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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Tinier Closet

I just got rid of over one third of my wardrobe. 
And I'm just getting started...

With my increasing schedule and an awesome venture I've been taking on, my plate is full y'all.  With no time or space for all the "extras" these days, I've taken to trimming up my life to make room for the stuff that really matters.

This blog began with the sole focus of making the most out of what you have.  And after practicing this for a few years, I realize the most I had is now too much!  After creating a plethora of options, well... I don't need so many options anymore.  I started with around 35 pieces and have around the same today but as I continue on with this blog, my discussion is naturally evolving into the subject of minimalism.  Now, I suppose that's a different subject all together -  but is it?  The Tiny Closet is all about knowing your life and knowing it well.  Minimalism is same.  And once you know your life well, it's the process of making it extremely easy and streamlined to live it everyday.  

I finally had to come to terms with the way I live mine:

I don't wear heels
I live in stretch jersey
Jeans are my go-to
I can wear jumpsuits all year long
I'll take a great fitting tee over a leather jacket any day

I know that doesn't sound like the most glamorous nor the dreamiest of wardrobes but my dream is that someday soon, my entire closet will be able to be hung on a five foot clothing rack where I can just pick an amazing piece and go - and more importantly, it will mostly be made up of my own designs.
Lots of planning (blah), sketching (eh) aaaand fabric shopping (yay!!).  But here, I'm wearing MM6, a jersey dress with a connecting layered top with an open tied back.  I adore. 

So I'm currently designing and sewing myself a new wardrobe.  Of course, I'll share with you along the way, each piece that I add to The Tiny Closet.  And from time to time, I will even be selling a piece or two!   So, stay tuned to my usual postings each week for moooooorrrre!

And I hope you'll follow along with me on this slightly new path of making a personalized minimalist closet.  Maybe a collection of clothing, perhaps?  The Tiny Closet Collection :)
See ya Monday!

Monday, May 18, 2015


I'm wishing you all a wonderful Monday from the inside of my apartment where I have been holed up for the past few weeks...

...A few shots of my daily life lately.  

My life is usually made up of Sleeping, Eating, Sewing, and Shooting but these days it's been very literally all I do.  And for good reason.  

Some of you know I sew clothing for myself.  I love it.  But for the past year or so, I've also been sewing locally in the area for others.  My interests in minimal fashion design have taken me down a surprising path indeed.  After facing a fork recently, I decided to do some fun things that I'll be sharing with you along the way.

This dress is a Tiny Closet Collection piece.  I designed it to be so simple but with a fabulous drape and some bold front slits.  After a yoga class or after dinner, sexy and comfortable is what it's all about.

Visit again!! to check out more new designs and wears! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Morning Selfies

I've had my nose to the grindstone lately.  Or rather, my nose to the sewing table.  Simultaneously, my photographer has been swamped in shooting and editing.  Work has hit us both kind of suddenly and I seem to be continuously pulled away from posting.  

I so want to share with you and post about all of this!
But in due time.

Theo and I only see each other for a few minutes a day now.  We try to at least have a meal together but because I haven't been able to plan any posts lately, early one morning I grabbed a selfie stick (heehee!) and right before we got out of bed to go our separate ways, I clicked some photos.

This lil' striped bed tee is amazingly comfy and part of my Tiny Closet Collection.  
Will be sharing more soon...

Monday, April 27, 2015

Layering Shorts

Last year, about around this time, I couldn't seem to take off what I still think are the coolest shorts I've ever owned:

Photo Left - top: The Tiny Closet Collection / shorts: Kukuly / shoes: CMG
Photo Right - vest: vintage Guess (Buttons & Bows) / top: Santee Alley / shorts: Kukuly / shoes: eBay

In fact, it was all the inspo from Coachella photos that had persuaded my interest in such folkloric "festival" shorts, as I called them.  This year, like clockwork, I've began considering them again as go-tos - but still it hasn't been quite warm enough to go to them yet.  My legs are quite finicky actually.  I've got to be romping around in at least 80 degree weather to bare the gams all day.  I mean, what if I end up eating at a cold restaurant??  I can't stand feeling a draft under the table.  Anyway... shorts, eh?

I thought I'd raise the volume on the style a bit; let the awesome weave remain the statement but layer on some other cool textures.  Beef it up a bit.  Put a heel in there, some fluttery chiffon, an oversized heavier piece and that'll do. 

Granted, when I first got these a year ago, I celebrated their uniqueness so much that I really wasn't interested in upstaging or crowding them with other pieces.  And since I am a minimalist to my core, it wasn't difficult pairing down my look for these statement shorts.  But I find even with layers they still bring an ensemble together with their colors and design.  And for cooler days, the layers act as a subtle necessity, not fluff.  And I tend to be a fan for the first.

Again, I've been having so much fun with this new feature on restyling.  It's completely revived my enthusiasm for the mission of The Tiny Closet, which is allllll about keeping a functional, versatile and small wardrobe while still indulging your tastes for fashion, style and clothing.  I hope I do that here, because it's something I truly believe in.  And isn't it the coolest thing to love what you're wearing?  To adore your closet?  I think so.  In fact, it makes my whole damn day.  So in the spirit of this ongoing feature of making a Tiny Closet go far, here's to a fabulous new Monday, and a brand new outfit made up of your own favorite pieces.  It still surprises me just how many new looks I can come up with!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Go From Evening to Evening

This light-as-snow chiffon waterfall skirt is a fabulous item in my Tiny Closet.  Particularly for travel.  In fact, I bought it while traveling.  
Why?  Because it is as versatile as I need it to be.

So! for this continued post, as part of my feature on restyling, I chose to showcase this style skirt.  
I'm actually using this post to persuade you to get a loose elastic banded waterfall skirt for your wardrobe (and for your suitcase!).

Left Photo - button up: Michael Kors Men / skirt: Zara / heels: Ivanka Trump / necklace: street vendor
Right Photo - skirt as top: Zara / pants: Santee Alley / heels: Santee Alley / earrings: Santee Alley

I know, I know, I rarely tell you to go out and get anything specific.  Yes, this blog is indeed about style - not necessarily the items themselves.  But I have to say, whenever I travel- whether it be for a weekend or for a couple of weeks, I always take this skirt.  It's incredibly versatile, it plays well with all the other girls in my closet, aaaaaand it's on the fancy side so I never have trouble getting dressed up with a minimal luggage of choices.

Many times while traveling, there's several evenings that call for  more than a swimsuit coverup and wedges.  I found that this skirt with an oversize top, heels and a necklace does the trick when showing up to a beachside dinner.  And for those pesky business trips, it works equally well for afternoon meetings in the hotel lounge or those obligatory cocktail events. (psst, can you tell I hate business trips?)

Just a mens button up, a necklace made from coconuts and some soft textured suede olive heels.  So simple, so minimal but the skirt makes it much cooler and unexpected.  Who wants to be predictable anyway?

And on those other evenings when dressing up is clear and expected, even if spontaneous or impromptu, you can just take your best slacks or pants from that day, put on some bangles and your biggest earrings, along with any pair of fancy sandals that you can find in your suitcase - put it all together with your waterfall skirt and voila!  Instant glam.  Made of basically, luggage remnants.

My thoughts have been pausing on travel lately.  So many places to go.  Shall I tour the American Southwest or eat my way through Spain?  Go glacier gazing in Alaska or cave diving in Southeast Asia?  Anywhere I go, I'll be taking this skirt with me.  And whenever that time comes, I can't wait to share.  Meanwhile, hopefully this post will be of some help for your next travels.  Try it!!  With a skirt like this, packing will be lighter for sure. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

TBT 2: Favorite Restyles of The Past

I thought it was time again for another walk down Tiny Closet memory lane.  A perfect showcase in continuing on with this special re-style feature.  And this lil wardrobe of mine has seen a lot of restyles!  

Yes, for me, there should always be a piece or two that will be saved for those special moments.  Pieces that just shouldn't be re-purposed, you know?  But for the rest of my clothes?  I'm gonna wear the heck outta them!

This tunic can go from day to night, from Summer to Fall and even layer-able for Winter.  Leggings and boots or stripy sandals and big hair.  For when I want to be classic or when I want to be fabulous. 

This skirt was the first piece I ever designed and sewed from scratch.  I still love the lightweight linen and gorgeous print.  Amazing with a muscle tank and a bright crop top.   It can also be worn with some thick tights and Winter booties like in my post, Textures & Patterns.  I probably should've included that photo but I honestly prefer this pleated number with Summery toppers.  I like the juxtaposition since it has such an Autumn-like print.

Ugh!  I frickin love this Rodriguez cutout blouse.  No buttons.  Just an open drapey, fresh piece.  Anyway, like all of my clothes, I try to mix them with as many items as possible.  But with this blouse, I need all the reasons possible to wear this as much as I can.  It can be casual, it can dressy and it can be in-between.  Isn't it just amazing?!

I don't wear denim dresses.  I prefer denim to be worn from the waist down, personally.  But this thrift denim vest dress was pretty perfect for my Summer office temp jobs at the time - and it also worked very well for my weekend trips to the country as an open vest coat. 

These sumptuous Bottega Veneta harem pants are the height of understated luxury.  I can't stand wearing luxury that screams to be looked at.  These don't need to say anything.  The comfort, fit and feel say it all.  Wearing them - regardless with what - makes me feel quietly luxurious as well.  

This shawl was one of the many gifts I received from my husband while we dated.  He turned my focus away from corporate retail with their tendency for factory looks and showed me how awesome it is to wear indie designs and support local clothing designers.  Which opened me to considering being one, myself.  Dramatic, edgy and very warm - this piece is a purposeful work of art when worn.

Blazers and jackets are tricky since I am incredibly petite.  But maybe they're tricky for everyone?  Still, I love them and prefer them to coats. And on those extra chilly days, two coats may be better than one after all!  I had fun layering this light seasonless blazer over my fitted cropped denim jacket.  The best part is the length differences of the sleeves.  I'd seen this idea a couple times on Pinterest and it is so stylish!

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Tiny Posh Restyle

sack dress: vintage thrift / tee: James Perse / booties: Jessica Simpson / earrings: Tory Burch
sack dress: vintage thrift / tank: American Apparel / heels: Asos

This hairstyle has surfaced my more minimalist, ultra modern, posh-prone tendencies.  I am enjoying myself immensely style/re-style wise.  I bought this a couple years ago and knew it would be a go-to piece.  And with such versatility, I think it will continue being a uniform.

Plus, my life has very suddenly become busier, messier and harder to juggle so the nice clean lines of this particular ensemble is so very calming!  

 These days I've been striving for simplicity more than ever.  This outfit is a very good example of my current musings indeed.

Come back for more on Thursday as I continue this special "Restyle" feature!
and y'all have a fabulous Monday :)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Change Will Do You Good

I had to.  Don't hate me.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to show off my brand new do!

After rocking my awesomely big, natural, curly hair every which way for almost 6 years, it was finally time for a change.  I wanted to look how I feel.

As a style blogger, I am incredibly passionate about ensemble and looks.  I believe fashion is a feeling first and a vision second.  And for me, when a vision - a feeling - becomes practical to lifestyle, that's the magic right there, don't you think?  

I'd been fantasizing and planning a new look for a while but it only evolved last week into a full vision that works for my life.  

Those of you curious about the process I went through: 

I got a Brazilian Blowout by Angela Giles of Spa313 salon, a master BB stylist for natural black hair here in L.A..  I then took my silky strands to Judy Song (Instagram #hairbyjudysong) of Salon Pure, a senior stylist skilled in the art of architectural hairstyles, also here in L.A..  Honestly, I couldn't have asked for anything better.  I'm so happy to have come out the other end with exactly what I'd been searching for.

A Brazilian Blowout lasts for about 3-4 months.
I'm gonna have myself a good time :)

Catch up with me on Monday when we get back to clothes!  I'll be showing an all new re-styling as I continue my feature of exploring the many possibilities of a Tiny Closet!
Shout out to Krystal of The Feisty House for motivating my final bold step
to continue living my life to the fullest!  
And I encourage you to do the same!