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Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer is For Stripes

That moment when you step outside at 8am and it's 80 degrees, you know it's officially Summer.

And officially, I've decided that the official print for Summer is stripes.  To remind me of the cool, zesty breezes of the sea and the carefree costuming of resort wear and boat life.  Ah.

So very recently, I put my Fall designs aside and played for a moment with my current seasonal interests.  
Ended up creating this completely fresh, totally chic maxi jumpsuit.

Did I mention it was fresh and chic?  I mean....

Even if I'm not on the veranda of some airbnb taking selfies by an endless pool, I feel like maybe I don't have to be.  This jumpsuit is a vacation in and of itself.  Relaxing, simple, perfect for the season with its lightweight jersey and easy breezy oversize fit.  I may even wear it to bed, who knows - we can do anything we want in this jumpsuit!  This jumpsuit is my oyster.  I don't know what I'm saying anymore but the point is, 
I designed this over last weekend and it's here to stay.

 So... do we like?
The answer I'm looking for is "yes".

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Forget You're Wearing It

The other day, I found myself scouring the internet looking for pics of all my style idols.  Recharging my batteries for inspiration in authenticity!   I think what captures me most in a woman with fantastic style is firstly, it's completely and totally her style.  Even if what she's wearing is as common as a t-shirt and jeans - for some reason, when she puts it on, it almost seems like she invented the duo.  She has the ability to transform lifeless pieces of clothing into an identity.

And secondly... she doesn't seem to notice she's wearing anything at all.

Put it on and then forget you're wearing it, I say.  Because it's not your life.  

If you're doing it right, clothes are meant to facilitate your life, not distract you away from living it.  Feel fabulous, feel comfortable and feel empowered to tackle your 99 problems cus your outfit aint one.

tank: American Apparel / shorts: Santee Alley / shoes: Keds

Skimming through the amazing styles of old friends, celebrities, artists, I was reminded once again what authenticity and freedom look like in the form of an outfit and that they are my only two end goals when wearing anything.  As it should be.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bare Minimum

Lately, it's been very important to me to look good when going out.  Even a walk to the dog park has me in the closet mulling over options for 20 mins.  Usually I'm so good at this...  What gives?  

Oh that's right.  It's Summer time.

 Summer marks the occasion need to wear less and believe it or not, I'm not very good at this.  Now a pared down ensemble, I got you any day of the week - buuuuuut when the heat begins to rise and all I can do is fantasize about wearing a loin cloth all day, your girl struggles a bit with gracefully pulling off, well, taking things off.

Shorts, mini skirts, tanks, bikinis.  Eek!
Maybe it's because I grew up under a blanket of dark clouds and never had to think about any of the above if I didn't want to... Or maybe it's because I have the modesty of a nun, I don't know - the point is this Summer.  This Summer I'm going to figure it out.

In the meantime, I shall take to wearing mens clothes.  I'm serious!  When in doubt, go big.  Go oversize.  Cut-offs and a 2-buttoned button up are hugely less intimidating when worn out of size.  I've been wearing my old roommate's denim shorts he cut to his knees, that I then cut to my thighs and... I just realized this now, I'm also wearing his Michael Kors button up...  So this outfit was brought to you by, in fact a very stylish man - thank you Chris!

It's actually pretty perfect that I wound up re-building my Tiny Closet during the Summer months.  Simply because Summer wear is the toughest wardrobe for me.  So I am currently spending time on my thoughts and tendencies to run and hide when forced to pick out intimidating pieces like shorts and swimwear.  And through that I plan to have a solid, versatile and comfortable Summer collection of pieces I can't wait to put on!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Waterfall Shirt

I've been so contemplative and somber lately, and also I'm hard at work ordering and making new clothing for this Tiny Closet of mine, that I didn't even notice when the clouds disappeared for a bit the other day.  I was then immediately reminded that indeed, Summer is coming and life is too short to take it so seriously.  

I threw on some harem pants, my most favorite waterfall tee of the moment (like pretty much my only tee at the moment), grabbed Theo's hand and didn't let go until we were in Little Tokyo pouring ourselves some fro-yo.

(tee: The Tiny Closet Collection)

 I've adored the waterfall skirt for so long, it finally occurred to me while designing my next tee, why not?  Sooooo long shirt short (heehee, get what I did there? did you?), here I am with my waterfall shirt.  I'll give ya better pics later once I've decided if indeed I do like it and want it to be apart of my permanent wardrobe but for now, a fro-yo pic!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sheer Knit

I always thought I would miss wearing Winter clothing if I moved to a perpetually warm climate.  But it's been nearly 3 years in L.A. and I aint cryin' about it.  I think because

I love jersey knits.  Always have.

I love double knits in the cooler months and sheer knits in the Summer months.  Like this MM6 super lightweight knit dress.  For Summer it's amazing.  Loose with drape and sexy sheer, I barely feel like I'm wearing it.

I actually wear this dress as a day dress.  For errands, lunches out, happy hour, lunches that turn into happy hour and so on.  Basically, it's a Summer staple!

What's yours?
Have a great Monday!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


June gloom has seemed to set in, right on time.  And that's okay because lately, I've been drawn to wearing a lot of black.  Are you familiar with my thoughts on wearing black in the sun?  With the consistent 50 shades of grey blanket above me, black is doing quite well.  Considering it's Summer. 

And speaking of gloom black, I am wearing it head to toe!  Sipping my morning coffee, wandering the walls of my apartment, staring at the bags of clothes I plan to donate and be rid of forever.  I am feeling veeeerrrrrrrry minimal these days.  

And I should be.  I'm now working with like, 20 articles of clothing.  But hey, it's Summer and I'm in L.A... 
who needs clothes anyway?

The awesome thing about minimalism is that you truly do feel lighter.  And the awesome thing about wearing clothing that you love is that oddly enough, it makes you feel even more comfortable in your skin.  With the incredibly hard month of May I recently had to push through, I am welcoming the feeling of being lighter and being comfortable in my own skin.

I am searching for clothes to give me those feelings everyday.

I've missed sharing here on the blog with you all.  I always do miss it when I step away.  But I'm excited to see how my Tiny Closet will look after undergoing this change.  Thankfully, it won't be too long since I've been planning my pieces for months.  With my restyling feature finished, I welcome a new lil wardrobe to experiment with and restyle for you!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Tinier Closet

I just got rid of over one third of my wardrobe. 
And I'm just getting started...

With my increasing schedule and an awesome venture I've been taking on, my plate is full y'all.  With no time or space for all the "extras" these days, I've taken to trimming up my life to make room for the stuff that really matters.

This blog began with the sole focus of making the most out of what you have.  And after practicing this for a few years, I realize the most I had is now too much!  After creating a plethora of options, well... I don't need so many options anymore.  I started with around 35 pieces and have around the same today but as I continue on with this blog, my discussion is naturally evolving into the subject of minimalism.  Now, I suppose that's a different subject all together -  but is it?  The Tiny Closet is all about knowing your life and knowing it well.  Minimalism is same.  And once you know your life well, it's the process of making it extremely easy and streamlined to live it everyday.  

I finally had to come to terms with the way I live mine:

I don't wear heels
I live in stretch jersey
Jeans are my go-to
I can wear jumpsuits all year long
I'll take a great fitting tee over a leather jacket any day

I know that doesn't sound like the most glamorous nor the dreamiest of wardrobes but my dream is that someday soon, my entire closet will be able to be hung on a five foot clothing rack where I can just pick an amazing piece and go - and more importantly, it will mostly be made up of my own designs.
Lots of planning (blah), sketching (eh) aaaand fabric shopping (yay!!).  But here, I'm wearing MM6, a jersey dress with a connecting layered top with an open tied back.  I adore. 

So I'm currently designing and sewing myself a new wardrobe.  Of course, I'll share with you along the way, each piece that I add to The Tiny Closet.  And from time to time, I will even be selling a piece or two!   So, stay tuned to my usual postings each week for moooooorrrre!

And I hope you'll follow along with me on this slightly new path of making a personalized minimalist closet.  Maybe a collection of clothing, perhaps?  The Tiny Closet Collection :)
See ya Monday!

Monday, May 18, 2015


I'm wishing you all a wonderful Monday from the inside of my apartment where I have been holed up for the past few weeks...

...A few shots of my daily life lately.  

My life is usually made up of Sleeping, Eating, Sewing, and Shooting but these days it's been very literally all I do.  And for good reason.  

Some of you know I sew clothing for myself.  I love it.  But for the past year or so, I've also been sewing locally in the area for others.  My interests in minimal fashion design have taken me down a surprising path indeed.  After facing a fork recently, I decided to do some fun things that I'll be sharing with you along the way.

This dress is a Tiny Closet Collection piece.  I designed it to be so simple but with a fabulous drape and some bold front slits.  After a yoga class or after dinner, sexy and comfortable is what it's all about.

Visit again!! to check out more new designs and wears! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Morning Selfies

I've had my nose to the grindstone lately.  Or rather, my nose to the sewing table.  Simultaneously, my photographer has been swamped in shooting and editing.  Work has hit us both kind of suddenly and I seem to be continuously pulled away from posting.  

I so want to share with you and post about all of this!
But in due time.

Theo and I only see each other for a few minutes a day now.  We try to at least have a meal together but because I haven't been able to plan any posts lately, early one morning I grabbed a selfie stick (heehee!) and right before we got out of bed to go our separate ways, I clicked some photos.

This lil' striped bed tee is amazingly comfy and part of my Tiny Closet Collection.  
Will be sharing more soon...