Tuesday, August 12, 2014

With all these thoughts I've been sharing about change and inspiration, I absolutely cannot wait to show you what I've been up to!

Hope you're as excited as I am!!
See ya next month :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beach Surf to Rooftop Turf


Last year, I decided to indulge in the creative, resort side of swimwear.  This year, the theme has been all.about.comfort.  In more ways than one.  I want to be comfortable in my clothes enough to forget about them and enjoy my life.  Especially when I'm at the beach. 

button up: Michael Kors / bag: Segada Weaving / sandals: Birkenstock Gizeh

Truthfully, swimwear fails to excite me beyond the fashion, styles and the amazing art of it.

To actually wear a swimsuit has been a chore ever since I can remember.  When I finally squirm my way into one, all the interest and joy I have for the concept of a swimsuit is pretty much squeezed out of me, leaving me monitoring my stomach indefinitely and making sure all skin and body hair is immaculate at all times...

Who needs that?
So I say, screw it.  
Life is too short to be self conscious at the beach!

swimsuit: American Apparel

 Since previously, I used bits and pieces from my Tiny Closet to dress for the water, this Summer I went out and bought myself a brand new suit for a new look and feel.

Worn for easy lounging, splashing and let's face it, looking fabulous in, yes? 

 This suit is everything.  The chicness that I feel when I put it on is right as rain.  Simple, understated, classic.  Everything I myself secretly want to be all the time in my clothes.  Miraculous that I feel this way in swimwear.  And in public.

Anyway, I've been to the beach and the pool more in these past two years than I have in my entire life and I've noticed I've formed some preferences along the way...

perfume: Tocca Stella / lotion: Burts Bees Royal Jelly / hair product: Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Finish / bangle: thrift

At the beach, the salty sea breeze is even spicier when I spritz my skin with Tocca's Cleopatra perfume.  The sweet and salty florals and jasmine blend so well in my surroundings as I heat up under the sun.  Mmmm. 

I like to get lost in a magazine I haven't read yet - like Vogue's A/W 2014 collections!!!  I love each page.

My skin I call my ebony splendor (ha!) and I've been using Burt's Bees lotion with royal jelly and mica for a while now more exclusively at the beach.  Why?  Because it has a gorgeous gold shimmer, which is fun to show off :)

My hair dries out pretty badly under the sun, especially with the salt and I noticed my Morroccanoil Glimmer Shine helps it to look not so fried.

and now we go to...
button up: Faconable / top: Gap / bottoms: American Apparel / espadrilles: Steven

While the beach is an experience I relish to be surrounded by, the rooftop pool in my apartment complex is where I have my me time.  I tune out the world below with my gigantic headphones and Spotify, I strip down to practically undies and a bra, have something cool to drink and pretty much go to sleep.  In this circumstance, it's not about looking good.  But that's when it's most fun to experiment!

After seeing myself a few times undressing after working out, with my sports bra and high waist undies, I've kinda been digging that ultra-casual, sporty hybrid style of Olivia Newton John's "Physical" look and Kelly LeBrock's outfit in Weird Science.  Look it up.  What a hottie!
So while I was in American Apparel eyeing my swimsuit, I decided to pick up some actual undie-like swim bottoms as well and combine my post-workout look with a poolside style.

I am finally beginning to settle into this very unusual and luxurious lifestyle here in California.  I obsess over comfort, lounge-friendly costumes and the pure simplicity one enjoys when constantly around the sea.  From the beach to the pool, I've been enjoying this Summer, styling myself daily for an occasion that really is so versatile!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Dress It Up with Eyelet

I've been wearing mens button ups all Summer long and I'm noticing that I've been styling them more and more loosely, open and wrinkled.  
I'm just obsessed with that comfy, effortless, messy-chic look!  

Plus, Theo never irons his shirts as he prefers a messy sophisticated look as well so,  I just go with it.

 Typically, I'll wear my button ups with my favorite high waist shorts or a pair of loose high-waist pants.  This time however, while dressing in seconds to go to our usual morning hangout spot, I decided to throw a crinkly ol' button up over my go-to eyelet statement dress.

button up: Faconable / dress: Catherine Malandrino / smoking shoe: romwe.com

Remember this thing?  I so love it.  I received it a few years ago as a trade for a Vera Wang dress I had just sitting with nothing to do in the back of my closet.  The eyelet and frou frou nature of the dress is such a welcome change from the rest of my pieces that when I got it I set out to coordinate it with everything!  Such a unique dress/tunic - meant to be a Summer dress, I ended up wear ing it all year long.  Check out the highlights:

worn with....

So there you have it: proof that an unusual, statement article of clothing like this treasured one can too be almost as versatile and pairable as a pair of jeans! And it still enhances my looks, bringing a fem, romantic flair to anything I put it with.  

I'm still in love to this day.  As one should be with the clothes in her Tiny Closet :)

Visit me Thursday for a double feature in....Tiny swimwear!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jeans & Tee: Another Version

In the spirit of Summer, when wearing a jeans and tee ensemble, my denim is ripped and my tees are shorter.  This time however, 
I chose to wear a mens button up that I cropped myself and ended the look with a simple nude, heeled sandal.

As much has the jeans-and-tee combo are oh-so-basic, the duo is also pure classic.  Always in style and absolutely seasonless, this is one outfit that can be personalized a plethora of different ways.  And you know how I feel about personalizing a look.  A better word: style.

Jeans and a tee is all about style.  

I initially opted for a worn leather belt buuuuuut then decided that would make the ensemble too "put-togethery", you know?  You may disagree.   
When it comes to accessories or complimenting pieces, I feel like 

one must portray an air of effortlessness when styling a simple look.  The simpler the better. 

||sidenote||: notice the hair?  No, these photos aren't old - I decided to take down my twists.  As cute as I felt (and I felt ca-yute!  Shall I share my album of selfies? haha!) the headaches, weight and cumbersome bed time positions gave new meaning to "beauty is pain"... to me, those two words couldn't be farther apart from each other. *sigh*  This girl is certainly not meant for high maintenance.  But like I said, I've already got my head set on new styles to try and motivation to be more creative with my kinks :) so stay tuned.

All in all, this Summer-friendly styling was fun to wear and - if you've been working out for your fabulous swimwear, this is great to put on a new beach-ready bod!

This crisp, cropped button up was perfect for Winter and Spring too.  Check out how I wore it with my heavier high waist denim and also in a preppy look!

And speaking of beachwear, I can't WAIT to share some pics of my trips to the beach.  And the pool! 

So come visit me on Monday for more Tiny Summer looks!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Vibes

I've been wearing this fun, nautical-type boatneck top a lot this past week.  It seems to go with everything.  

It's clear now that this top is definitely more friendly with my Summer ensembles than my Fall/Winter outfits.  The mystery is solved.  I was having that peculiar nagging feeling - the kind you get when you know you bought a great item and it "technically" goes with everything - but something's kind of...off.  Like, it's almost there but not quite.

Turns out the vibe was wrong.  

I'd been wearing it with high waist pants and skirts, which was fine and bland but what it really needed was sun, a pop of pink and lots of skin!

Enter my favorite good n' tiny high waist shorts.  My Milani "Flamingo Pose" pink - the hair (um, of course) and some oxfords.  I actually designed and well, made this top myself.  But I can say it has never looked better thanks to a solid Summer styling.

As Tiny as I aim my closet to be - you have to let your pieces shine at the right time.  It's great to have a "seasonless" closet (meaning all items can be worn all throughout the year) but some items have their best moments in particular times of the year.  Being creative is key when cultivating a small wardrobe.  But sometimes you should let a Summer top be a Summer top, yes?

I'm so so happy my new hairdo has been received well!  Thank you to all the wonderful comments on my big style change.  Isn't our hair fun?  We can do anything to it!  

Which is why I'll probably be hitting up another style pretty soon here.  
Like... next week maybe?  

These twists have opened a door I'd assumed (with my age and lifestyle) would be closed forever: playing with my hair again!  I feel like I'm back in high school again when I had a new style every week, ha!  So excited to try some more new things.  We shall see :)

Come back for more on Thursday!