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Monday, February 8, 2016

Cozy In Leather

I think it was Coco Chanel who said "comfort is true luxury...".   I forget.  I certainly remember thinking, how poignant that statement was though.   That hit the nail on the hammer for me right there.  Because it's true.  I mean, for me it rings true.  I know many other women feel differently.  But I feel my most sophisticated, most beautiful, most luxurious self when I am comfortable.  Like, cozy comfortable.  It's my passion - my mission in cultivating and perfecting my style to be so comfortable in whatever I'm wearing, I could fall asleep in it.  Whether that be a pajama set or a ball gown...  And that's hard to do!  Mission accepted.

I've worn a lot of ensembles on this blog.  Many of them are for the blog specifically - meant to inspire imagination and creativity... And then some are truly me, my style, who I am through and through.

Speaking of comfort and my core style, this outfit hits the nail on the hammer.

 This buttery kid leather midi skirt is the only thing I'm wearing these days.  I've never ultimately preferred skirts because I don't like the draft nor the handicap of not being able to open my legs.  But this midi skirt is heavy enough to keep the draft under wraps and it's also roomy enough to lounge comfortably in without feeling like I need to hold a dime between my knees.  

And did I mention how buttery it is??
Paired with this oversize cable knit cardigan, well there you have it.  A cozy, stylish everyday wear. 

 This photo was taken Sunday morning on our way to our favorite neighborhood cafe.  Can you tell I'm in a hurry to be done taking photos and ready for crepes and coffee?  I know I missed posting last week so I'm extra happy to share with you this week.  I'm wearing a basic crew neck muscle tee half tucked in and some leopard slip-ons.  I wish all outfits could be this simple to put together.  What more do you need, ladies?

Happy Monday to you all!
and if you're eyeing my new bucket bag, yay!!  I love it.  And I'll be showing closeups soon :)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Investing In The Everyday

Over the holidays, I finally pulled the trigger in getting myself an everyday lipstick.  For a while, I'd been wanting to find a lip color that I would wear everyday as my signature go-to.  Problem was, I never wanted to put in the time and energy of basically trying on as many colors and brands as possible until I found one that had the  perfect pop.  
Well, I finally did and I found it!

Instead of going through every brand I knew, I actually narrowed it down to packaging.  Which led me straight to Tom Ford.  Truth is, I've wanted to own something from his cosmetics line since the day it debuted - simply because of the exquisite packaging.  I don't experiment too much at all with cosmetics.  I've been wearing Bobbi Brown since middle school and picked up some gems from Armani along the way and  But I'd be happy with just one luxury, special item from Tom Ford.  

And if you're going to spend over $50 on lipstick, why not have it be a color you wear every day, right?  

So after trying on a dozen shades, I arrived, pleasantly surprised at 


Whenever I apply makeup, Finn becomes very critical.  

An everyday color for an everyday gal.  And I don't care, whatever I'm doing or wherever I'm going this color is my power color!  My new signature lip.  No more sifting through lippies too bright and too casual, this one is perfect for every occasion.  And one you'll for sure be seeing more of in my upcoming posts.

Ignore the trends, ignore what you fantasized about and just go for what looks great, fabulous, amazing on YOU.  I would've never picked this color otherwise.

Showgirl.... who'da thought?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tiny Obsessions

One of my Pinterest boards is titled, "Tiny Obsessions".  Just a bunch of things I don't own that bring me joy and imagination when I look at them.  Yesterday afternoon, I thought it would be a wonderful change to make a physical board of tiny obsessions - things -  around my home of things I actually own and love.  

And show and tell them here.

Sketching designs and writing to-do lists is so much more fun when your no. 2 pencil is covered in whimsy.   An incredibly involved coloring book is fit for a long afternoon at home or a midnight flight to, hmm... Iceland perhaps?

Thank you cards and notes of love, a gorgeous vintage typewriter, and a newly adopted orchid that showed up on my kitchen table one day.

Walking through Little Tokyo, I came across the most charming set of cups!  So, so, so adorable.  I couldn't leave without them.

This board, or physical set I made of beautiful things already in my home is a nice reminder that I don't always have to look far and wide and maybe even pine over greener grass.  It's all around me.  Ready to be enjoyed everyday :)

Hope you enjoyed this colorful board of things I'm currently obsessed with.  If ya wanna see a curated board of things I've found on the web to obsess over, take a look at this board here

And.... have an absolutely lovely day.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Statement Piece

I love the classic trio of jeans, tee and heels.  Hands down, it's always been my go-to for pretty much every occasion.  For some reason though, I never give it enough credit.  It's not "fashion" enough.  Or "artsy" or "different" enough... to be taken as seriously as other carefully curated, style-blogger worthy outfits.
But I really don't care.  This year, I'm accepting my natural inclinations to dress more off duty than on and play with my comforts.  So, with a white tee, some high waist jeans and my favorite olive green heels, I thought I'd add a cool statement to make a universal ensemble more individual.  

This vintage coat did the trick.

I've had this coat for a few years now and it aint goin' nowhere.  It's definitely a Tiny keeper.  I wore it first on the blog here.  As a dress.

This coat has more of a blazer feel but it's actually great for L.A. Winters because of the fantastic attached scarf and gorgeous gold hardware.  I love that I can wear it with all of my most simple pieces because minimalism usually needs some kind of accompanying statement anyway.  Just one good one is perfect.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Winter Formal

Of all the seasons, I think Winter is most formal.  The holidays, the fancy parties, the late candlelit dinners with friends and family.  Because of that, it's the only time I feel comfortable - inspired even - to dress more formal.

And this skirt is one of the most formal items I own.  Plus it's just stunning, extravagant and beautifully made.  I didn't mean to make this an all-black ensemble, it just came together that way.  Now that I think about it though, I can't really imagine it done differently...

I picked up these boots a while ago but it wasn't until after the holidays that I've started sporting them everywhere.  Months ago, Theo made a comment that I used to wear heels more often...  Whether it was a hint or not, I took it as one.

Ah, but there is a reason why we do things.  It's the beginning of the year and I'm already moving forward on my two resolutions - one of them being to feel sexier.  This will be fun to explore, specifically because "sexy" has never been a word I use to describe myself or the way I feel.  Ever.  Sooooo I'd like to see where that goes.  One way I feel sexy is when my husband thinks I'm sexy and that's usually when I'm wearing heels.  So I got heels.

But I got heels that I could actually operate life in.  Thick, city-gripping, leather boot heels.  
Everybody wins!

I so love starting fresh, turning over a new leaf, beginning again - but this new year feels more magical than usual.  I find myself leaping into 2016 with surprising enthusiasm.  More like being catapulted.  Maybe it's the heels :)  

 A blissful, extraordinary, wondrous, happy new year to you!

xo -- Nat

Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Inspiration

 Creative wise, I've been bouncing back and forth between the tropics and the Southwest.  I'm not sure what has got me so perpetually fascinated with both aesthetics (I've never ever been interested in either).  I thought by now I'd have been over it and on to some other flavor but it's been a while without any ebb... soooo I'm allowing myself to be guided by these two genres, both in my personal sewing projects as well as in my closet.

I've been itching to wear something, anything with a novel, vintage-like print - maybe a children's print with animals (ideally tropical) so I was ecstatic when I came across this particular print during a routine fabric run.  I grabbed it up and decided to make a pair of classic high-waist pants.  A cute novel print worn a bit more formal.  Juxtaposition is always fun in fashion.

These photos of the print and pants aren't very clear, I know.  I think for this post though, I just wanted to show the mood rather than be completely literal.  You'll get to see these pants more closely later on in the season for sure (this is, after all, The Tiny Closet and I'll be putting these pants with everything I own!) but for now, I simply want to enjoy this Winter's inspirations.  It's all about grainy colors, deep shadows and faded happy prints.  Happy Monday :)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Back to Black

 Very rarely do I wear all black.  Specifically, because of the lighting here.  I've just never cared for how black looks when exposed to direct sunlight.  But many people disagree.  For how sunny and colorful it is in L.A., I see so many people wearing black.  No, no, no - you're doing it wrong.  

You need gloom, baby!  

You need dark clouds and brooding skies to wear all black and frankly, you just won't find that type of mood or lighting here..  

And that's okay.  Having grown up under the brooding skies of Seattle, I understand the sumptuousness of black and grey, wearing a whole heck of a lot of black at the time.  Definitely having my fill, all-black ensembles have become somewhat of a thing of the past.  Except when I go back to visit.

I got this silk jumper locally at a vintage designer shop that's sadly no longer in business.  I tend to only wear it in the evening to dinner or drinks... but as I am preparing to make our yearly trek up North, I definitely get sentimental and start pulling out all of my darker clothing.

I plan to wear this jumper more.  And with white or another striking color.

Over the Summer, I would wear this jumper with nothing but a simple pair of colorful sandals.  I never thought to layer it.  Layerings of a scarf, coat and leggings makes this a potential all-season piece, which is exciting because ya know me, I love to wear my clothes all year long!

Sooooo, that all being said about black, this Winter I've been really interested in colors. And no, not the go-to Winter jewel tones but vintagey, faded hues in prints and tropical shades.  Coming up this season so see ya next Monday to kick it off :)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Summery Winter Days

Even when we do have sweater weather here in L.A., we all have to enjoy it while it lasts.  
After a few hours, it's just too warm for anything more than a long sleeve tee.

I've been seeing this lil duo lately: a maxi with an oversize sweater.  I thought I'd give it a try over coffee and a walk Sunday morning.  Sure enough, pretty much after taking these photos, it was time to un-layer and peel off this thick, bulky thing.  

Oh well.  It was fun while it lasted...

 I don't actually own this sweater - it's sort of on loan from a dear friend while she is traveling through Europe.  Which is great because I refuse to buy a sweater but I love to wear them.  So this comfy thing is sort of enhancing my closet at the moment.  

This maxi might just be the most photographed article of clothing I have in my Tiny Closet.  And for Winter, I love that it's not Christmasy.  Still so light with a southwest feel as I pair it with a white Wintry sweater.  Anyway, enter "maxi" into the search box on the blog and take a look at all the ways I've worn it.  And all the cool items I've worn it with!

Happy, Happy Monday to YOU!