Fall Capsule Beginnings

I am finally taking some time to explore separates this season!  

I love a one-piece-throw-on-and-go uniform, hence my infinite discussion about them in my posts (and clothing line). They're the secret to [effortlessly] getting ready any time of day, any day of the week!  But I'm taking a pause for a season or two to finally tackle tops: 

how to wear them / how to style them / how to design the right fit.  And I think I'm on the right path...

I went from dresses to... tunics!  They're considered tops too.  I'm getting there.
This beauty, Portia, an acupuncturist by trade and an ever patient model by friendship shed some light while I worked out the kinks and fiddled with wear last weekend.  Ah, the art of wearing separates!  

I think all you need is drape.  Oh, and good bone structure.
 Starting with white and black, I took classic lines and played with them a bit.  I always like to start from a classic foundation and build into whatever I'm feeling.  And I'm not talking just design - I'm referring to style as well of course!

I've always been intimidated by separates.  A lot of options can lead to a lot of indecision.  But if focused on the style of look you want, I realize it's quite easy to pick out and put together the pieces that fit that vision.  Rather than having some random top here and there that doesn't go with anything and a ton of tops that match one random bottom that you don't even care for.  Anxiety!

So I wanted to share a little peak of what I've been up to over here in The Tiny Closet.  Makin tops and talkin shop!  But seriously, I've been working - experimenting, finding the perfect fit, drape and look to curate a collection of separates and statement pieces into what I believe will be my best Fall/Winter capsule yet :)

Posts to unfold later this week, guys! 
And I'm super excited too because I don't get a chance to share so regularly these days.  I hope you'll check back again before the week is out to see more!
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Daily Looks

I am a creature of habit, especially with my clothing and keeping a wardrobe.  So when I find a new uniform or daily ensemble I can count on, I wear that baby out.
I've been feeling artistically moody lately as I was mentioning earlier... feeling the misty, dark Northwest spirit.  But the weather in L.A. has been nothing but sunny clear skies and scorching, balmy heat.  What gives?  Come on, I'm trying to have broody cool vibes over here.
At least I can capture them in photos.  Even if I'm sweating under this turban.
I promise I'll have something else to talk about in my next post.  But this!  This dress has climbed the closet billboard to #1 in just a matter of a week.  Side note, it started out longer and I shortened it - voila.  Instant daily wear.

Short enough to flirt with on my way to dinner.  And long enough to not have to cirque-du-soleil myself out of an Uber without disaster.  The swing-like back drapes and flows so beautifully so I don't mind that there is minimal detail.  I'm a minimal detail kinda girl.  Give me one big statement and you can keep all the other bells and whistles.
I am normally so disappointed in how I look in wedges.  My calves are built to keep me moving so needless to say, they don't have that slender swan-like look that can pull off a bottom heavy shoe like a wedge.  Buuuuut, I have noticed that a super narrow wedge is much more complimenting on athletic legs like mine so long story short, I love these wedges I'm wearing!  And they are perfecto with this high-low dress.

Easy and sophisticated for day and effortlessly sultry for night.  What a great day-to-night outfit this turned out to be. 
Visit The Tiny Closet Shop to view this piece in more detail.  I'm rolling out some fantastic and fun outfits for Fall! ... If only it would start getting there.  They'll be trickling in as the weather cools.  Check back on Monday to see a brand new outfit and maybe some new ideas to help you put your Fall Capsule together!

Happy, happy Thursday to you!
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At Home In White

 I've always loved wearing white.  I love it so much it's actually a celebratory color - I wear it every year on my birthday.  It's a color that makes me feel regal and effortless and I find I only wear it when I'm subconsciously feeling confident and beautiful.

It would be fitting that I made my favorite dress in white.  Lately, I've been feeling quietly fabulous.  Meaning, not sensational or ecstatic but, well...confident and beautiful.  A lot of both.
I've been feeling calm and natural and I guess this is only worth mentioning because for the last few years, maybe even the last several years,  I.have.not. felt any of the above mentioned.  At all.  I've surely tried my hardest to be collected, to not worry so much that it changes my spirit.  To embrace all that I'm born with, to look in the mirror and not be so ready to change what I see, to take care of my first so that I am fit to help others.  Up until now, it has been an arduous (whew!) task and most times, an impossible one. 

But nothing is quite as blissful as the feeling of doing all of those things naturally.  Feeling a natural inclination to live and let flow.
To go with the flow!

So this dress has more meaning than usual.  The setting of these photos, how I'm wearing my hair...  As a blogger - a recorder of my personal style and fashion conquests, I've taken way too many photos of myself to bare to count or even think about.  And I don't spend too much time studying them.  But this shoot was 15 minutes in my parents home, unplanned, in the most natural setting I realize (a bedroom and a bathroom).... and girl, I am FEELIN these photos!!!

I laugh out loud as I admit this but I've probably looked at these photos a dozen times and smiled.

I felt happy, peaceful, natural and beautiful during this shoot.  And let me tell you, I don't know when the last time I felt all those things  - and at the same time!
So it's very fitting that I would wear white on that specific occasion, even though I didn't put it all together till now.  

This dress will actually be available in the shop on Thursday in limited quantity - just because I felt so good wearing it.  And perhaps a few others will feel the same when wearing it too.

Happy blissful Monday to you.
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Fall Muse

 Maybe it's because Fall is just around the corner.  Or maybe I just got back from the Northwest and I'm missing it more than usual.  But I'm feeling moody.

Not moody, like teen angst moody but moody like whimsical moody!  Dark and misty like a placid lake early in the morning.  Moody like sipping dark coffee on a rainy morning.  Mmmm.  

I suppose the Northwest has become my muse. 
But instead of this muse being a new fascination, these feelings, this style is quite old.  And it's something I'm now revisiting with fresh eyes and a deep heart.  This is all where I come from.  My home.
So of course, I'm taking advantage of all these "feels" and inspirations and directing my energies to The Shop.  Beginning next week, I'll be rolling out some pre-Fall visions and new takes on a few old Tiny Closet gems.  

And even though Summer hasn't left us yet and I am after all in perpetual sunshine, I've been cooling down my Summer wears simply and effortlessly these days.  It's been a while since I've shared with you but I try to post new looks and inspo as much as I can while I'm running The Tiny Closet Shop.  So come back on Monday and take a look at some of the pieces I've been living in to close out the season!

See ya Monday!

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In & Around The House

When I'm in the house, I don't like to wear much.  And with my walls mainly made up of windows facing East, by 7am, my apartment can get up to 90 degrees if the a/c isn't already programmed to start running.  So I keep things minimal, light and breezy when indoors.

I've been living in jumpsuits lately and I'd been searching for a style of jumpsuit to wear when lounging and also when sprinting off to pick up takeout across the street.  I'm tired of changing for those tiny uneventful things.  But I also want to look great wherever I go (yes, even to CVS) so I decided to make a "house-friendly" jumpsuit to also wear outside the house - when those daily to-do's drag me out into the day.

It ended up being a light but draping chambray.  In stripes.  And a deep v. *heart eyes*
It looked so fabulous (almost old Hollywood) that I decided to sell it in my shop and treat it as a beach coverup.  I don't wear it as such but it certainly would be fabulous at the beach or around the pool.  

Of course I already have a few jumpsuits.  One can go either sporty or cozy.  And the other is perfect for long outings and shopping days.  For me though, this particular jumpsuit was made to be something feminine and modern to wear indoors during the Summer months and then slip on some mules and trot down the street for a quick 2-for-1 cupcake deal.

I have to admit, I am such a fan of how it turned out!!  It's quite a gem to my Summer capsule and I'm sure it will pop up again next Summer.  Anyway, I hope you like it too!  It goes so well with a white turban.  Which, I'm suddenly all about these days.  So regal!  But that's a topic for another time :)

I hope Monday is finding you bright eyed and ready -  if this is an insanely busy week for you, that makes two of us...  You can do it!
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Deep Blue Sea

I'd been waiting forever it seemed, for the right occasion this Summer to wear one of my most prized pieces in The Tiny Closet Shop:  The Weekender!

Deep blue sea silk maxiness.  Mmmm!

Your gal has not gotten out lately.  At all.  So an invite to Issa Rae's yacht party was a blissful, fabulous break from the norm.  And what better occasion than a yacht party on the sunniest day of the year to wear.... this gorgeous maxi, double-slit dress?!
A lot of people are nervous to wear silk in the Summer months.  This, ladies, is the lightest, breeziest maxi I own.  The hunt for the perfect silk in this design was painstaking.  The original Weekender maxi was made of tri-acetate and I felt it needed an upgrade from its debut.  The new Weekender is now a luxurious 100% natural piece.  I needed to find something light as a feather.  Virtually weightless.  And finally, I also needed to find the perfect hue of baltic blue.  I am pleased with the outcome.
The party was filled with amazing new faces in entertainment.  People who are actively changing up the game (finally!!) in Hollywood and media.  And people I'm proud to have seen coming from miles away.  It's their time now.  And I hope it lasts forever.   I thought I wouldn't know anyone there but when I arrived, I realized L.A. is super small.  

For being a total introvert, I seem to know a LOT of extroverts...
It was a wonderful day off. Plenty easy and literally breezy.  Oh, and all of my jewelry was from Haiti Chai and Amarilo.  So now it's back to the grind of late nights, early mornings and the humming of sewing machines and a/c.  Speaking of which...

There's some exciting things going on at the shop currently!!  New Summer arrivals to wear into the balmy warm evenings aaaaand a SUPER SALE going on too!  Up to 75% off and all for you.
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Accessorizing w/ 2 Rivers

Earlier this month 2 Rivers Shop showed me their new bag and accessories line from Western Kenya. Leather goods, all handmade in small batches, working with small leather producers, I felt a bit of a kinship with this small business.  Allowing women in the area (Rift Valley) to build craft and artist skills to make beautiful bags and accessories, this particular small business is on the philanthropic side of things.  Plus, I appreciate also the relevance of their simple rustic style of their line.

So naturally, I was happy to share a few 2 Rivers items with you!
I am a creature of habit when it comes to my daily belongings.  Items that get me through the day with my diverse schedule is definitely a handsome sturdy bag first!  One that I haven't had in a while.  In fact, I've been making due with a gorgeous Dooney & Bourke bucket bag but my day-to-day is wearing it down and it's just not meant for pure utility.
Anyway, what I'm getting at is this bag that was sent, The Kampala Purse, is!  It is totally up to the task of my long fabric runs, my need to carry everything with me at all times including 2 pairs of scissors, a book and always some Kombucha...and more.

Plus it's just absolutely gorgeous to look at and I even like the beaded tassel.
This little leather Zanzibar makeup bag along side the Kampala Purse is a beauty as well.  My current makeup bag was last minute purchase at Target some years ago.  I have no clue where I want to put my makeup.  I don't have a lot so I was almost fine with just getting a ziplock bag and calling it a day, ha! 

But after receiving this piece, I feel real fancy.
It's handsome like I prefer my accessories to be (not much for frilly) and it does it's job without creating an eyesore.  It's a gorgeous piece that I now like to see in my bathroom or in my bag.
I haven't had wallet in almost 10 years!  And I'm notorious for holding up lines across America looking for my I.D., my debit car, my other debit card, my membership card.  My bag is just a "everything bin" that I throw my essentials in and leave the painful digging and searching for my future self to worry about.

Long story short, I thought it'd be a good idea to try out their Masai Ladies' Wallet.  I still only use it for holding business cards that I receive throughout the week and my checkbook when I'm picking up orders.  It's a gem for that - but after a decade of not having a wallet, I'm just not used to the organization, blahhh.  I'm easing into it.
I don't like being on my phone at all.  And after receiving this book, The Book of Questions (totally my personality!!) I prefer to peruse that instead of drone out on Instagram.  And now, thanks to this tank of a bag, I can take my book with me wherever!  Basically Ubers.
 I am relieved and so thankful for being able to have this awesome, beautifully made handbag.  It will surely be with me for years to come and I think it will age beautifully as well.  Check out 2 Rivers Shop and take a look at their pieces for women and men!  And while you're at it, visit them on their Instagram page too.  They're just getting started and I wish them lots of luck!

All Tiny Closet readers: get a discount on this gorgeous leather bag using this code: CAF0105 at checkout!
Enjoy :)
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