Morning Indoors

I've been hibernating but also busy preparing for Spring.  I am doing my cleaning, clear-out early this year.   And since I've been in a domestic way, I find myself designing around that lifestyle.  Simple, effortless, bedroom leisure wear is my steez and inspiration.  Come to think of it, all of my designs originate in the bedroom.   
Would I feel comfortable wearing this in bed?  That is always the question I ask myself.  It finally dawned on me to just start making myself bedroom wear.
I think what inspires me about what people wear at home and to bed is that it's often overlooked but nonetheless, everyone tends to have a preference of what they want to wear indoors.  A definitive style. I have been experimenting what mine is.  What is The Tiny Closet style for bedroom leisure?
Anyway, while I've been clearing out my design room, it also dawned on me that I should share this journey.  All my samples, my experiments with how to feel comfy in clothing has actually built up quite a bit!

The Tiny Closet Shop is now in fact, open to sell some of these sample pieces (along with older season pieces) and over the next couple weeks, I'll be show-and-telling (and selling!) some fun items that I had loads of fun making.
Pssst!  This orange velvet robe is one of the items available!  So head on over and take a peak at my fancies and what I collected off the cutting room floor to send off to you!

And stay tuned as I prepare for Spring!
Eeee!  Are you as excited as I am??
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One of my favorite holidays is around the corner and I find myself on the other side of things.  The older I get, the more love has become to me a many-sided die.  So many loves I have found.  I feel very lucky.
Anyway, I don't feel romantic this Valentine's Day.  But I do feel devoted.  And I'm finding myself shoulders deep in it these days.  This shoot shows me looking over colors and prints for my upcoming Summer designs for The Tiny Closet Shop (!!).  One love I've been giving a lot of attention to lately.  So many options I've been looking over, it's been inundating!  But fun and fulfilling.  Fun because I so love creating clothing.  And fulfilling because you will be able to see (and wear) my new pieces soon!!  

Yes, love is certainly in the air.
Wow, Finn, my pup is eyeing that trail mix...  I got this shexy casual cropped camisole as a gift over the holidays.  I thought it would make a fool of me but when I put it on, I did feel quite pretty.  Adding some lace - a bit of a lingerie style to my minimal style is a great way to femme up a a casual work-at-home look.
By the end of the shoot, I had picked out every piece of chocolate from that trail mix.  What?

I've been asked why I don't just buy a bag of chocolates.  I like the hunt!
Guys, I have fun news coming this Thursday!!  So come back and check it out!

Oh!  And the happiest of Valentine's Day to you.  Here's to all the loves in your life.
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Leather with a Hoodie

This leather midi skirt goes with everything I think.  I've been wanting a cropped hoodie for a while.  Grabbed this one on a quickie trip to Target preparing for the backpacking part of my trip over the holidays.  Mainly meant for my morning walks to the gym but it's so cozy!  I find myself grabbing for it daily.  It's cropped style makes it much more versatile.
While in Seoul, I came across some cute phone covers I couldn't resist bringing back with me.  This one is so Korean!  It reminds me of how much fun I had while there.  Come to think of it, this outfit is very coincidentally the current trend there.  Lots of black and white, using contrasting styles of casual and dressy.  A lot of sweats and leather goin on.  Jet black hair and a strong red lip.  The street style in Seoul was heaven.
Things are getting' cooking behind the scenes over at The Tiny Closet Shop, guys!  I'll be announcing some new exciting things soon!

So keep visiting and see for yourself...
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Beach Stripes

Oddly enough, this "cheery" railroad print dress goes well with gloomy weather.  Maybe because of the shabby shade of blue in the striping...  

I brought it along on my trip through the tropics as a chic, one piece perfect for sunny days.  Whell!  I could count the number of sunny days on one hand in the month I was traveling sooooooo I was very pleased that this roomy dress still looked pretty effortless against the stormy grey backdrop.
I started using DevaCurl products even during my relaxer days and to this day - over 10 years later, it is still the best product for my hair.  Across the board.  Wow.
  As you may already know, I'd been pretty enthusiastic about Camille Rose Naturals, which is a truly beautiful brand and independently female, black owned (yeah baby!)  I will continue to support her until the stars recede and the planet turns cold!  But boy.  The containers are teensy!  Doesn't she know this type-4 girls needs a handful and a half of condish a day??  I go through Camille Rose Naturals conditioners in less than a month, which is obviously unacceptable - especially since her conditioners are near $20.

As far as volume goes, DevaCurl has had my curls poppin and lockin and the conditioner comes in a 32oz. bottle so end of discussion.

Man guys, I have been sick for almost 2 weeks now and it doesn't seem to be going away.  Guuuh.  I have been rallying for days!  Wishing you an effortless Monday.

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Holiday Leisure

After getting sick on New Year's Eve and having to call it a night at 8pm, 3 days later I arose from bed feeling refreshed and energized.  Confined to the uber conservative measures I took packing, the only thing that reflected my mood was a crisp white pair of shorts and an equally crisp white tee.  When packing, I had no intentions on wearing them together (lest I match resort rec center staff uniforms) but it was perfect for the day, the mood - even the weather. 
I don't know how I kept this duo clean with the atrociously high humidity.  I guess it was being steam cleaned!
Since my return home to L.A., The Tiny Closet Shop has been buzzing with work and preparations for new collections!  Very excited to share.  And for sneak previews, join my shop mailing list here.

Enjoy Your Weekend!
See ya back here Monday :)

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Washed Ashore

When I was packing for The Philippines, preparing for my near month-long trip, I knew I didn't want to lug a chest of clothing around the whole time.  Especially since we'd be on the move most of the time.  

I used my beau's man-scarf as a fun head wrap.  Not enough water pressure to get through the thickness that is atop my head - I wrapped it up and kept moving.  Used my one piece as a top for dining out and - actually, I found this beach-festive jumpsuit as a dynamic bottom.
Put it all together and what do you get?  Bippity Boppity Boo!
I loved wearing these simple layer able (cheeky) jewelry pieces all from Amarilo.  On and off the beach.  They work with everything.  My ring set was the perfect title of my vacation.
23 days and 6 planes later, I'm back and finally able to look back and share what the heck I wore all that time.  And just how I managed to get away with packing only a backpack load of clothes.  Some cute basics, hair wraps that could also be used as tops and exquisite accessories to make me feel pretty while trailblazing.  The only thing I was NOT prepared for was the couple 21-degree days spent in Seoul.  It wasn't cute.

But I digress.  
Come back for another simple traveling outfit I cooked up in my backpack on Thursday!!
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Holidays In The Tropics

December was a blur for me...  And already I find myself in mid-January!  After cranking out a record volume of orders at The Tiny Closet Shop, I closed up for the holidays and flew to The Philippines to celebrate New Years with some family.

Secret beaches, juicy mangoes, 90% humidity, and all the coconut water you can pick - clothes were the last thing on my mind.  Oddly enough, I found more reason to wear jewelry.  

On some days, I was wearing more accessories than clothes.  When in Rome...
One accessory in general was a new favorite gold body chain from my friends at Haati Chai.  

This thing is so sexy!  And feminine.  And a bit glamorous - all at the same time.  If you've been following me for a while, you probably picked up that I don't go for overt sexiness.  Just isn't me.  This simple, sensual chain is effortless in the sense that it doesn't beg to be seen.  Under a lacy camisole, cotton tank, tube dress, slip dress - whatever you like.  It's a necklace's sensual cousin.  And even a bit edgy.

I'd fall asleep in it and wake up feeling like a cool girl.
With this simple statement piece, I knew it'd be perfect with my even simpler crisp white one-piece swimsuit.  All the deep cuts in the suit were prime real estate for this glittery gem!

It's been nearly a month and I am finally back in the states.  Back in L.A. where my work is waiting for me to begin.  Let's get to it, 2017!

Lots more holiday photos to come so I hope you'll visit again on Thursday!
See how I took a mere backpack full of clothing and made outfits to last me over 20 days :)
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Rugged Chic

I couldn't find any time yesterday to shoot pics of my warmer wear so before I took off to go pick up all my holiday pieces to sew today, I grabbed Theo to take some photos of the newest new styling in my Tiny wardrobe.
Canvas, leather and a pair of booties with the thickest, grippiest soles.  This is as rugged as it gets with an oversize army green canvas coat, my favorite midi skirt in the softest leather and my city boots made for strutting, stomping... and parkouring.
 Finally!!  I've found an oversize army-green coat that doesn't make me look like a little girl wearing her dad's fatigues.  Got it from Target while picking up some dishwasher detergent.  I love those random score moments when you come along something you've been searching for in all the wrong places.  I call it a planned-impulse buy.  Don't know where I'll find it but when I see it, I'm going to buy it.  Done.

Is it really December 1st??
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