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Monday, March 30, 2015

Same Pants, Different Statement

These are my favorite gypsy pants.  And I have quite a collection.  As far as gypsy pants go.  

And usually, when re-styling pieces, especially "statement" pieces like these, I either go straight for dressing up/dressing down or styling seasonally.  This time however, I didn't have either focus in mind.  Instead, I simply re-styled with a different feeling.  The right photo is an ensemble I wore last Winter - I forget the occasion.  To see more of this particular styling you can click the post, I Don't Have Enough Gypsy Pants  

Neither of the looks are screaming out a certain occasion or time of day, for that matter.  But they definitely do exude a different feeling.

top: / pants: The Tiny Closet Collection / shoes: Roper

 While this outfit is more of an end-of-Summer wear, I don't care that it's not that Springy.  I can wear this while street shopping or lean on this look for airplane attire - it's so incredibly comfortable!

Anyway, ever since I made these pants, I've been pleasantly surprised at how fun they are to style.  Not being the most versatile piece I have in my closet (I originally just made them for loungewear) I'm still thrilled to wear them in my more artistic style moments.  And I LOVE knowing that I am wearing something that is one of a kind.

Come back on Thursday for more of this fun feature!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Skirt For All Seasons

Remember this skirt last Fall?  In my post, The Colors of Fall, this skirt was perfect for the season with black pairings and a warm, dark lip!

And now, it has transitioned with me easily into an airy, cheery centerpiece for Spring.  And Summer, for that matter.  Wouldn't you say?

tank: American Apparel / skirt: American Apparel / heels:

These lace up heels have found their way all over my closet - from the front to the back.  I'm actually surprised just how well they go with, well everything I have!  Check out how I paired them with this all-black outfit I wore last Winter.  

Tiny Closet keepers for sure.  And I look forward to changing out the laces one of these days...

Even though the L.A. weather has been a bit erratic lately, this week has so far been blissful.  I was inspired enough to put this light ensemble together to celebrate the beginning of Spring!  A yellow skirt and white shoes... how much more Spring can you get?

Wanna see more transitions and re-styles with my Tiny closet pieces?  Scroll down for more of this fun feature!

Happy Spring, ladies!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Around The Clock Off The Shoulder

Y'all know your girl loves her one pieces.  I've already picked up a few more this year!  This one in particular was on my wish list and I was thrilled to get it.  Why?
Well, can't you tell?

I can wear this 'round the clock, baby.

Photo Left - jumpsuit: / shoes: Keds  earrings: AllSaints  Photo Right - vest: vintage (Buttons & Bows) / jumpsuit: / heels: Santee Alley / necklace: Chanel (bracelet)

I thought I'd prefer this lil' off the shoulder jumpsuit just as a kick-around, farmers-market-hopping, throw-on-and-go piece.  But I also ended up equally loving it as evening and event wear.  The simplicity and versatility of this thing is fabulous and it's off-the-shoulder design gives it a permanent look of femme and elegance.  I don't even have to try!  And that ladies, is effortless.  Literally.

This mid length vintage linen vest ended up being so fun and perfect as a topper for this jumpsuit.  Like a Summer jacket.  And these python pattern sandals, while they don't make many appearances, I found they pair better with this piece than any other item in my closet.  A wonderful S/S evening ensemble.

This is the second posting of a new feature I've been enjoying.  A feature sharing and showing the capabilities of a truly Tiny closet!  Keep visiting for more style workouts and while you're at it, join me and flex your style muscles!  See if you can style just 3 or 4 items from your lil closet for the whole week.  No matter how many events are on your calendar this week, see if you can keep it Tiny and make them last.

Happy Monday, guys!  Wishing you a wonderful week!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A S/S Jumpsuit For S/S Occasions

Photo Left - jumpsuit: Diane Von Furstenberg / earrings: Roman Luxe for Karla Deras / flats: Urban Outfitters / bangle: street market  Photo Right - jumpsuit: Diane Von Furstenberg / earrings: Whitney Stern Jewelry / coat: Mason / heels: Ivanka Trump

The other week in Silver Lake, after some amazing conversation and a pot of super caffeinated chai tea with a dear friend, we decided to catch up with the Tuesday Silver Lake Farmers Market.  There is a stall at the very end of the market that my friend and I die for and, with my heart still racing from that damn chai, I spied a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg jumper, practically begged my friend for it - as she spied it at the same time - and bought it without even trying it on.  All within 5 minutes.

 But you know, it was worth it.

Although it was definitely an impromptu buy, I've become somewhat of an expert at curating versatile, eclectic pieces for my Tiny Closet that can be mixed with almost anything.

When facing a splurge or impulse buy, the two questions I ask myself are:

1.  "Do I have to buy anything else to complete this outfit."
the answer should be no.

2.  "Are there at least 5 items already in my closet that I can wear with this?"
the answer should be yes.

For another occasion, I styled a slightly more formal trio made up of suede olive heels and a classic trench.  This jumpsuit has the look of resort wear.  So even a more sophisticated ensemble looks leisurely.  

With all three pieces being as versatile as can be, I was able to comfortably buy this jumpsuit without fretting that it wouldn't have a place.  And I've given the other pieces in my closet more purpose and dynamic.

Having guidelines set in place for a Tiny Closet, an impulse buy shouldn't be something to feel bad about.  It should be something to  celebrate because you're like, pretty much a pro, you know?


In my last post, I mentioned some new plans, a campaign(!) for the Tiny lifestyle.  And today, I'm kicking off showcasing how I shop, match, and style all my treasured pieces together, over and over, old and new!

So come back Monday for more on this fun little feature!
Oh the possibilities...

Monday, March 16, 2015

...And We're Back!

Welcome to Monday!  I'm back with some new plans from a new outlook after getting renewed and rested. Whew!

After being photographer-less I instead dove into the behind-the-scenes brain of The Tiny Closet and decided to go back to its roots.

(shoes: Roper / dress: Rafi / vest: vintage (Buttons & Bows) / chain link cuff: RiaRia)

After evolving outside the "confines" of my Tiny Closet - meaning I'm not so limited anymore with my wardrobe size.  I have still decided to keep my closet Tiny buuuuut I've kinda strayed away from showing y'all just how fun it can be.

Having amazing pieces that you love, having a closet that you're over the moon for - yes, yes we know.  But lets marinate in this concept for a while.  And see just how fun and interesting it can get.  Lets swim in it til our hands get pruny!

So starting this week, I'll be experimenting with a new campaign celebrating and returning to my love of a lifestyle authentic, versatile and Tiny.

P.S.  Like my shoes?  Goin for an artsy, Southwest look.  I'm looking at you, Austin, Texas.  You're so cool.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Aint No Sunshine When He's Gone

My photographer and main squeeze is traveling on business...

So I am retreating to Instagram and Pinterest for the next two weeks where I will be sharing my Tiny adventures and latest muses sans bestie.  And secretly redecorating our loft before he returns.

So keep visiting - maybe take a trip through my archives or come on over to my IG or Pinterest pages for daily updates!

Be back in two weeks guys!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Many Splendored Thing

This weekend is Valentine's Day weekend.  And even though Theo and my idea of a romantic time is watching The Flash on Hulu, 
it doesn't mean I can't dress the part...

Yes, love is a many splendored thing but so is dressing for the occasion!  I've been looking forward to staying indoors and out of the way of date-nighters, makeup-diners, first timers and the obligatory symbolism that this holiday can bring out and give a bad name.  

Instead, I wanted to play with the other stereotype of Valentine's Day: 
the look of it all!   

Theo and I are romantic almost 365 days out of the year.  Extremely romantic.  I married a man who loves love and he married a woman who loves to be absolutely adored.  It worked out.  But what I don't usually take the opportunity to do is indulge in my bohemian-romance daydreams.  And what better occasion is there to go all out?  And now I am sharing my lil romantic style side with you.

This look was made up of random fabrics and remnants I had in my sewing cabinet.  For a chic minimalist like I like to think I am, I sure do own a lot of frilly crazy textiles.  I guess it's all in how you wear it though.  Afterall, I am only wearing two items.

I look forward to once and for all, doing something with these wonderful fabrics.  Stay tuned!

oh, and happiest of Valentine's Days to you, lovely readers :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Ikat Style

I've been loving ikat prints for the past several years now.  They remind me of the Southwest.  Desert sands, cactus forests, snakeskins and the wild frontier!  Ikat takes me to a warm, rustic place.

Anyway, so I made a pair of pants out of this cool navy ikat print.  
And over the weekend, I plucked up these little boot-sandals in Santee Alley, a fun outside street market in DTLA's Garment District.

Ikat is one of those statement prints that goes with almost anything.  And this subtler navy print was calling me to do something with it.  I also made these pants in an elegant flamingo print, polka dots and plaid.  Yeah, I'm done with making pants for now.

As much as I enjoy ikat, I actually only have one other article in my closet with this style print: a maxi dress of phenomenal proportions and still the most versatile piece I own to date.  I definitely plan to have a couple more ikat items, especially since it comes in so many different designs!

Have a fabulous week and come back on Thursday to see my Valentines visuals for the new Year!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Versatility of Simplicity

Even though it's much warmer here than other parts of the world, it's still too cool to be zooming around town in chiffon and dresses.  I don't own a car - just a classy lil Vespa - and though 70 degrees feels fine walking around, it feels more like 50 degrees when I'm whipping down the street at 40mph against the wind.  Whew!

cardigan: vintage / dress: American Apparel / flats: BDG (Urban Outfitters)

So yes, a sweater is still necessary during the Winter months.  Until I eventually do get a car and then it's daisy dukes and tank tops all year long baby!


As you maybe already know, my Tiny Closet is made up of simple pieces.  This year, I'm headed into more involved, statement pieces but for now, minimal simple things is what my wardrobe is mostly made of.  I've been attracted to this look mainly because it's so versatile.  

Yesterday, after spending the morning playing with the livelier section of my closet, I still ended up pulling on my heather grey stretch cotton midi dress, a pair of nuetral snakeskin heels and a wispy white chiffon tee.

And as I grabbed my helmet, I also packed up a pair of blush tone flats and a chunky cream colored mens cardigan.  All pretty much basics, right?  

Instead of mixing basics with statement items, I'm more drawn to just playing with the basics by themselves to create a super neat, clean, minimal vibe.  I just find it more interesting and themed.  And versatile.

top: Santee Alley / dress: American Apparel / heels: Steve Madden

As the sun went down, I switched out of my chiffon tee and heels and into the flats and cardigan.  More than being warm and comfortable, it looked like a deliberate ensemble because all of the pieces were compatible with each other.  

So instead of a I'm-cold-and-don't-want-to-wear-heels-so-I-threw-on-a-jacket-and-flats outfit, both looks were deliberate and looked like actual outfits.  Which I like.  Because I've never been that girl that wears someone else's jacket or sweater when I'm cold.  It never goes, it's always ill-fitting and the look is ruined. 

 For those of you who follow my Youtube channel, I'm excited to share a new video of how I maintain my signature wash and go throughout the entire week!   It'll be up next week so stay tuuuuuned!

Enjoy the weekend :)