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Monday, November 23, 2015

Comfy Sexy Cool

I remember reading in Cosmo magazine years ago the one body part that women most love on themselves is their legs.  In fact, according to the poll taken, legs won by a landslide.  Interesting...  with all the insane amount of nitpicking over breasts, stomach, legs, butt, etc - apparently, we all seem to be in agreement that it's hands down, legs.

I was reminded of this the other day when experimenting with the idea of a sexy muumuu design.  A friend and I were chatting that no matter what dress size we are, our legs don't stop!  And maybe it's because I live in L.A. but it certainly does seem like women love to show their legs.  I mean I definitely do.  

Yeah, actually I think it's definitely the fact that I live in L.A...  I mean it's November for God's sake.

 Every year, Theo and I host a "Friendsgiving" at our place.  With each year though, our table get's bigger and bigger so I'm utilizing my obsession with Pinterest to plan a cool table arrangement.  Thought I'd show some pics of me playing around with some floral and textile ideas.  

But mainly, I just love wearing this new Tiny Closet design.  The drape and double slits are excellent in movement but also pretty flattering when sitting.  Like sitting for dinner.  A new favorite piece!

 I mean, I never want to take it off.  This thing is so roomy and regal and sexy and...  And who wants to where something tight on Thanksgiving?!  You can have it.  This Thursday, I'll be stuffing myself with stuffing and relaxing under this navy blue tent.  

But you know I'll be showing the legs though :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Morning Grind

Morning is my absolute favorite time of day.  I feel like anyone who works for themselves or just plain ol' has a lot of stuff to get done will agree that mornings mark fresh starts and give promising light to those who dilute themselves in believing they'll get it all done today!

The secret to life is a formula, a recipe maybe - made up of love, light, food and waking up super early.  So I kiss my husband, I refuse to put curtains on my windows, I keep my fridge full and I set my alarm for 6:30am every morning.

But since I am one of those who believe I can do it all, there is some anxiety that comes with my early rising.  "Gotta get everything done / Why can't I go faster / Can't break, keep going".  I start immediately on a project or I run off to the fabric district or I just start cleaning... before I've even had breakfast.  I love mornings but recently I've noticed it's a grind.

I'm working on this.  

So I decided one way to un-grind would be to, you know, maybe enjoy the morning.  
And while I'm at it - put on something a little too nice to run around in like a chicken with its head cut off.  But also just nice enough to get down to business.  Chic, classy, relaxing. 

I notice when I think about how I want to look, I think about how I want to feel.  

It's more than just "comfortable" or "decent", I want to look "fresh" or "feminine" or "light".  

And whatever it is, for the rest of the day, I take on the feeling of what I chose to wear.  Employing this way of life using my closet has helped me take control of my mornings when I'm feeling the pressures of my own expectations and to-do's.  

Over the Summer, I went to thrift shops and bought up a bunch of super XXXXL men's button up shirts.  Like this one.  And also this one shown here.  In this post, I cut off the collar and the arms and I've been wearing it as an oversize shell over lace camis with jeans.  These cute diy shirts have been one method to un-grinding lately.  By replacing my beat up tees with a cool, modern looking button up to tackle the day, things go a little more smoothly for some reason...

I'm tellin' ya, the wardrobe is an influential thing.

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Charming Vintage Adventure

 Lets see... where were we?

For the longest time, I've been trying to figure out how to actualize and share all the inspirations and creative phases I experience in my head.  I think it got to the point of desperation, actually.  After a while, ideas have to be put to paper and then to the hands to create.  If not, then any type of expression is just a lie I guess.

It had gotten to the point where I wasn't showing what I was experiencing.  I wasn't connected.  I think I finally got tired of thinking all the time and I really just wanted to start doing.  Expressing!  Whimsies, fleeting fancies - they're just too fun not to share.  And what better medium than here?  It just comes down to this:

Think it
Write it
Show it
Move on.

So continuing on still in a Tiny Closet style, my mind has been completely taken with the illustrations of "Where The Wild Things Are".  And also wrapped up somewhere in the 1930s with the adventure and exquisite aesthetic of vintage travel.  Travel to new and exotic places.  I decided to create that feeling and imagine those illustrations into an intimate interior setting.  A Tiny lil peek into what that world might look like from the bedroom.

Oh and also, what one should wear for the occasion of leisure vintage travel.

Oh and one more thing.  I cut my hair.  Again :)

 I've been only seeing chartreuse lately.  In everything from plants to illustrations to fabric.  High waists, worn leather belts and the crisp white of a man's shirt - all things I have been obsessed with over the past month.

I took an XXL men's button up and snipped and shaped it into a cute cap-sleeved waterfall shirt.  I had made a pair of soft jersey chartreuse gauchos earlier this Summer but never imagined them outfitted this way.  Simple and to the point for the charming far and away look I was imagining.

Theo and I have been working together for years now.  What an interesting team we make.  Every time we're on a job, it always surprises me when people remark on how well we work together.  I've never really thought of it that way.  We're both stubborn control freaks but greatly admire each other's ideas anyway.  And the fact that we're in love has kept one from killing the other on many collaborative occasions.  When it comes down to it, we're each other's biggest fans.  This picture is a rare type of photo we take but it's a good reminder.

Good to be back :)
pssst, thank you for visiting!  Come back next Monday for more Tiny Closet imaginings!

Monday, November 2, 2015

From The Beginning to Now

Well, that was quite a pause.  I've missed this.

I was away for almost exactly 3 months and I needed it.  Aside from enduring a very trying Summer - some even might call it a tough time, I managed to get through a foggy thick artistic block that had been following me around for what seemed longer than necessary, and arrive back here, thank God.  I was hoping it would bring me back to the blog.  And yay! It did.

And while I was trudging through the fog, scrolling through old photos, I realized I kind of had a lot of these things.  Like a crazy amount of them.  In fact, spread over 3 hard drives, I had over 2,500 photos.  So since I wasn't quite ready to create something new, I decided to get cozy and take a look back.

If you've been following me for a long time, this might be fun to see every single photo I've ever taken since I started sharing my personal fashion online.  If you blink, you might miss one!

And if you're new to the blog,  yes, the photographer is my husband, and yes, he has a lot of patience.

For all the times you have visited and revisited, thank you guys.

Thank You
Thank You
Thank You

I'll be back next Monday with an official post starting up the blog again.  
And just in time for the fashionable holidays of Winter.  
Don't worry, I'm bursting with ideas!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer is For Stripes

That moment when you step outside at 8am and it's 80 degrees, you know it's officially Summer.

And officially, I've decided that the official print for Summer is stripes.  To remind me of the cool, zesty breezes of the sea and the carefree costuming of resort wear and boat life.  Ah.

So very recently, I put my Fall designs aside and played for a moment with my current seasonal interests.  
Ended up creating this completely fresh, totally chic maxi jumpsuit.

Did I mention it was fresh and chic?  I mean....

Even if I'm not on the veranda of some airbnb taking selfies by an endless pool, I feel like maybe I don't have to be.  This jumpsuit is a vacation in and of itself.  Relaxing, simple, perfect for the season with its lightweight jersey and easy breezy oversize fit.  I may even wear it to bed, who knows - we can do anything we want in this jumpsuit!  This jumpsuit is my oyster.  I don't know what I'm saying anymore but the point is, 
I designed this over last weekend and it's here to stay.

 So... do we like?
The answer I'm looking for is "yes".

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Forget You're Wearing It

The other day, I found myself scouring the internet looking for pics of all my style idols.  Recharging my batteries for inspiration in authenticity!   I think what captures me most in a woman with fantastic style is firstly, it's completely and totally her style.  Even if what she's wearing is as common as a t-shirt and jeans - for some reason, when she puts it on, it almost seems like she invented the duo.  She has the ability to transform lifeless pieces of clothing into an identity.

And secondly... she doesn't seem to notice she's wearing anything at all.

Put it on and then forget you're wearing it, I say.  Because it's not your life.  

If you're doing it right, clothes are meant to facilitate your life, not distract you away from living it.  Feel fabulous, feel comfortable and feel empowered to tackle your 99 problems cus your outfit aint one.

tank: American Apparel / shorts: Santee Alley / shoes: Keds

Skimming through the amazing styles of old friends, celebrities, artists, I was reminded once again what authenticity and freedom look like in the form of an outfit and that they are my only two end goals when wearing anything.  As it should be.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bare Minimum

Lately, it's been very important to me to look good when going out.  Even a walk to the dog park has me in the closet mulling over options for 20 mins.  Usually I'm so good at this...  What gives?  

Oh that's right.  It's Summer time.

 Summer marks the occasion need to wear less and believe it or not, I'm not very good at this.  Now a pared down ensemble, I got you any day of the week - buuuuuut when the heat begins to rise and all I can do is fantasize about wearing a loin cloth all day, your girl struggles a bit with gracefully pulling off, well, taking things off.

Shorts, mini skirts, tanks, bikinis.  Eek!
Maybe it's because I grew up under a blanket of dark clouds and never had to think about any of the above if I didn't want to... Or maybe it's because I have the modesty of a nun, I don't know - the point is this Summer.  This Summer I'm going to figure it out.

In the meantime, I shall take to wearing mens clothes.  I'm serious!  When in doubt, go big.  Go oversize.  Cut-offs and a 2-buttoned button up are hugely less intimidating when worn out of size.  I've been wearing my old roommate's denim shorts he cut to his knees, that I then cut to my thighs and... I just realized this now, I'm also wearing his Michael Kors button up...  So this outfit was brought to you by, in fact a very stylish man - thank you Chris!

It's actually pretty perfect that I wound up re-building my Tiny Closet during the Summer months.  Simply because Summer wear is the toughest wardrobe for me.  So I am currently spending time on my thoughts and tendencies to run and hide when forced to pick out intimidating pieces like shorts and swimwear.  And through that I plan to have a solid, versatile and comfortable Summer collection of pieces I can't wait to put on!