Holidays In The Tropics

December was a blur for me...  And already I find myself in mid-January!  After cranking out a record volume of orders at The Tiny Closet Shop, I closed up for the holidays and flew to The Philippines to celebrate New Years with some family.

Secret beaches, juicy mangoes, 90% humidity, and all the coconut water you can pick - clothes were the last thing on my mind.  Oddly enough, I found more reason to wear jewelry.  

On some days, I was wearing more accessories than clothes.  When in Rome...
One accessory in general was a new favorite gold body chain from my friends at Haati Chai.  

This thing is so sexy!  And feminine.  And a bit glamorous - all at the same time.  If you've been following me for a while, you probably picked up that I don't go for overt sexiness.  Just isn't me.  This simple, sensual chain is effortless in the sense that it doesn't beg to be seen.  Under a lacy camisole, cotton tank, tube dress, slip dress - whatever you like.  It's a necklace's sensual cousin.  And even a bit edgy.

I'd fall asleep in it and wake up feeling like a cool girl.
With this simple statement piece, I knew it'd be perfect with my even simpler crisp white one-piece swimsuit.  All the deep cuts in the suit were prime real estate for this glittery gem!

It's been nearly a month and I am finally back in the states.  Back in L.A. where my work is waiting for me to begin.  Let's get to it, 2017!

Lots more holiday photos to come so I hope you'll visit again on Thursday!
See how I took a mere backpack full of clothing and made outfits to last me over 20 days :)
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Rugged Chic

I couldn't find any time yesterday to shoot pics of my warmer wear so before I took off to go pick up all my holiday pieces to sew today, I grabbed Theo to take some photos of the newest new styling in my Tiny wardrobe.
Canvas, leather and a pair of booties with the thickest, grippiest soles.  This is as rugged as it gets with an oversize army green canvas coat, my favorite midi skirt in the softest leather and my city boots made for strutting, stomping... and parkouring.
 Finally!!  I've found an oversize army-green coat that doesn't make me look like a little girl wearing her dad's fatigues.  Got it from Target while picking up some dishwasher detergent.  I love those random score moments when you come along something you've been searching for in all the wrong places.  I call it a planned-impulse buy.  Don't know where I'll find it but when I see it, I'm going to buy it.  Done.

Is it really December 1st??
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Cool & Cozy

Whew!  I have been inundated with my shop these days, guys.  So blogging has been a challenge as of late. With designing and sewing for 12 hours a day, my life has become majorly imbalanced.  Currently trying to level out the yin and yan right now.  

Anyway, I whipped up this super cool, super slouchy v-wrap jersey top.  Ummmm, what have been wearing before this???  This thing goes with everything!  Short, jeans, leggings, yoga wear, casual dresses.  It can be used as topper for an ensemble or as an actual top.  It's so awesome and so wearable, I put it in The Tiny Closet Shop for others to wear and enjoy.
Have I talked about THIS HAIR yet??  Wow!  Speaking of busy, my hair has gotten to a very weird and unsurprisingly awkward length (why do I keep buzzing my hair?!  The grow out is agony!) and I just can't anymore you know?  So this super curly ponytail has been a life saver, ok that's dramatic, it's given me a triple-shot of umph to my mojo.  I pull my hair back when I get out of the shower, clip this baby on and go.  
 As I'm preparing for December, it's really starting to feel like December here in L.A. and normally, I'm very unprepared.  But this time, I've been planning and re-styling so I'm so excited to show and tell my Cali-Winter ensembles.  Those of you on the East Coast, this will be amusing I'm sure as I prepare for eek!  60 degrees!  But for those of you out her in the Southwest, maybe it'll be useful!

Come back on Thursday for more!
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Glamour Inside & Out w/ Fame & Partners

The holidays are officially kicking off this week.  This week!!  

A time of around-the-clock festivities, traditions, soirees, shopping, decorating and to dos.  So much to do.  And while I'm RSVP'ing to this and that, restocking my favorite mascara and perusing Pinterest for the perfect holiday heel, I'm also making sure I'm taking a moment to breath.  Because from November to December, it may feel like a sprint, but it's a marathon.  Pace is key.

So when Fame & Partners contacted me about their INSIDE\OUT clothing collection, I was honored to join their movement (and wear a super luxe piece from the collection itself!).  
I hold fast to keeping it simple and comfortable.  
Because simple is glamorous and comfort is luxury.  
I'll have both please, with a side of cake.

I picked this maxi tunic because....well, need I explain?  Not to mention it was the best piece to also debut my new "holiday" hair :)  
Fame & Partners is walking around in my head - give her glamour, allure, and complete and total ease.  This heavily beaded evening tunic is almost like a gown.  A weighted cozy gown that will last with me all evening.  I picked it because this holiday dress is not like the others.  It's totally understated design leaves so much to work with.  I could've worn it many different ways so it's all about styling.  I chose big hair and sky-high heels.  

The modest bedazzled neckline balances nicely with a pair of simple, irregularly high slits.  Mama like.
The modest bedazzled neckline balances nicely with a pair of simple, irregularly high slits.  Mama like.
Well-made, beautiful clothing to make a woman feel like royalty on the outside.  And a priority and passion for giving back to women on the inside.  Through dressing up and giving back, Fame & Partners supports women across the board, which moves me and makes me so thankful that they exist.  For instance, now $5 of every sale goes towards supporting women's empowerment charities all over the world (through UN Women and Plan International).  That's a beautiful thing.  And with treats like their amazing Friday Giveaway, women empowerment interviews on Fame Files, and their recent social movement #SlayItForward that I personally will be joining, this INSIDE\OUT collection (and movement) is truly about feeling great inside and out.
F&P asked me how I manage my life and take care of myself on the outside and also how I nurture my soul on the inside.  With my airtight schedule, I leave myself little room for me-time but waking up early in the morning just before sunrise gets me centered and whole.  A hot cup of tea, my day planner and my Pinterest boards are the nurturing meditation I need to take on the day just before everyone else wakes up.
That way, I can fully be in the moment and enjoy taking care of myself on the outside, like going to the spa whenever I can grab an hour to get a good body scrub or manicure.  Dining out with my foodie friends every week.  Styling new outfits for my blog.  And joining my husband on his daily walks with the dog.

So, for the marathon of holidays before us, I am definitely pacing myself - taking time out for me to rest and also being in the moment to enjoy all the glitzy, fun celebration of it all!  

Here we go again guys, let's ring out 2016 with lots of love, laughter, a heap of glamour and plenty of style!
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An Atypical Basic

Last week I debuted this fun, fitted LBD in my shop.  I don't really wear fitted clothing, mainly for comfort (mentally and physically) - and you better believe I'm wearing spanx under this cozy thing, for smooth lines and whatnot.  But I thought it would be nice to show it off.  In fact, these photos mark the first time wearing this dress.  And it's my own design!  Go figure... 

But just because I don't wear fitted clothing doesn't mean I can't design it for those who do.  In fact, I designed it for a couple of my curvier girlfriends that like a bit of cinch in the waistline.  Voila :)
But I actually felt pretty chic and sexy in it.  Ha!  And even though I had nowhere to go at the time, I had fun strutting up and down in this original LBD.
This is a simple, comfortable chic black dress that is fitting for a plethora of occasions.  And that's why I decided to introduce it now for Fall.  Because even as early as the first days of November, Theo and I are already getting invited to parties, get togethers and upcoming holiday festivities.  A gal needs options!  So I felt this dress could be an answer to a lot of questions of what to wear, what to wear...  Dinners, dates, holiday parties, office holiday parties, cocktails, girls night.  This dress might just be my atypical, go-to basic for the season.

Aaaaand, speaking of my shop, I just introduced another new item for Fall... 
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Luxe Fall

Los Angeles Falls always make me feel like I'm unprepared for the season.  It's high 80s one day and and low 60s the next.  Flash rain and then muggy for weeks.   I always know I've given up when I find myself in jeans and a hoody and I'm not walking the dog.  

Anyway, I've been getting really enthusiastic about kimonos and dusters.  When in doubt, throw one on and go.  Wear anything underneath and cover it up with a sophisticated, draped "cover" piece.  I've been doing this with a beautiful mud cloth I made into a rustic duster and also with this chic black and white linen I made into a duster.
Oh, and I came across a gorgeous marigold fabric that I just had to wear with it.  I think I found what I'll be wearing to host Thanksgiving dinner!  

Warm and cool. Vibrant and relaxed.  The perfect Fall ensemble.  

Isn't this color unbelievable?!  And both pieces are currently helping me with the riddle of dressing for Fall.  The maxi, with its saturated color.  And the duster with its elegant leaf print.  I can wear the duster with jeans and the maxi with a belt and boots, which I'm excited to show you later.

And together, I believe they're dynamite.
Finally, Autumn is not just about sweaters, well-fitting pants and boots.  I'm currently trying to find other alternative Fall-perfect pieces to muse over and try.  More later!

Aaaand if you haven't yet seen my newest piece, The Curator, in my shop, clicky here now!
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Style In Everything

I have always valued style over fashion.  Fashion is a river of art, collaboration, and extremely fast-paced creativity.  Constantly flowing, and leaving as fast as it came.  But style...Style is yours.  And yours alone.  It's complete freedom to interpret fashion however you please. 
Blessed are those born with knowing how to express it!  Support and encouragement to the rest of us who are having a blast playing along and learning one day at a time - our own style.  What's wonderful about style is it's your personal stamp.  Your flag.  Wave it proudly!  And all the time!  There's never an unstylish affair.  Every moment is a moment to express.  Sound exhausting?  It doesn't have to be.  The more you act like you, and think like you and look like you, the more you'll be you.  And that's where style originates and grows.
And even while times are getting hectic and I'm hard at work preparing for the holidays and keeping these lights on, I've been making sure I'm doing it all with style.  Not because I have to but because work is hard and life gets messy but it makes me happy to be original and express myself authentically.  Even on those days when stepping out to get a bit of fresh air means walking down a back alley to the bodega to get some eggs and milk. 
Some white jogging shorts, a cropped tee and my new favorite duster I designed last week to perk me up in those daily mundane moments when I have nowhere to go and nothing to wear.
 This was the perfect look for a day of staying at home and romping around my hood.  

Now back to work!  Today is a big day as I just released my second piece for the seasons and the beginning of my first Fall/Winter collection.  You can check it out here.  Happy shopping!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you love my newest piece in The Tiny Closet Shop!
Happy Monday :) 
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Simplicity with Statement

I've been a sewing fool these days!  I took a few days off last week and spent them in the mountains with good friends.   Wow!  Apparently, it was just what I needed to recharge and implement all of my grand plans and schemes...  And while I've been getting prepared for the season with The Tiny Closet Shop (psst, omg, you guys are going to love the new stuff I'll be rolling out), I've been sewing ferociously enough to even sew a few pieces for myself (yay! new clothes!).  One in particular is maybe the coolest item I've ever owned.  Drama much?
I have been daydreaming for the what seems like the longest time of curating a collection of dusters, robe jackets and kimonos,  A simple streamlined body suit or a chic white tee and high rise jeans with... a beautiful, artsy statement piece.

It took me a while to grab the time to actually design and make one but after about a year of collecting fabric, snatching up cool prints or textures wherever I found them, I am finally making a few of them to help me with my very simple daily outfits.  This one is my favorite.  Obviously.   
Handmade mud cloth and hand-painted as well.  Instead of tidying up the ultra soft cotton strands along the edges, I let them go freely.  No hems needed.
 I wanted to add an artsy ruggedness to my blank canvas of jeans and a tee.  I'm just ecstatic over this piece.  And very grateful it turned out how I wanted.  Style and fashion truly do influence.  Wearing this original piece inspires me to be laid back, real and unapologetically creative.  What a great attitude to just put on and go, huh?  Simplicity.  With a statement.

 Oh and...

 Speaking of attitude, I feel like I've recharged mine.  The mountains did a number on me.  Theo, with his perpetually perfect timing, was able to record a moment of my newfound peace. 
Hope you liked the newest edition to my Tiny Closet!  And here's to the rest of the week!  May it bring you good vibes all the way to the weekend.
Thank you for visiting!
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