Can't Fit Your Clothes? A Tiny Solution

A few weeks ago, as I was slipping on my jeans one morning to take the dog for a walk, I noticed something.  Effort.  A lot of effort.  "What the heck?" I said out loud to myself as I yanked the last button closed on my 501s.  Since I succeeded with getting them on, I disregarded the effort as a fluke and moved on.  Wouldn't ya know, as soon as I leaned over to tie my shoes, this "fluke" turned into a 5-inch rip (and growing) down the side of my inseam...

With cautious optimism, I tried on another pair of jeans.  Nope. Couldn't even get them over my butt, which had apparently expanded overnight.  Anyway, I won't bore you with the details, we've all been there (right? RIGHT??).  And whatever size or shape you are, it's common to sometimes find your wardrobe fitting a bit loose or tight throughout the seasons.  Or in my case, fitting like a vice-like grip. 

No I am not with child.  I am with Klondike Bar.

I quickly grabbed some sweatpants, put on my shoes with comfort and ease and headed out the door.  I later slipped on a more appropriate pair of black leggings to have drinks with friends that night.  The thing is, I didn't want to wear leggings that night.  I didn't want to wear sweatpants on my 80-degree dog walk that morning.  How is a style-blogger like myself feeling defeated in leggings and sweatpants?  

I thought, while I don't currently have access to my usual go-to jeans and shorts, there's got to be something beautiful and stylish I can wear and feel great in in the meantime!  So I rummaged through my oh-so-Tiny Closet and found some answers.  I put together a few key elements of items that most women can access in their own Tiny Closets when their wardrobe has become, you know, like temporarily limited.

Can't quite get into your favorite tailored dress or high-waist skirt?
Wear a maxi dress instead:
With a plethora of heels, sandals, wedges, mules, booties and flats, maxi dresses can be a fabulous substitution for many different occasions.  I can wear this baby to the beach, to dinner, to lunch and also to the grocery store.  Jeans be damned!

Your cocktail dress too tight?
Wear a loose Summer dress instead:
 Summer dresses are usually of the linen and cotton family so they definitely tend to look on the casual, fun side.  But its transformation is all in the accessories.  I layered two long necklaces with this Summer dress and opted for simple black sandals to go to a dinner party.

Is the "Athleisure" look not your thing?  Wanna skip the leggings and sweatpants diet?
Wear dress pants and skirts with elastic waistbands:
 These silk pants with elastic ankle bands and an elastic waist band save me!  I can wear them with sky-high strappy sandals or I can pop on some Keds and go.  I chose to wear them casually in this post to show that they're a great alternative to leggings or yoga pants.  And make a great sub for jeans and fitted pants.
 And this chiffon skirt has an elastic waistband (yay!) so I can pull it on during those times I can't wear my denim mini or my favorite leather midi.  This does the trick in helping me look feminine and flattered even when I'm feeling neither of those things.  And with a slouchy loose jersey tee, good for hiding ones love for late-night Ben & Jerry's, I can tuck the tee in a bit and give it some extra style.
So!  I hope this was helpful to those out there finding themselves in the same situation.  What are you gonna do, go out and buy more clothes?  Save your money and put your Tiny Closet to more 
creative use.  Keep it simple, keep it light, keep it easy.  

I have been working so hard on my upcoming designs, I forgot to post!  Eek!  Sorry for the late post.  
Come back on Monday for all new stylings and designs :)
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The Other Maxi

Today marks the first official day of Summer


On our way out for a day of errands, instead of going to my go-to maxi, I've been more curious lately with the look of the quintessential, classic Summer dress:
I made this dress a couple months ago while experimenting with different dress lines.  This particular dress I did not design - for those of you who are curious what sewing pattern I used, it was a McCall's pattern, M7115.

Anyway, maybe it's the surge of 90s fashion coming back to haunt all us 30-somethings but I am loving the oversize fit of the classic loose Summer dress.  I believe it's usually a ditsy print that's used for this 80s/90s type of Summer dress but when I saw a bolt of arrow print Japanese cotton, I needed every excuse to buy it and transform it into a fun and more, shall I say modern(?) piece!  And voila...
A lowered waistline, super loose bodice and pleated knee-length skirting.  It's what I've been all about lately!  Pair with some Keds like I did to do some fun, impromptu roadside vintage shopping.  Or with some buttery cognac leather sandals.  Whatever you choose, you'll be comfortable in this novel alternative to a maxi.

Happy first day of Summer to you all!
Come back on Thursday for a fun and amusing chat ;)
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East Meets West

I was hurrying to meet my friend for drinks one evening while in the Garment District on a fabric run and I came across this Indian unisex tunic.  I have no idea why I picked it up, it wasn't my typical style wheelhouse at all.  But I was so drawn to it that, just like that, I bought it, raced home, put it on over my leggings and headed out.  And that's definitely not like me at all, to just buy something and add it half-mindedly to my very particular Tiny Closet.

But something seemed special about it and I've had it ever since.
 I originally wore it as a statement piece with the other parts of my outfit subdued and spotlighting the tunic.  But on our way to the beach last week, it was a little chilly and I grabbed the tunic to wear over my cutoffs.  What an awesome juxtaposition!  It turned out looking so fun and unassuming.  A pleasant change to the usual West Coast tee and cutoffs.  An East meets West sort of deal.  So much better than how I was traditionally wearing it before.
So even though this piece is made for much less rugged outings, it's so roomy and light that I like to wear it on long walks or hikes, to the beach or just with a pair of worn jeans.  Just a kick-around top.  Only, nicer to look at.
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Night & Day: A Romper Story

Night and day
You are the one
Only you beneath the moon
And under the sun...
I rarely wear all black on a sunny day but I'll happily whip out this all-black drama-boheme romper as the sun goes down.  I've had this lil mama in my Tiny Closet for almost a year and I can't believe I haven't shared it on the blog until now.  

Back in early Fall of last year, I was growing a bit frustrated with my wardrobe's lack of girly romance.  Mainly thinking of Theo.  It was a bit of a dressing-for-husband situation.  I wanted to feel a bit more dressy and romantic during our early evening outings - even if it was just for happy hour.  I also was on the hunt for a fabulous romper.  
Well, the hunt was certainly a success.  I didn't end up making one, I found it at a Flea Market.  And from sunset to twilight, I love the ornate bell sleeves and Theo loves the high short and low neckline.  

And probably my attitude when I prance around in it.
Black and gold is my go-to duo for early evening wear.  And because I always need a bit of edge and androgyny, I paired these Western sharp-toed booties to balance out the femmy upper.
I've never shown this piece until now but actually, this is the one thing I love to pull on and go to make our daily casual outings a bit more romancier.  Just my way, my little reminder to Theo that night and day, he is the one.

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Getting Set For Summer

It's still not officially Summer.  And it feels that way when I go outside and feel a nip in the 73-degree air.  But inside is Summer, Summer, Summer time!
I'm talking about this jumpsuit.  
And quite a bundle more to follow...
I made this jumpsuit a year ago after experimenting with designing a pair of gypsy pants with the same fabric.  The jumpsuit is actually the same as my striped, knit jumpsuit design I featured last Summer.  But with non-stretch voile-like rayon.  For those of you who don't know what "voile-like" fabric is, it's like supah, dupah, soft material.  Usually non-stretch and likely to be found in pajama-wear.

Anyway, I guess that's why I never wore it out that much because it does remind me of pajamas.  I've finally taking the time to revisit this design and see if I can go further.  The drawing board only favors the resilient!

Let's see if we can do better with this piece, yes?
Another item I surprisingly don't turn to as much as I thought is this vintage Guess denim vest.  I thought these two underdogs make a good dynamic couple, don't you?  Plus they're both totally rooted in the 80s making my style yesterday a fun and amusing post today.
So you're welcome for the chuckles!

I am so flipping excited for Summer, I think it may just be my new favorite season.  I'm having way more fun than usual creating all these bright, fun dresses, kimonos and jumpers all over the place.  It's like a fabric bomb went off in my living room, I'm having a blast over here, ladies.

Hope you're having a simply gorgeous end of your week!
and speaking of jumpers and rompers and bears, (oh my!)  we'll see ya back here on Monday!
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Take 2

Sorry I missed you guys at the start of the week (and at the end of last week!!)  But I didn't want to wait until later this Thursday to showcase this romper again in clearer shots so I thought I'd put together a Tuesday post for you.  

I'm trudging through June Gloom at the moment so by July, I'll get to wear this baby more regularly.

This thing is so comfortable!  Draping, lightweight, gorgeous print, and the loose design is perfect for the Summer months, lounging, long full dinners, you get the picture.  You can eat do a lot in this thing.

And I intend to.
These colorful sandals from Zara several years back pop up every Spring/Summer right on schedule. And they're especially fun with this print.  I usually wear them with something rugged and casual as I like the contrast but this romper has several levels of looks and occasions.  The sandals fit right in.
I'll be testing this out for another month or so.  I've had friends try it on and found this piece is, ugh, still in beta.  It may evolve into something else but maybe not - we'll see what I can do.  For now it's simply going to be fun :)

Happy June to you all!
Why oh why can't there be 30 hours in a day?????  Is it too much to ask for just 6 more hours?!!
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Emergency Styling

I always pack the day of travel - I find I make better choices having limited time to plan my wardrobe.  In this case, my time had run out. Theo and I slept past our alarm to catch the train and ended up rushing into our week of relaxation.  I grabbed a bundle of clothes, completely forgetting another equally pertinent stack of items next to it, and we fled.

What was in the other stack, you ask?  Hmmm:
Tooth brushes!  But don't worry, the toothpaste was packed.
Makeup brushes.  Ah, so that was the missing link to my blush!  Well at least I brought lipstick... oh wait, no.
My go-to sweater and cardigan.  Both items I couldn't actually get to last week. Ironic.
When we got to the hotel and opened our suitcase, I mean, there was nothing I could do but laugh.  Oh fucking well!  You know?
 What you're seeing here is some emergency styling, indeed.  A pair of sneakers, an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit (life-saver!!) and a robe-like cardigan I bought from Urban Outfitters when I arrived in San Diego.  (Kudos to UO for this gem!)
Ah, c'est la vie.  When it comes to planned events, no matter how small (mini vacation) or big (wedding day), I have always gone off script rather spectacularly.  In this case, I was able to scrounge up a couple outfits to take me from day to night all week.  Hopefully my resourcefulness has inspired!

Back in L.A. and fully charged for the week!  
Hope you enjoyed the Memorial weekend yourselves!
Psst, see ya back on Thursday :)
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