately.  Maybe because I now have a bomb pair or bottoms to work with?  Perhaps.
 This week, I'll be attending the L.A. Textile Convention for Fall/Winter 2018, something I prepare for and look forward to all year.  Fashion Week is certainly fun to see but the Textile Convention that happens every Fall?  That's definitely more my speed.  I can't even tell you how excited I am.  I will try to record the experience but my focus first will be planning my collection for next A/W.  Hopefully I can share with you again come Thursday - I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  Til then, catch me on Instagram where I'll be sharing stories and posting.  Also visit The Tiny Closet Shop to view and shop my current Fall items!  New arrivals are coming later this week :)
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Rugged Jeans & Fine Tees

I've been exploring more separates lately.  I took a break from the one-piece look, my most favorite look, and started getting into my jeans, bottoms and tops.  Probably because I've lost a good amount of weight and all of a sudden, pants have started to become appealing to wear again.  I've always loved a good one-and-done, you name it: jumpsuits, rompers, dresses,  if I can pop it on and go, I'll take it in every color - but specifically, Theo bought a pair of denim from All Saints years ago and back then, their designs in everything they did were so incredibly, meticulously, amazingly tailored, and these jeans included were just *sigh* the best damn boyfriend jeans a gal could dream of.
In fact, I wrote a post on the boyfriend look, solely inspired by these jeans.  And yes, 2012 was in fact the last time I was comfortably able to wear them since most recently.  Oh, life.
Anyway, as elated as I've been to be able to wear my most favorite jeans again, I am now equally excited about how I will style them this season!  And what tops shall I rock with these bad ass bottoms?  Whatdya know, I actually do have just the tops ready to pop on and go...
My first choice is this edgy cropped asymmetric top, The Studio Top.   Weighty for Fall, drapes like a dream with a very silk-like look and feel.  These jeans have a dropped crotch that was huge at the time, now not so much.  But harem pants and drop crotch styles are my forever loves so I didn't hesitate throwing a cropped top over the look.
Even now, when I'm not being deliberate about the tomboy/boyfriend style, wearing boyfriend jeans in general will always give an ultra casual (even rugged) look.  And for me, with my build and height, that combination can get a little too close to "frumpy town".  So I like to mold the look into being a bit edgier with a hint of sexy.  The top is a finer top - so it automatically upgrades the jeans to exuding urban, edgy vibes.  Complete with slim wedges is the hint of sexy that I'm looking for.
 Getting closer to a classic Tee style, my next go-to top option is a white deep V tunic, The Tourist.  The oversize tunic style matches the slouchiness of the jeans without being redundant overkill because it's light, slinky and not a tee.  It's a finer top that once again, graduates the boyfriend look to a bonfide Angelina Jolie girlfriend look. ha.
And these patent leather heels are dynamite!  Currently my most favorite shoes in my closet.  Surely a pair you will see in my upcoming post on my new Fall Capsule!
So there you have it, mixing rugged textures with finer threads works fabulously when working with classic separate duos like a jeans and tee.  I love these two ensembles and they'll indeed be my Fall uniform for leisure outings.

Come back on Monday where I'll be sharing more new ensembles from my almost-completed capsule!
Oh, and something really cool just arrived in The Shop todayyyy.  Go check it out!
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Artful Outerwear

The Southwest has pretty mild seasons.  The only time I wear a coat of any substance is when I visit my parents in the Northwest.  Still, I love to accessorize my minimal looks with roomy statement pieces (specifically of the coat family).  And when temperatures drop to high 60s, I'm so happy to break them out!
As I maintain a carefully curated closet of what I view to be beautiful, well-made, much loved, thoughtfully purchased pieces - that means everything is special and everything is personal.  It's me!  So I'm always looking for ways to express myself through my closet.  
ring by Amarilo Jewelry / hand chain by Haati Chai

For the past year, I've been playing with mud cloth, using the pieces for apparel - mainly ponchos and open coats.  I wanted something rustic, creative and durable enough to be worn daily.  And unique enough to squeal quietly to myself as I throw it on and go.  Turns out, the weight, thickness and texture of mud cloth is perfect for outerwear.  No, it's not suitable for rain, snow or below 65-degree weather but what's great about that is, none of those things apply to me or the rest of us fine, funky L.A. residents
Lately, I've been wearing a lot of browns, tans and all sorts of creams.  I'm going with it!  Traditional earth tones are my jam lately and it probably has a lot to do with my recent perusing of my Pinterest board of interior and housewares.  From leathery lived-in couches to raw wood shelving and gorgeous ceramics, I can't help but incorporate the style into my wardrobe.
This wide funnel-neck poncho, as well as the above open coat are both designs of mine.  So easy to pop on and wear.  Amd they're surprisingly soft (with drape too!) - given the fact that they're meant to be rugs and upholstery, ha.

You should see them in the shop soon.  And if you're subscribed, you'll certainly get the insider scoop on these pieces as they are very special to me.
Tomorrow is the first day of Fall and I love it.  This season is always so distinct to me - the air is different, the sunsets, the lighting - everything is so crisp!  I usually color correct my photos but the Fall yellows were so rich in these and it so exuded the season that I kept it.

 I wish you a happy Fall and lots of fun curating your own Tiny closets.  This is a fabulous season for fashion!
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Fall Capsule Beginnings

I am finally taking some time to explore separates this season!  

I love a one-piece-throw-on-and-go uniform, hence my infinite discussion about them in my posts (and clothing line). They're the secret to [effortlessly] getting ready any time of day, any day of the week!  But I'm taking a pause for a season or two to finally tackle tops: 

how to wear them / how to style them / how to design the right fit.  And I think I'm on the right path...

I went from dresses to... tunics!  They're considered tops too.  I'm getting there.
This beauty, Portia, an acupuncturist by trade and an ever patient model by friendship shed some light while I worked out the kinks and fiddled with wear last weekend.  Ah, the art of wearing separates!  

I think all you need is drape.  Oh, and good bone structure.
 Starting with white and black, I took classic lines and played with them a bit.  I always like to start from a classic foundation and build into whatever I'm feeling.  And I'm not talking just design - I'm referring to style as well of course!

I've always been intimidated by separates.  A lot of options can lead to a lot of indecision.  But if focused on the style of look you want, I realize it's quite easy to pick out and put together the pieces that fit that vision.  Rather than having some random top here and there that doesn't go with anything and a ton of tops that match one random bottom that you don't even care for.  Anxiety!

So I wanted to share a little peak of what I've been up to over here in The Tiny Closet.  Makin tops and talkin shop!  But seriously, I've been working - experimenting, finding the perfect fit, drape and look to curate a collection of separates and statement pieces into what I believe will be my best Fall/Winter capsule yet :)

Posts to unfold later this week, guys! 
And I'm super excited too because I don't get a chance to share so regularly these days.  I hope you'll check back again before the week is out to see more!
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Daily Looks

I am a creature of habit, especially with my clothing and keeping a wardrobe.  So when I find a new uniform or daily ensemble I can count on, I wear that baby out.
I've been feeling artistically moody lately as I was mentioning earlier... feeling the misty, dark Northwest spirit.  But the weather in L.A. has been nothing but sunny clear skies and scorching, balmy heat.  What gives?  Come on, I'm trying to have broody cool vibes over here.
At least I can capture them in photos.  Even if I'm sweating under this turban.
I promise I'll have something else to talk about in my next post.  But this!  This dress has climbed the closet billboard to #1 in just a matter of a week.  Side note, it started out longer and I shortened it - voila.  Instant daily wear.

Short enough to flirt with on my way to dinner.  And long enough to not have to cirque-du-soleil myself out of an Uber without disaster.  The swing-like back drapes and flows so beautifully so I don't mind that there is minimal detail.  I'm a minimal detail kinda girl.  Give me one big statement and you can keep all the other bells and whistles.
I am normally so disappointed in how I look in wedges.  My calves are built to keep me moving so needless to say, they don't have that slender swan-like look that can pull off a bottom heavy shoe like a wedge.  Buuuuut, I have noticed that a super narrow wedge is much more complimenting on athletic legs like mine so long story short, I love these wedges I'm wearing!  And they are perfecto with this high-low dress.

Easy and sophisticated for day and effortlessly sultry for night.  What a great day-to-night outfit this turned out to be. 
Visit The Tiny Closet Shop to view this piece in more detail.  I'm rolling out some fantastic and fun outfits for Fall! ... If only it would start getting there.  They'll be trickling in as the weather cools.  Check back on Monday to see a brand new outfit and maybe some new ideas to help you put your Fall Capsule together!

Happy, happy Thursday to you!
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