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Monday, February 23, 2015

Aint No Sunshine When He's Gone

My photographer and main squeeze is traveling on business...

So I am retreating to Instagram and Pinterest for the next two weeks where I will be sharing my Tiny adventures and latest muses sans bestie.  And secretly redecorating our loft before he returns.

So keep visiting - maybe take a trip through my archives or come on over to my IG or Pinterest pages for daily updates!

Be back in two weeks guys!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Many Splendored Thing

This weekend is Valentine's Day weekend.  And even though Theo and my idea of a romantic time is watching The Flash on Hulu, 
it doesn't mean I can't dress the part...

Yes, love is a many splendored thing but so is dressing for the occasion!  I've been looking forward to staying indoors and out of the way of date-nighters, makeup-diners, first timers and the obligatory symbolism that this holiday can bring out and give a bad name.  

Instead, I wanted to play with the other stereotype of Valentine's Day: 
the look of it all!   

Theo and I are romantic almost 365 days out of the year.  Extremely romantic.  I married a man who loves love and he married a woman who loves to be absolutely adored.  It worked out.  But what I don't usually take the opportunity to do is indulge in my bohemian-romance daydreams.  And what better occasion is there to go all out?  And now I am sharing my lil romantic style side with you.

This look was made up of random fabrics and remnants I had in my sewing cabinet.  For a chic minimalist like I like to think I am, I sure do own a lot of frilly crazy textiles.  I guess it's all in how you wear it though.  Afterall, I am only wearing two items.

I look forward to once and for all, doing something with these wonderful fabrics.  Stay tuned!

oh, and happiest of Valentine's Days to you, lovely readers :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Ikat Style

I've been loving ikat prints for the past several years now.  They remind me of the Southwest.  Desert sands, cactus forests, snakeskins and the wild frontier!  Ikat takes me to a warm, rustic place.

Anyway, so I made a pair of pants out of this cool navy ikat print.  
And over the weekend, I plucked up these little boot-sandals in Santee Alley, a fun outside street market in DTLA's Garment District.

Ikat is one of those statement prints that goes with almost anything.  And this subtler navy print was calling me to do something with it.  I also made these pants in an elegant flamingo print, polka dots and plaid.  Yeah, I'm done with making pants for now.

As much as I enjoy ikat, I actually only have one other article in my closet with this style print: a maxi dress of phenomenal proportions and still the most versatile piece I own to date.  I definitely plan to have a couple more ikat items, especially since it comes in so many different designs!

Have a fabulous week and come back on Thursday to see my Valentines visuals for the new Year!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Versatility of Simplicity

Even though it's much warmer here than other parts of the world, it's still too cool to be zooming around town in chiffon and dresses.  I don't own a car - just a classy lil Vespa - and though 70 degrees feels fine walking around, it feels more like 50 degrees when I'm whipping down the street at 40mph against the wind.  Whew!

cardigan: vintage / dress: American Apparel / flats: BDG (Urban Outfitters)

So yes, a sweater is still necessary during the Winter months.  Until I eventually do get a car and then it's daisy dukes and tank tops all year long baby!


As you maybe already know, my Tiny Closet is made up of simple pieces.  This year, I'm headed into more involved, statement pieces but for now, minimal simple things is what my wardrobe is mostly made of.  I've been attracted to this look mainly because it's so versatile.  

Yesterday, after spending the morning playing with the livelier section of my closet, I still ended up pulling on my heather grey stretch cotton midi dress, a pair of nuetral snakeskin heels and a wispy white chiffon tee.

And as I grabbed my helmet, I also packed up a pair of blush tone flats and a chunky cream colored mens cardigan.  All pretty much basics, right?  

Instead of mixing basics with statement items, I'm more drawn to just playing with the basics by themselves to create a super neat, clean, minimal vibe.  I just find it more interesting and themed.  And versatile.

top: Santee Alley / dress: American Apparel / heels: Steve Madden

As the sun went down, I switched out of my chiffon tee and heels and into the flats and cardigan.  More than being warm and comfortable, it looked like a deliberate ensemble because all of the pieces were compatible with each other.  

So instead of a I'm-cold-and-don't-want-to-wear-heels-so-I-threw-on-a-jacket-and-flats outfit, both looks were deliberate and looked like actual outfits.  Which I like.  Because I've never been that girl that wears someone else's jacket or sweater when I'm cold.  It never goes, it's always ill-fitting and the look is ruined. 

 For those of you who follow my Youtube channel, I'm excited to share a new video of how I maintain my signature wash and go throughout the entire week!   It'll be up next week so stay tuuuuuned!

Enjoy the weekend :) 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just Playin' with Prints

shirt: Faconnable Men / pants: Tiny Closet Collection / shoes: Steve Madden 

Just playing around in my room this morning listening to ODESZA and trying on everything in my closet.  

Why don't I do this more often?!

This year is about having fun with clothes.  For real.

Have I said that before?  I mean it this time.  I've been having this overwhelming desire to just have fun with my look, my image, my persona through clothes.  Not caring about my definitions of style and realizing I did before. 

"Is this shirt me? Are these shoes not me?"
Who cares y'all.

Just a Tiny midday post for ya - in case you were hanging out over here and wondering what I was up to!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Throw It On & Go

As much as I love clothing and styling, I hate thinking about what I'm going to wear.  I'm a throw-it-on-and-go type'a girl.  Dressing should be based on intuition and attitude and neither should require too much thought so I don't like to ruin the mood by taking too much time with the process.

I work at a restaurant during the weekend so I don't pay attention to dressing on those days.  I usually go for a walk or grab breakfast with Theo or a friend right before going in and I just throw pieces together to get out the door.  It's my favorite way to get dressed.  

Last weekend, I went shopping at my favorite designer consignment boutique, Buttons and Bows.  The girls there are fabulous and always so fresh looking.  I had the best time picking out some new gems for my Tiny Closet, including this awesome oversize denim and leather cargo vest:

vest: vintage Guess (Buttons & Bows) / tee: James Perse / pants: The Tiny Closet Collection / shoes: Steven

I don't usually partake in the vintage sport as I my tastes are drawn to the super modern looks buuuuut this vest fits right inside my comfort zone of being able to be thrown on over anything.  And at the same time, 80s/90s nod gives it a statement over my minimalist styling tendency.

 Anyway, I didn't think twice about the rest of the ensemble: a pair of my canvas pants I made for the Winter season and my trusty leopard espadrilles.  Denim, leather and leopard are all neutrals to me so I just threw them all together and headed out the door.  They don't match but like, who cares?

I mean, when it comes down to it, if you have a closet made up of only things you love, you can't really go wrong, can you?  And even if you think you have, it's way more fun to be creative and wear what you feel in the moment than deliberate and dilute the process with you know, thinking too much.

Come back Thursday to check out what other treasures I've added to my Tiny Closet!
Welcome to the week!  Hope it's a blast :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Just Outside The Comfort Zone

I love this layered scrunchie-like skirt.  Because of its unique construction, it's able to be scrunched or stretched into different styles and lengths.  I always wear it longer and more asymmetrical but over the gorgeous weekend, I chose to wear it super short and high-waisted while we zoomed around on the Vespa.  Because why not?
jacket: Zara / top: Jockey / skirt: T by Alexander Wang / heels: 

If you've been following me for a while, you know I don't really show that much skin.  In street wear,  anyway.  Yes, when it comes to building an ensemble, I'm all about balancing out the extremes.  Showing lots of leg?  Oversize coverage on top.  Sporting a deep V?  Then legs shall be majorly draped.  But there's probably a few times a year that I like to swan dive into different waters and rock a much bolder minimalist style.  

And this "bolder" style usually has to do with a lack of modesty... since I don't tend to come up short in that area normally. 

So when baring a lot, the key style ingredient is definitely confidence :) 

I have to say, when lacing up my heels it took a couple moments to mentally transport myself from feeling like a blushing half-naked woman to a happy, confident fun time gal.  It's not a big deal to some but for me I was definitely pushing myself outside my comfort zone.

This zippered parachute jacket, is super light and full of drape.  Perfect for hanging over lace camisoles, bra tops and tattered tanks.  It tones down anything very revealing or anything too casual. 

 When it came time to take a stroll that day, I did bring along my trusty Keds to change into, which turned my style a bit sporty.  I preferred this look to chunky heels but alas, my super short legs need height and length when wearing minis.  *Sigh* I accept this vain truth about my anatomy but I always bring a more comfortable alternative pretty much wherever I go!

It's good to get outside the comfort zone every once in a while.  Especially if it challenges  your insecurities or body image.  I'm always admiring the many different styles and physical traits of other women and I have to remember to give myself the same admiration...  
And strut my stuff!

happy monday folks :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Luxury In Being Comfortable

As some of you already know, I love to be cozy.

robe: Tiny Closet Collection (fabric: Michael Levine Fabrics)

Even if I'm out and about, I have the tendency to marinate in the same coffee shop/bar/restaurant for hours so my clothes are primarily customized to allow me to do that.  There's a sexy luxury in comfort.  

And though I always have some project I'm knee deep in, zooming around just isn't for me so I like that most of my projects keep me at home. So I can get even more cozy!

Lounging in my new robe on Wednesday and waiting for my hair to dry, instead of emailing or writing up an outline for yet another project, I decided to chill and catch up on my favorite neighborhood read.  And also squeeze in a little interior decor inspiration!

I usually wear some super-soft jersey articles but ever since I started going to the spa once a week, I've been so addicted to lounging in the cotton robes they provide.  It wasn't the first time I've put on a robe but it was the first time I put on a good fitting robe.  I loved the fitting and the feel so much that I decided to design my own.  

What I love most about this delicious robe?  The fabric.  It's the drapiest, softest rayon with an absolutely gorgeous print.  I adore it!  I want to make like five more but sadly, all I need is one, you know? haha :)  Forever, a minimalist.

With special pieces like this robe, it makes me love my closet.  It also inspires me to continue making my Tiny Closet unique and meaningful because anything else hanging next to it will just pale in comparison!

Forget the fancy and expensive.  Even if you can't be bothered with sewing, it is very possible and actually makes a difference to have a great quality, well fitting comfortable wardrobe that aligns artistically with your taste.  

I mean, that's what luxury really is.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Wine Wednesdays...

After celebrating the holidays, after surviving two exceeeeedingly long road trips in which a full size golden retriever used me as a dog bed, after ringing out the new year working til 3am, after catching up daily at the usual favorite bars, and after going to an epic company holiday party, it was the final straw of Wine Wednesday, an event at one my favorite markets in the Arts District that officially broke the camel's back...

Thursday found me sick as a dog.  

Ah well.  I suppose someone had to put a stop to this madness.  And it wasn't going to be me so, thank you, universe :)  I'm taking the hint.

The thing is, I just love dressing up to have drinks.  I think I may even love it more than actually having them.
Haha, that's hilariously untrue!  But the end of last week proved to slow me back down to my normal gradual pace, causing me to miss out on a couple other fun events - causing me to miss out on dressing for a couple other fun events. 

No, I couldn't wear my cute outfits out but that's what is fabulous about a blog.  I can share my unworn outfits with you :)

dress: Tiny Closet Collectons / trench: Mason / boots: Jessica Simpson / rings: Lulu May Jewelry

This piece I made during the Fall and I am thrilled to be finding more ways to dress it.  I first debuted it here as a comfy dress to wear while hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  But for simple nights out, I too love keeping it simple and this is perfect for just that.  Making a statement without really trying in the least is the best.  And being comfortable too while cackling in the back with your girls, well that's the icing on this minimal cake.

Here's to finally being finished with ringing out the new year!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

How I Wear Black During The Day

When putting together an all-black outfit to wear during the day, texture is particularly key.
Using texture in a black monochrome look provides more dimension and compatibility with each piece of the outfit.  I actually wouldn't say this for other colors and I wouldn't say this for evening wear either and I'll tell you why... 

Where I live the sun shines kind of all the time and sun rays have a way of making most black fabric look terrible.  The very magic of the color black is in its signature depth, which unfortunately, gets completely washed out and flattened in direct sunlight.  So, in general, I avoid wearing all-black ensembles during the day.  

That is until earlier this week, when I was totally feeling a black Wintery monochrome vibe, I decided to go with it!  To avoid the overexposure and flattening that I knew was bound to happen around high noon, I decided to layer a little texture as a distraction:

  In midday as the sun shines through, instead of flattening the color, it shows off each piece of the outfit and you can see the texture actually complimenting the color.   The reason why I don't think this would work at night is simply because you just can't see it.

 jacket: / turtleneck: American Apparel / pants: Santee Alley / heels: / lip color: Milani Sweet Nectar

Anyway, just a personal annoyance I was happy to figure out a way to side step!  And the white chunky heels were a fun statement at the end.  Can't wait to wear them out for Spring and Summer!!  In the meantime, I'll be sweating it out in this turtleneck trying to give some type of Winter look for y'all even though it's nearly 80 degrees over here and I really just wanted to wear a bra top.

Thank you and goodnight!