Romping From Day to Night

I crashed Theo's production set to take one last set of photos before we go on vacation (!!!) 

Sadly, there won't be a Thursday post.  My photographer has been inundated with his own work so since he couldn't leave to take photos of his wife and her new jumper, I went to him and amidst the props, the cords and setup we squeezed in a lil photo shoot nonetheless.
So I know this isn't the best setting or lighting or space (eek! no room at all) but I was bursting at the seams to show you my newest design!  

This tropical, resort-ready jumper.  I adore it!  

And I finished it just in time to wear during my little vacation in San Diego, where I will be all this week.  For my birthday!
I did a lot of things with this design that I don't normally.  I never wear crew necks, yet this is certainly a modest crew neckline.  I also don't typically wear or design 3/4 length sleeves.  But both features in this piece are meant to give a Summery romper more formality.
I pack light and like most, I like to re-style my suitcase from day to night.  I found with a higher neckline and longer sleeves, I could take this casual-based romper to dinner with heels and diamond studs.  And some gorgeous gold on my wrists.  And then the next day, to brunch with sandals and wooden bangles.  Hopefully, the transition will be fun and seamless.
 And while I'm away, I will be sure to take more photos of it with more space, light and plenty of movement so you can get a better idea of its amazingness.

Hope you liked this brand spanking new addition to my Spring/Summer capsule!  And I'll see ya back here next Monday 
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When Feeling Blah...

I know, I know - I cannot stop wearing my new cropped Summer Tees!!  I promise this will be the last time I post (for a while) these white tees.  Sooooo

One more time!
The weather was blah and I was feeling blah when I took these photos.  But I do have to say, while grabbing some coffee in the Arts District, I was comfy and thinking I looked wonderfully chic in this understated duo so we went ahead and snapped some shots.  

No, it doesn't jump out of the computer screen and slap you in the face with inspiration but these pieces are part of my capsule wardrobe for Spring/Summer.  Interchangeable, simple, and light as air.  

And although Theo hates the color of these pants, I love it! I found the fabric and immediately thought a pair of sandy colored lounge pants would be in order.  Just ignore the bottoms, I haven't taken the time to hem them.
It's so much fun flipping through runway collections and blogger street-style feeds.  All the flash!  All the colors!  All the artistic expression!  But it's also comforting to be reminded of my root motivation in fashion and style because whether I like it or not, it's this.
 Yes, simple is the ABC's of Me.  

Sometimes, I wish I was flashier, edgier but in the reality of day-to-day life, simple comes naturally and I remember there's other gals like me out there reppin' their stone colored peg leg pants, sandals and a tee and feeling pretty good about it.
 And I do too :)

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Personal Touches

Fashion has become so accessible, now everyone can join in.  And not just because it's become dirt cheap but because style has taken a huge step forward into the spotlight to join in with fashion.

It's less about what we're wearing and more about how we're wearing it.

The way I see it, if fashion is the art piece, style is what gets us talking.  Style is the infinite interpretation.  That's where it becomes interesting for me.

Last week I decided to take my long skirts and make them short in front.  I live in a perpetually warm climate so it seems reasonable to - ok who am I kidding, I love showing my legs.  So I took my shears to these long things and now I'm sashaying all over downtown!

I also topped it off with one of my signature Summer tees.  And instead of a Spring sandal, I opted for a Spring bootie.

Just my personal interpretation of a casual, partly cloudy day in a skirt and tee.

Personal touches, interpretations are so interesting to me - what if the tee was long and slouchy?  What if the sleeves were rolled?  What if the skirt wasn't cut?  Same clothing but well, that's a different girl entirely.  And I probably would have pinned her.

And that's what keeps the conversation going.  Everyone has a different idea. 

Guess what?  It's Monday!  
Enjoy it :)
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The Effortless Closet

Just about a week ago, I introduced this harem jumpsuit.  

For me, I want to keep it simple, I want to be comfortable, and I want to make a statement.  You know this already.

But, did I mention I also want to throw it on and go?  
I did?  Well just hear me out.  

Basically, I want to look good effortlessly.  And who doesn't??

I've never found myself wanting to rifle through my closet searching laboriously for something to wear.  We all already know how that can quickly turn into agony.  But still, it has happened.  And I realized if you don't know within a minute what your wardrobe can offer you to wear that day, you may need to rethink how you're building it.

It has almost been a year since I commenced re-imagining my closet, focusing mainly on making more intuitive choices.  Because that's what The Tiny Closet is really about, not just a curation of personal tastes but also of intuitive choices.  And since I make clothing as well, designing more intuitively.  For those of us who want to throw something on and go, and feel fabulous doing it, that "something" has got to be something, ya know?  And for that to happen within a minute, your Tiny Closet has got to be built for it.

I have been rebuilding mine.

Many of you were curious about what this jumpsuit looked like standing up, since my earlier post only showed me sitting in it.  Well, voila! 

  This jumpsuit, my cropped tees, my maxi dresses are the first new items to be added carefully to my Tiny Closet.  Made to slip right in to my hands and thrown on for the day, the evening, the weekend, whatever.  

Because I like looking good without trying.  I planned it that way.
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Shaken, Not Stirred

Even though I have a pretty lengthy torso worthy of the likes of Cher, very unlike Cher, I don't do exactly well in a hipster low-rise.  In fact, I do quite better in high-waist bottoms.  

Once I figured this out, I also found that the tops and tees to wear with high waist bottoms are few and far between.  Ugh.  

Do I have to do everything myself?

Apparently, I do.

Earlier, I wrote a post on my newly designed Summer tees.  Tees designed specifically for the ultra high-rise denim or pant.  Cropped in front, longer on the sides and super cropped in the back.  Because I always wondered why tops were long in the back, to which a friend told me it was to cover your butt.   

Why would I want to cover my butt??  

The small of the back is the most understated curve.  It's so sexy!  Like classy, sophisticated, Huxtable sexy.  

And then there's, ya know, the butt.  Who doesn't want to show that??  Eh, but that's just me.

I also made a midi-crop top with no extra cropping.  For those days that I just want to grab a burger and not have to feel self conscious of the inevitable expansion that happens in the middle area.  Ah yes, with this tee, the tummy is nicely concealed while the waist is still highlighted.

While these fun tees are still a work in progress, quality and longevity-wise, I'm still going to get a lot of wear out of them over the next several months.  They'll certainly be popping up on the blog in a myriad of styles, I just have to think some up!

Have an easy Monday and I'll see ya back here on Thursday!

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Revisiting A Tiny Closet Favorite

Ha!  I forgot to mention my hair.  

So I changed my hair.  It's fun.  I actually didn't even cut it.  I just straightened it and whadya know, my curly flat top turned out to be a straight mushroom cut.  

I really do adore short hair.  I think it has so much more attitude and style - buuuuut it's time I grew it out (for real this time).  I've wanted long hair for so long but always got distracted with edgy short do's.  And also, I would get impatient, which is beginning to feel like a crutch, the need for immediate results.  Because it's far more satisfying to cut a cute look than to trudge through time and space waiting for your locks to just get past your shoulders.  Not anymore!

It's time for a lesson in patience.  

So settle in while I tolerate celebrate all the (many, many) stages it takes to get to waist-length locks. 

And in other news, remember this big ol' striped thing?  Though this dress has become a seasonal piece, mainly because the stripes make it look so Summery, its particular design is still going strong!  It's part of my Spring/Summer capsule, this maxi - and I'll be sharing my capsules with you in their entirety as soon as I can. 

But anyway, believe it or not, I've never paired heels with it.  It just never seemed appropriate, although... when I made this dress for a friend of mine in grey, she wore it with a pair of espadrille wedges and it was perfect.  I've been waiting for the right shoe, the right vibe to come along I guess.  When I got these modest little suede sandals, mainly to wear with my jeans, they ended up going rather swimmingly together, don't you agree?  

So of course with this new style addition, I've broadened its venues.

Meaning, this maxi has gone from a lounge-y day dress to a resort-y casual evening piece!  Some glossy red lips, gold earrings and a gold cuff and this baby's ready for dinner and drinks... I'm pleased.

I need to be on a boat or something, right?  I mean it looks so nautical!  I love this design to pieces but I think it truly comes alive with this particular print - it is truly a Tiny Closet gem that I had to post about again for you.  Seasons and tastes change but this dress seems to stay a relevant piece in my Tiny Closet.  What do we think?  Still like it?

It's been a couple years so you can see the first post I wrote about it back in 2014 here.  I also made this dress in black.  Very different feel.  Not as gasp worthy in my opinion but it's beautiful in the Winter.  Picture reading a good book on the couch on a rainy day...  If you missed that post, you can view it here.  

I hope you enjoyed this reprise!  Have a relaxing weekend and don't forget to give mom a big hug!  I am hugging mine from all the way in California.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!
and to you most of all, mom!  Love you.
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A Work In Progress...

I have wanted a closet of jumpsuits for years.  Years!  Just think, one piece that you can put on and go.  !!  No top-to-bottom coordination to consume your thoughts in the morning, and it's better than a dress because you can sit however you like without anyone gasping.  

But, well, finding the right one/s is surprisingly very difficult.  The cheap ones are way too sexy, the good ones are too expensive ($450 for a floral jumpsuit, really?) and the vintage ones are way too small in the waist and derrière.  After too many humbling experiences trying these things on, I just stopped looking after a while.

So I decided to take on the challenge myself of creating the jumpsuit I never had.  And if I can design one successfully, surely there's more styles I can come up with, yes?  Surely!  

With my first design, I started easy.  A harem jumpsuit to wear around the house, to pop on for errands and appointments and with some heels, maybe dinner and a movie?  Who knows, we'll see where the day takes us.

It's no secret, I am a woman who loves leisure and loads of comfy me-time.  Even when I'm working.  And like, I can't do that if I'm like uncomfortable, you know?  

This jumpsuit is the solution.  To those times I don't want to think about pairing pants with the one shirt that's not in the laundry (but I don't wanna wear that shirt!), or those times I want to wear a single statement and an overcoat - this harem jumpsuit is exactly what I need it to be:  a beautiful, simple, easy alternative.

Ah, blissful.  But what do you think??

Wait, hold that thought, I almost forgot... 


Some of you already know I design and sew clothing.  In fact, a lot of the clothes you see on this blog are pieces I've designed and made.  I started about 5 years ago, sewing clothing for myself - just copying designs that I would see in department stores but couldn't afford.  Then I began sewing for my friends.  And then my friend's friends, co-workers, even random people who would come up to me asking me where I got my outfit.

I've never officially commented on creating a clothing line but it's gotten to the point where I've been asked so many times throughout the last few years, "When are you going to sell your clothes????", that I'll come clean:

I don't know.

But more importantly...
Nothing would make me happier, selling my clothing to you all.  The Tiny Closet is indeed a lifestyle.  It's about simplicity, function, purpose, ease and total comfort.  In your home, your work, your life and of course, your closet.  How that looks in the form of apparel?  I'm still working on that concept for myself. 

It's a work in progress and I'm almost there.  So!

For those of you who were/are/will be interested in clothing from The Tiny Closet, I would love to send you the very first announcement and first access to my pieces once they are available.  So email me or leave a comment here with your email address and I will happily add you to my mailing list of Tiny Closet clothing alerts and access only!

Because I'm as excited as you are :)
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Fresh & Simple in Citrus

I'm putting these newly designed cropped tees to work this Spring.  This week, I topped one with a pair of high-waist gauchos.  The crisp white with these juicy yellow pants was a great duo.  Especially with my new rich brown platforms, that I've actually been finding every reason to wear since I got them.  I wore them with a white linen dress here.

Honestly, these cropped pants were supposed to be a jumpsuit buuuuuut, after I was done sewing it and tried it on, it turned out to be a lot of yellow.  Yeesh!  So I separated the top and bottom... and then it just ended up looking like a costume.  A very nice outfit - just also very costumey.  I'll show you some time so you can see just what I'm talking about but basically, what I'm trying to say is my original plan failed and I was left with a consolation prize of some Summery yellow pants.  


I still really want to make that jumpsuit.  I shall try try again.

 Yes, this cropped tee and cropped pant duo was fun and is great for both Spring and Summer but I'm not completely in love with these pants.  And since I have super rigid standards for my Tiny Closet (and you should too!), I won't be adding them to my wardrobe.  

Still, I hope this inspired some imagination and ideas for your Spring/Summer capsule!  You better believe you'll be seeing both my tees and these platforms for sure in mine :)

Have a beautiful weekend!! 
And come back for an awesome post on Monday!
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