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Getting My Groove Back

Okay so a week turned into a few weeks...  I haven't posted in a while.  Sure, my absence on the blog could certainly be due to my efforts being primarily focused on maintaining The Shop but actually, I'll just be honest about it, 

I've been feeling pretty frumpy lately.  
And the last thing I want to do is take photos of myself.
It's a shame too because I have a bunch of things to share with you guys for Spring but...  Sometimes you look in the mirror and just want to put a big ol' plant in front of it.  
And that's ok.  It happens.
But what if this "blah" feeling won't seem to go away?  That's when it might be time to shake things up.  I've been trying my best to hide my frump-feels but to tell you the truth, mama needs to find her groove again.  Because it's been a whiiiile since she's felt groovy.   

And I guess Spring tends to bring that out.  New growth, new life, a fresh new start!  Yes please.  I've been putting all my heart and sweat into making clothes women can feel fabulous in and somewhere along the way, I seem to have lost my own fabulosity.
I made a personal list of things that may help perk me up and bring me out of my frump.  If you're feeling like you're in the same boat, this list might help too.  It also might help to read the list out loud with jazz hands:

1.  Find a new sexy workout routine like SoulCycle, kick boxing or cross training.  And wear a fresh hot workout outfit to class

2.  Spend a little extra time getting ready in the morning.  Wear those earrings you only wear in the evening or a special glitzy shoe or lip color you don't typically wear during the day.

3.  Wear perfume to bed.  Feel femme as you fall asleep and wake up smelling girly

4.  Change your hair.  Go blond, get some crochet braids, get an edgy cut for Summer!

5.  Try a new makeup trend.  Go to a pro and get their advice on what trend you should fly with.

I dunno - that's what I got so far.  Wish me luck!
So, among turning out some pretty fun, fresh new pieces for The Shop next month for you, I'm going to be enjoying exploring some fresh new looks and feels for me!

See ya back here on Thursday for all new Spring style and maybe an idea or two for you.
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The Shop

Hey there!  I'm sorry I've been away from blogging this past week :(  My precious time has been almost completely taken up with The Tiny Closet Shop.  Aaah!  And since I pretty much have my hands in everything, it's hard to step away to blog about other clothes besides my own at the moment.  
I hope to be back and blogging next week but till then, catch up with me on Instagram where I'm posting daily with stories a la mode!  
This photo above is my newest piece for Spring and exclusively available to only my lovely Subscribers until Monday.

Items tend to move fast so if you don't want to risk missing out, Subscribe Here to get access now!  

I'll see ya back here next week, guys!  
Thanks so much for visiting :)
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Restyling Glamour w/ Fame & Partners

Remember this glammy number from my Fame & Partners post last year?
Change the hair, the shoes, add some vintage denim and...
You got a restyle, ladies.
As much as I relish dressing up with the glitz and glam of it all - showin' some leg, wearing big hair - jeans and a wash and go are definitely more my style.

But that's what's so fun about restyling.  You can reimagine the same piece to fit your steez, your mood, your environment.  My closet is oh-so Tiny but I don't get bored with it because as fashion is always changing, its behavior actually gives room for a lot of interpretation and creativity.  Like it's supposed to.
 I did this restyling for Fame & Partners as they are celebrating Women's Empowerment Month on their blog, Fame Files.  Alongside my restyling, I contributed a post on my views of this new women's movement.  

To read my post and view more photos from this fun little shoot, you can check it all out here.
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What's New?

Hey guys!  I've been putting all my time into The Tiny Closet Shop these days.  Pssst!  I'm also actually seeing if I can start another blog for The Shop and my line (yay!).  So that will be coming up hopefully soon! 
 Also, I'm transitioning my closet for Spring, which in L.A. is basically a slightly cooler Summer.  So I'll be showing my Spring capsule very soon.
 And speaking of Spring capsule, my first piece for Spring in The Tiny Closet shop is available and discounted!  So head on over here if you haven't peeped it yet, and get yours now.  

Aaaand, I think my curls are long enough to do something with (finally) so I'm looking forward to experimenting with the length with some rollers, twists - who knows, maybe even bleach?  We'll see!

Spring is already in the air and it's making me feel all kinds of new!  
What's new with you?
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Preparing My Spring Uniform

Last Summer, I worked tirelessly to find/design the perfect Spring/Summer everyday dress.  A season uniform, ideally.  

I'm still pretty satisfied with what I came up with.
 Well, "satisfied" is an understatement.  I was freakin' ecstatic about it when I introduced it on the blog last August.  And I am still excited.  Especially since I am now finally able to share it with you all.  And by "share" I mean, it will be available to purchase in The Tiny Closet Shop!!
Come over to The Shop on Monday to shop this dress for Spring!  And if you're already subscribed, then you already got an exclusive link to get first dibs now through the weekend :)

New things are happening here and over at my shop.  I'm excited to tell you all about it soon!
Have a great week xxx
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Leaving Winter

Winter in Los Angeles is always fickle.  If it's cold in the morning, it warms by the afternoon and if it's sunny all day, the wind chill may be terrible.  Layering is key of course.  But I don't like to layer.  It's clothing I have to be aware of throughout the day and I'm just not up for the task.  Sometimes, it can't be helped but on a day like this day, just 3 pieces work.
A blanket-like sweater, a big ol' prairie skirt in a medium weight linen and some comfy flats.

I won't speak for anyone else but I have got to have a big awesome sweater always in my closet.  It's a staple!  You can wear it in the movie theaters, at home, grocery shopping for veggies and meats (both in the chilly section of the store), windy walks, at the airport waiting for your connecting flight.  And if you missed your connection, you can ball it up to make an awesome pillow.  It goes over everything and it's there for you always.
Psst!  This all-season skirt actually comes in a sample available for sale in my shop!
My free time has lately been only in the wee early hours of the morning or at night so this outfit worked for my morning coffee and stroll with my guy.  It's a bit too clunky or frumpy for the midday hustle I think.  But that's okay because this look's got a special cozy morning vibe.  Or great for romantic cloudy walks on the beach. Mmmm.

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today!  And speaking of today, I was interviewed by Coni of Lady Balls Radio last week(!!) where we talked about the concept and lifestyle behind The Tiny Closet and The Tiny Closet Shop.  If you've ever been curious about the evolution of my blog, my clothing line, my minimalist approach to fashion, and why the The Tiny Closet is so Tiny, head over to Lady Balls Radio and listen to our super fun and uplifting convo on why less is better and how cleaning out your closet is free therapy!
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Soft Sides

As gritty as downtown L.A. can be, I can always find the brighter, softer side of the city.  The trees, the glossy high rises, the majestic views and in particular, this long serene stretch of concrete built above the streets. 
It was a little too windy for this easy breezy duo but the peaceful softness of this area where we were walking matched my mood, which matched my outfit.

The easiness of this cropped top and a newly designed pair of high-waist pants in a samurai style reminded me of the soft, simple and modern roots of my fashion tastes.  And modern because of all the stretch knit pieces I have.  I'm a stretch-knit girl for life.  Give me a bolt of it and I'll make a whole wardrobe from just stretch knit.  I'll do it!  Maybe I already have at this point...

But it really is all about comfort and beauty.  And not beauty as in vanity but beauty as in pleasant peace.  Being comfortable enough to be able to enjoy your clothing and your surroundings. 
So after working with stretch knits for years, making it a substantial part of my wardrobe and also selling it in The Tiny Closet Shop, I am now seeking out new textures and fabrics that can give me the same effortless feeling as soft stretchy knits.  Can I feel as effortless in silk?  Leather?  Linen?

I'm realizing it's not all just in perspective and tastes but it has a lot to do with the design of things.  Like the city I live in.  So I'm having fun exploring the softer sides of other materials.  And seeing what I can come up with.
And speaking of which, there's certainly more coming to The Tiny Closet Shop this upcoming season so I'm very excited to show more!

Have a beautiful weekend :)
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Stripes Over Jeans

I got a fabulous little pair of heels that were initially intended to be worn for altering clothing and styling.  But actually, I wore them out a few times because they go with everything.

Just a pair of black heels but with a thick heel and slender pointed toe, I like that these give an alternative version of the jeans-and-black-pumps look.
Plus, with a fun maxi tunic on top, I ended up really enjoying this look on Tuesday!
This maxi tunic is actually on sale at The Tiny Closet Shop!!!

Yes, the Sample Sale over at my Shop has been given new life this week.  Thanks to everyone who visited and shopped last week!  Items sold out fast but new items are now available so

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Working with Marigold

My Sample Sale over at The Tiny Closet Shop has gotten off to a fabulous start!  Everyone who visited and shopped my sample pieces, I am so grateful to you for taking the time and I hope you enjoy those one-of-a-kind digs!

So I'm pretty much sold out but if you couldn't get over to The Shop last week, guess what?

I'm loading up some more samples this week!
I am finally completely out of this exquisite marigold fabric in my studio.  But working with it has opened my mind to exploring emotions and moods through more color.  It's beautiful how one color can bring out others.  Undertones, harmonies, hues, etc - I've been learning a lot about this extensive (exhausting) subject.  And the subject of wearing color.  So you'll most likely be seeing me experiment further with this - here, on my style blog and also in my Shop.
Of the 3 primary colors, I have the least experience with the yellow family.  It all started with Marigold!  And now I'm hooked.  Scanning the PANTONE Fashion Color Report for Spring 2017, I'm excited to try the lighter hues of yellow - also pinks, oranges and blues.  So fun!  What's going to be your go-to color for Spring?

Keep your eyes peeled for the next announcement of more items being added to The Tiny Closet Shop: Sample Sale!
Psst!  Those who are subscribed will be the first to know :)
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Morning Indoors

I've been hibernating but also busy preparing for Spring.  I am doing my cleaning, clear-out early this year.   And since I've been in a domestic way, I find myself designing around that lifestyle.  Simple, effortless, bedroom leisure wear is my steez and inspiration.  Come to think of it, all of my designs originate in the bedroom.   
Would I feel comfortable wearing this in bed?  That is always the question I ask myself.  It finally dawned on me to just start making myself bedroom wear.
I think what inspires me about what people wear at home and to bed is that it's often overlooked but nonetheless, everyone tends to have a preference of what they want to wear indoors.  A definitive style. I have been experimenting what mine is.  What is The Tiny Closet style for bedroom leisure?
Anyway, while I've been clearing out my design room, it also dawned on me that I should share this journey.  All my samples, my experiments with how to feel comfy in clothing has actually built up quite a bit!

The Tiny Closet Shop is now in fact, open to sell some of these sample pieces (along with older season pieces) and over the next couple weeks, I'll be show-and-telling (and selling!) some fun items that I had loads of fun making.
Pssst!  This orange velvet robe is one of the items available!  So head on over and take a peak at my fancies and what I collected off the cutting room floor to send off to you!

And stay tuned as I prepare for Spring!
Eeee!  Are you as excited as I am??
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