Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Easy Like Monday Morning

There have been quite a few new vegan and vegetarian restaurants opening up in my hood lately.  Yep, it's getting pretty fancy 'round here!  Monday morning, we hit up my a favorite and sat long enough to recharge.

As Theo sipped his delicious coffee and sugary pop-over, I persevered my green juice sauce and we snapped some photos of my efforts.
jacket: Ever / tee: Zara / jeans: Flying Monkey

 Not much of a fashion post today but I'd like to take more photos of those days when I'm just chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool.  Ya feel?  Similar to the earlier days of the Tiny Closet.  On the off-duty times when my style is still signature but much less thought out, the comfort and effortlessness of whatever I've thrown on reveals an honest personal style.  And, like the Olsen twins pointed out for their approach to style, there is luxury and beauty in that.  

So while I was lounging with my guy that sunny morning, laughing at my spinach/kale/parsley cocktail (what kind of self-righteous flower child would willingly drink this??  I would...*sigh*), I did feel surprisingly beautiful.  Feeling like a queen in just a tee and jeans, well that aint' a bad way to start the morning!

And a good day to you!

Monday, November 17, 2014

My Fall Jacket...

Around this time of year, I can't fake the chill on the blog.  There is none.  Well, not really.  
An oversize sweater works at night and light Fall/Summer wear during the day hours.  It's just not cold.

While walking through The Grove a few days ago, I overheard some girls lamenting over sweater season and how much money they waisted buying sweaters they wouldn't wear but had to have.  I feel ya, ladies!

All these gorgeous peacoats and cute bombers in the store windows and I'd be sweating within minutes if I tried to wear any of them.  
But I want one!!  Alas, like I've said before, 

"My Tiny Closet is no museum.  Clothes were meant to be worn, not hung to look pretty and collect dust!"

Hmmmm, but I am planning to visit Seattle pretty soon so maybe I can reason one lil cute Winter coat, yes?

Anyway, I do love jackets and I find them more feasible than a full on coat.  Especially this completely sheer, lacy jacket.  
Layered over my tunic button-up, its the just the right amount of warmth I need.  Because I don't need much.

jacket: / tunic: / heels: Santee Alley

 And on another note, I got my hair cut at a salon for the first time in years.  The cut was not to take off length but to fix all the style cutting I've done myself throughout the years.  Do you like it?  Maybe you can't tell...  Anyway, I got it done at Devachan (the only place I trust to cut my 4a/b(c?) hair).  The reason I chose to have it done pro was because I decided I'm going to let my tiny lil curls shrink up as much as they want these days.  Let shrinkage reign!  

So with a pro design cut, it'll look great no matter if I stretch em' or let em' shrink up.  That was becoming a problem before.  I used to style cut my hair stretched.  And when it shrank, it looked pretty bad.  Now, a lot of people ask me if I've cut my hair... do you get that when your hair shrinks??  I'm guessing you do.  Well, I've just been letting it happen.  Tis what it is.  I like the effortlessness of it and come wash time, it's a lot less tangled.  Well, whatdya know!  Anyway, just thought I'd share :)

Now, back to scrolling coats on Pinterest...
happiest of Mondays to you, loves!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Make It Your Own

Around this time of year, I see the display cases and department store racks loaded with Fall/Winter staples.  And with each passing year, fashion is definitely becoming more and more mass-generalized.  Is that the correct term?  I mean with all the H&Ms and Forever21s circling the globe, trends have truly been made available to all (yay!) but at the great expense of quality, fit and authenticity (boooooo!).  And now when I see these stacks on stacks of staples, and being told "every woman should have this in her closet", they start to look more like humdrum uniforms instead of classics.  Especially when I see women wearing them.  Are we clones, ladies? 

Yes, I love that oversize tee with the leather short sleeves... but do I really want to blend in with the other 50,000 women who are rocking the same trend as well?  I'll pass on that one.  But I keep on passing.

The world has become tiny.  I can buy a top in Portland and return it in Barcelona.  Not really, but pretty much.  In fact, I think I tried to do that once.  They gave me a store credit.  Anyway, the point is we can all look identical if we wanted to.  Stores sure set it up that way.  And sadly, for some who are exhausted by the thought of cultivating a personal style, they are happy to look just like the mannequin and go about their day.  Don't do it!  A wardrobe is so much more fun and valuable when you make it your own.

I took two of the most popular classic articles of clothing that stores are always trying to sell at me and I searched for inspiration on how to make them my own.  And now on this fine Monday, I'm sharing it with you!  Here's what I found:

The Classic Trench

Unless you truly want thee classic trench coat look, it may be more enjoyable to change it up.  Make the "look" look more like you.

I love this juicy bright berry color on Lea Michele.  Absolutely a unique spotlight on a classic coat that can often times look commonplace.

I also love the idea of embellishing the classic lines with lace, polka dots, dye or trim.  Turning a staple piece into an art piece!

Top Shop / / kate spade

Of course, Burberry has been exploding with stunning styles for the blank canvas that is the trench coat.  I've especially been inspired by their edgier biker chick class:

If you're romantic...

And if you're cheeky!
Wanda Nylon / Photo taken by Tim Regas

None of these options will ever drown in a sea of everyday, every girl looks.  Each are unique like the person who imagined them up!

I then paused on The Basic Black Blazer
This was mainly for women who count on the black blazer for work.  I can't tell you how many blazers I've tried on in I don't know how many stores and they all fit miserably.  Where's the tailoring?  Oh, that's right, one size fits all...  I also can't tell you how many women I see wearing ill fitting blazers.  A black blazer is the sexiest thing when worn well.  But finding one or tailoring one takes a bit more work.  And it's soooo worth it.  Try these ideas on for size:

You can try an ultra fitted, ultra fem blazer.  This works for both curvy and athletic built women.
Lookbook Store / L'Wren Scott

And going leather is a stylish direction.  A nice break from the stretch polys that tend to line the shelves.  For a chic finish, I like an invisible lapel.
Burberry / Brooklyn Blonde in Helmut Lang 

I personally don't like wearing blazers indoors.  They feel too much like jackets and I have a thing about wearing outerwear inside.  Still, I love a black blazer and recently I've liked the oversize, slouchy sweater-like blazers.  They're cozier and less clingy.  A very wearing-my-dads blazer look.  A style very well suited if work in the hair, retail or fashion industry.
 Her New Tribe blog / unknown /

And lastly, a collection I've gathered showing some very atypical designs for the black blazer.  Surely to fit that individual who chooses it over all the others.
unknown / / Atlantic Pacific blog /

From lush silk velvet to a tuxedo inspired lapel.  And completely sleeveless and minimal or slinky and heavily embellished.  It's so easy to forget just how unique and one of a kind you can be with your clothing.  Even the basics!

Just some musings that evolved recently while in the spirit of preparing for the holiday season...  I'm  excited to show you an all new Tiny take on holiday dressing!  Sharing how I dress up with customized touches using very basic pieces.  Looking forward!

Happy Monday :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dress Wicked

As much as I love Halloween, I fell out of love with wearing costumes years ago.  Why?  Hm, I don't what it is... maybe because costumes are so terribly uncomfortable, too tight, or just plain cumbersome when I'm going to work or trying to get things done.

I hate missing out on the fun festivities of being part of the "show" so whenever invited to a party around this time, I dress up my own way.  A wicked ensemble usually falling between modern-day witch or vampire.  

I come by it naturally I guess.

So of course, in Tiny Closet style, I utilized my own pieces to put this look (and really any other look I please) together.  What looks like a dress is actually this turtle neck and this sleeveless evening dress, cinched with a belt.  And I couldn't keep from topping it off with my bestie booties.  They go with everything.  Everything!

These arrow earrings I found at the farmer's market in The Grove.  I looooove them.  Plus, an archer vibe is so cool and unsuspecting with this witchy outfit.

 turtleneck: American Apparel / dress: / belt: Forever21 / booties: Jessica Simpson / fishnet stockings: Agent Provocateur

I can't seem to abandon my style for even a moment.  Even when it's appropriate for the occasion.  But even in this monochrome, minimal ensemble I feel the subtle dark, sinister, maybe creepy vibe I was going for.  How'd I do?

What about you??  Any costume you're planning to wear this year?

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Organize Your Bag, Change Your Life!

The contents of a woman's bag (and it's arrangement) can reveal a lot. 

A couple weeks ago, I was doing some online browsing of this season's handbags. A bag has to go with your life. It needs to help you. Improve you. Or else it really just ends up being, well, baggage. And who needs that?
So while considering the size bag I would need to weather my fabulously creative, everyday, adventurous, but hopelessly casual life, I went into my closet and got out the bag I've been using for the last 6 or so years (a Rebecca Minkoff MAB) and dumped out all the contents...
What originally began as a simple gauge of what type of bag to get next, ended up being a much needed emergency spontaneous bag makeover. The photo above is literally what is typically seen in my bag.

But..but I'm such an organized minimalist. 
What happened??

Fabric samples and measuring tape from daily fabric trips for clients, cards and cash here and there, tissues, dog treats and tic tacs scattered with loose parking change. Not to mention a random, clearly not meant for travel Nesquik bottle of syrup... But let me explain. 

Because I own with purpose (meaning I do not buy random stuff I don't need), all of this stuff, despite being in disarray, is necessary. For one reason or another. So instead of upgrading my bag just yet, I decided to upgrade my habits first. Meaning, I'm not going to buy another $500+ bag to open it up and have it look like the scene above okay? I will rather have it look like this breath of fresh air below:

Chocolate covered raisins from my favorite cafe/patisserie, Bottega Louis - instead of the Nesquik travesty. If I'm going to indulge, why not have something special? Blotting paper by Paul & Joe instead of the balled up tissue paper. Dog treats are now kept in a black cinch sac I found from an old pair of earrings. (yay! my mints won't taste like dog treats!) My samples are neatly safety-pinned and my cards and cash are pinned by a Cufflinks Inc. money clip (I hate wallets). Tic tacs are upgraded to mini Altoids in a tin and I splurged and bought some herby perfume scented deodorant by Acqua di Parma. Not shown are my keys, measuring tape, hand sanitizer and lady necessities which are all kept in pockets/compartments for easy use. Ahhhhhh.

With my cute little treats all classy and organized, I have a much better idea of what my next bag will be.
More on that later!

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Fall Bride

This week, I'll be celebrating my 2nd anniversary since that memorable, crazy day.

Since I married for life, I assumed one wedding would be all I'd get.  And that's kind of a crazy thought because there are

so many dresses to choose from!!

And if you've been following me for a long time, you might remember all my different picks.  And then some entirely different different picks.  As tantalizing as it was, envisioning myself in bows and lace and grand gowns, I realized at the end of the [big] day, I just want to be myself and feel like me and dress like me: a minimalist, modern mama!
dress: Max Mara / earrings: Nodri / nail color: Revlon "Vixen"

Yes, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, your style is YOURS 

and embracing it in everything you do is another way in honoring your unique self.  So as much as I had fun sifting through beautiful options that would have all worked out, I'm glad I stayed true to what I love.  I found this magically at a designer thrift shop just a block away from where I actually got married.  A Max Mara piece from Italy.

Plus in Tiny Closet style, I actually plan to hem this dress one day to wear in more casual settings like cocktail or dinner parties.  And to also have a conversation starter like,

"I love your dress!"
"Thanks, I wore it on my wedding day."

Anyway, the main reason I decided to put on this ol' thing (and it still fits!!!) is because I kinda missed out on posed wedding photos on the account of me being 2 hours late for the biggest day of my life.  I originally had a wash and go but for this shoot, with longer curls, I decided to do a fun and easy twist out.

For all you newly weds out there considering going natural on your wedding day, this is such an easy style (take a look at how I do it here!) and can be worn everyday or on the day.  Classic but also modern.  And fancy!  I also wore a deep contrasting nail color, wonderful for the season.

With all this memory lane fun, I began surfing around for other gorgeous dresses suitable for Fall that could be great for a wedding, Easter Sunday, date night, badda-bing badda boom!  Check out a few of my new picks:

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I'll see ya back here next Monday!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Styling with Plaid

When I think of plaid (and actually, I don't think of it much), I always think of school.  Maybe because I wore a school uniform during my entire childhood years, perhaps?  It's most likely because of that.  

And it also could be the same reason why I grew an aversion to plaid in my adulthood.  It's a loud print really.  Commands attention.  And wearing it day in and day out, while it did become comfortable, it definitely pigeon-holed itself in my memories as a "for school girls only" type of dress style.

But of course, whenever I have a strong aversion to a type of styling or fashion, it oddly enough inspires me to make it work.  I think because I love fashion and style so frickin' much, I believe one can like anything if it is worn a certain way.  It's a bold theory but it hasn't been wrong yet.  And that includes now.  With plaid.  

Exhibit A, ladies:

scarf: Michael Levine Fabric Store / top: The Tiny Closet Collection / skirt: Buffalo Exchange / oxfords: CMG 

I took the thing that I most identify as school-girl-plaid: a plaid skirt uniform for school.  Found it at a thrift shop and it (ugh) fit like a charm.  Though quite comfortable and roomy (as I remember them being), it was just so plaid, it wouldn't let anything else I was wearing just be.  Everything was just so upstaged by the skirt.

I finally decided to put the next big print I had right on top of it: jumbo striped oversized top.  Voila.  The plaid felt instantly more subdued.  Don't you think?

Anyway, feeling in the spirit of the schooldaze look, I felt the only appropriately ironic shoes to wear were my lil white oxfords *smile*.

Lately,  I've been really enjoying making scarves out of fabric from the fabric store.  I just pick out a cute color or print and cut 2 yards and done.  Fun scarf!  Easy and a fraction of the cost - besides, scarves tend to be so corny in the stores.  And if they're not corny, there literally hundreds of dollars.  Whatever.  I don't live in Vermont, all I need is an accent piece - not something to keep me, like, warm or something.  In this case, yellow always looks classic with navy.

And Exhibit B.  I absolutely adore this purple and blue plaid.  Yes, I know I don't particularly care plaids in general but I've always loved this one.  I bought it back in January from a fabric store to use as a scarf of course.  The colors go even better with this casual undergrad ensemble.

scarf: Michael Levine fabric store / tee: James Perse / jacket: American College / denim: All Saints / oxfords: CMG 

I had a lot of fun mixing and styling these two plaids.  I've always felt it was difficult to style plaid as it's such a statement itself.  But with some experimenting, I came out feeling triumphant - a plaid skirt or scarf can certainly be less stereotypical and more palatable with a little extra thought.  Hey, it can even be fashionable :)

Wishing you a wonderful beginning of Fall!