Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Vibes

I've been wearing this fun, nautical-type boatneck top a lot this past week.  It seems to go with everything.  

It's clear now that this top is definitely more friendly with my Summer ensembles than my Fall/Winter outfits.  The mystery is solved.  I was having that peculiar nagging feeling - the kind you get when you know you bought a great item and it "technically" goes with everything - but something's kind  Like, it's almost there but not quite.

Turns out the vibe was wrong.  

I'd been wearing it with high waist pants and skirts, which was fine and bland but what it really needed was sun, a pop of pink and lots of skin!

Enter my favorite good n' tiny high waist shorts.  My Milani "Flamingo Pose" pink - the hair (um, of course) and some oxfords.  I actually designed and well, made this top myself.  But I can say it has never looked better thanks to a solid Summer styling.

As Tiny as I aim my closet to be - you have to let your pieces shine at the right time.  It's great to have a "seasonless" closet (meaning all items can be worn all throughout the year) but some items have their best moments in particular times of the year.  Being creative is key when cultivating a small wardrobe.  But sometimes you should let a Summer top be a Summer top, yes?

I'm so so happy my new hairdo has been received well!  Thank you to all the wonderful comments on my big style change.  Isn't our hair fun?  We can do anything to it!  

Which is why I'll probably be hitting up another style pretty soon here.  
Like... next week maybe?  

These twists have opened a door I'd assumed (with my age and lifestyle) would be closed forever: playing with my hair again!  I feel like I'm back in high school again when I had a new style every week, ha!  So excited to try some more new things.  We shall see :)

Come back for more on Thursday!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

All In The Skirt

For Theo's 30th birthday, I was shopping for days to try and find the best outfit to bring him into the new decade.  

I'm not used to shopping as incessantly as I found myself doing that week.  My need to find the "perfect" outfit drove me practically insane but it was a rare moment in my life where I was not going to stand for anything I already had in my Tiny Closet.  It had to be something brand spanking new.

My search all came to halting stop however, when I came across this glorious skirt at The wasteland, my all time favorite thrift shop on Melrose Ave.  I can't say it was a magical happenstance as I walked into that store with full intent to see every single piece of clothing before I left, so finding the skirt was as inevitable as it was so phenomenal!!

This voluminous black witchy skirt won me over.  Specifically it's details!  The various screen paneling (I wore some sexy little black shorts to show as much leg through the paneling as possible!) Spanish-like embroidery and of course the waterfall style: shorter in the front - full and long in the back.  This is a beautiful piece - truly, a Tiny treasure. 

Since my daily shoe of choice is a flat - be it an oxford, sneaker or slip on - I didn't compromise with that daily preference.  
Yesterday, I rocked this big ol' skirt with my leopard smoking shoes.  

I come across beautiful pieces everyday.  Online, window shopping in my neighborhood, etc...  The thing is, if I have to be uncomfortable or have to compromise my signature preferences just to wear a new item, I don't buy it.  Why?  It's just not realistic.  I like to wear my clothes.  Not hang them up only to put them on a few times a year when I can tolerate the discomfort or because they only go with one other thing.  

The Tiny Closet is not a museum.

So when I saw this skirt.  I promised myself I'd make it work.  
Because you know, I had to have it.

 tank: American Apparel / skirt: Robert Rodriquez / smoking shoe: / twists done by L.A. local "Gifted_Hands1112" (instagram)
 Wearing my twists in a ponytail was perfect with this urban fem look.  I normally don't care to wear black in the Summer time but with a crisp, cropped tank, the ensemble was an atypically cool Summer look, no?  I look forward to playing with this piece come Fall and Winter!

Have a spectacular weekend!
and come back on Monday for yet another new look and new style from yours truly and her Teeny Tiny Closet :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Fun

It's been a while.  

I feel a bit embarrassed for my "disappearance" these past several weeks.  I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately.  Taking an impromptu Summer break, I've been enjoying these days offline immensely - though I do miss sharing.  Sometimes I just have to put down the camera (...and phone and remote control and) just experience life right in the moment.  I haven't quite mastered doing both yet but I hope to get better at that in the future :)

While offline though, you may be happy to know I've continued to find plenty of inspiration...

I've also been taking the time to materialize them in Tiny style! 

Remember these fun high-waist shorts?  Since I've been living in Theo's button ups and my fave sneakers, I had no trouble weaving these woven shorts last weekend into my ultra-casual styling.  

A flash of colors with mild denim and white is the essence of simple, minimalistic coordination.
It's my jam.

And it isn't the first time I wore these fresh white kicks with busy color - check out my jumpsuit I paired them up with.

And my brand new hair style has opened the flood gates to all new styling options and ideas.  

Oh the possibilities indeed, ladies!

Like I've said before: 
"Hair is a minimalist's accessory of choice."

These new marley/Senegalese twists are quite an accessory!
To be honest, I'm still getting used to them though.  I wanted a marly look but more sleek and shiny...
What do you think?

short: Kukuly's / button up: Levi Men / shoes: Vans / lipstick: Milani: Sweet Nectar

So I am back!  And in true Tiny Closet style, I'm rocking my staple pieces with fun new items fresh for Summuh, Summuh, Summuh time.

Come visit again on Thursday for another look!
and see how I re-style these big ol twists of mine.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Latest Evening Wear

The best part about Summer is the long evenings.  The sun sets for hours and hours, making everything so sultry and relaxing!  
And whenever I think of sultry and relaxing, one word comes to mind for clothing options:  

Simply two pieces will do.  Thank you.

Yes, a breezy cardigan over a fitted LBD is how I want to sport the evening.  Going from rooftop pool to our neighborhood bar or down the street to the movies
this ensemble est parfait for all my night time activities!

The black dress I'm wearing is so chic!  Just a simple spandexy-cotton American Apparel thang I picked up the other day as a layering piece for cool nights.  
But, as I am creature of habit and my own signature taste, I actually prefer not to layer it.  

I think wearing it on its own is more of a statement.  Excited to show it to you in full in a future post!

Happy June, ladies!  It's almost officially 
Summuh time!!
See ya on Monday :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

My New Year Inspo & a Chat

I turned 31 years old last week.  
I thought I'd stop feeling like a kid by now but I'm starting to think I'll always feel this way.  
Thank God, right?

 And as much as I was so excited to take on a new year, officially into my 30s, I'd been caught up in a swarm of thought almost the entire month leading up to the day.

So much inspiration, so many ideas.  And yet, I hadn't been doing.  Sure, I had definitely been busy, doing lots of things.  But I can't say I was doing a lot that was actually important to me.  Doing things that reflected my inspirations and ideas and made my heart skip a beat when it materialized.

 When I started The Tiny Closet, I was incredibly inspired and curious to see what the heck my life would be like if I stopped shopping mindlessly (and so frequently) and created a closet of clothing I absolutely adored.  I thought it and I've been doing it.  Yay me :) 

So this year I've decided I'm going to tryyyyyyyy referencing that same just-do-it formula with all the rest of my grand schemes and dreams in life.  
All of them.  One at a time of course.

And what better way to compartmentalize, analyze and organize to materialize your dreams than.... Pinterest!

For me, nothing minimizes the daunting task of goal reaching quite like Pinterest.  Perhaps you've been following me?  
I've been using it as eye candy and inspo ever since I started it but now it's time to get serious!  Kind of.  I had a really frank talk with myself like 

What's important? really important
What do you like to do?  ...totally love
What would make you happy?  ...over the moon happy

Wouldn't you know it, my answers were just like my closet.  Tiny.  Let's categorize it, shall we?


The above I have already.  But just like my Tiny Closet, I want the things in my life to be things I absolutely love.  Not things I settle for or possess mindlessly.  So like I did with my Tiny Closet, I shall also do with my life.  
Because Tiny really is a lifestyle, you know.

Something completely different, outdoors, and extreme.

Pinterest Board: Places

Travel is always possible.  In the day-to-day small mindedness of everything, I forget how easy it really is to take little or big trips to refresh my perspective.  From now on, I refuse to think I live in anything less than a magical land.  Be it Burma or Malibu.

healthy, interesting, easy

Pinterest Board: Yummy Ideas

Snacks, bowls, meat, colors.  If I need to eat smaller, healthier portions, it might as well look something like this.

Who says I can't still have the body of a 21 year old?  Body image is a very personal topic - 
one that I don't prefer to discuss on my blog as I've believed it has nothing to do with style.

Style is equal-opportunity fun, I say!  

But then I started thinking, well if you're not happy with you body, how can you be happy in your clothes?  Especially if you love style and fashion?  

My very first post was on health and beauty.  If you feel great about the way you look without clothes, then clothes are really just the icing on the cake.  

Style is more experimental, more fun and more expressive when you feel peaceful and proud of your body. 

 Annnnnnyway, I've decided to once and for all give my body a big hug and kiss by giving it a life it deserves and putting!  
These pins above are from a private board and each one a reminder that a healthy, fit body starts with changing your mindset.  

The Tiny Closet.  I have a signature style, whether I like it or not.  I like it.

Pinterest Board: Tiny Closet Style

Casual comfort is where I live.  Also, one word: oversize.  Give me drape and loads of material with which to swim in and I'll be a happy woman.  I look forward to many, many more Tiny style posts of my adventures in the myriad looks of oversize, casual, minimal, chic clothing.

Thought I would just share some of the fun, contemplative things going on in my head and some plans of exciting things to come.  Here's to being 31!
Thank you for reading.  Really, thank you.

Monday, May 26, 2014

NYC New York Color: Review!

With all my talk lately about color and new beauty finds, it may come as no surprise my first review of my favorite accessory...

bold lip color!

I was so excited to be apart of NYC New York Color's hot new lip shade reviews and even more excited to share with you all the fabulous lip colors they sent me.  
Check out what we got from the Expert Last line:

From left to right: Traffic Jam / Coralista / Forever Fuchsia
...and they even threw in a mega fat mascara to try :)

First my favorite, "Forever Fuchsia" it's really pigmented, which is crucial when it comes to bold lip color.  Can't be watered down so I loved that.  And even though this particular shade is a bit too purple for my taste, I just adore the cooler shades of pinks and fuchsias as it tends to make me look tan and bronzy.  
Because of that, it's perfect for new Summer time looks!  

A close second fave of mine is this orange/coral frosty lip color, "Coralista".  Truthfully, I wish it was bolder.  Unlike "Forever Fuchsia", this is a very thin shade and I had to layer my lips like 6 times to get this pigment that you see.  But actually, I think it was worth it because... 

it's gorgeous.  

Absolutely beautiful.  It's classy but "now" looking, you know?  The orange has pink and gold in it, which plays to my skin tone and the season and is totally sexy.  And though the color can look understated, it's really a knock out for day and for night.  *sigh* - I love it.

And last, my go-to classic - red.  And I feel like every one of us has a go-to red lippy so I wasn't too interested in learning about a new one... but this red is slightly different: "Traffic Jam".  It's warmer than my usual reds and saucy because it has orange in it!  Another perfect shade for Summer time by the pool, salsa dancing with the girls or an ol' fashion date night.  Red always wins the race- any shade of red, and this shade is a keeper!

Next we have....City Proof Twistables

City Proof Twistables Line: Ballroom Blush / Fulton St. Fuchsia

These are labeled as "Intense Lip Color" but I found that only one of them was only sort of intense.  The other was frankly, the exact opposite.  Not intense at all - more like a lip balm!  To give them both a little oomph, I swiped on the super creamy color and topped it off with a clear lip gloss.  Initially, these shades are pretty faint and kinda' blah but a dab of dewy clear gloss makes the colors pop a bit and my lips look dainty, plump and fresh.  

Great for work, post workout errands when my hot yoga class has drained all the color out of my face and everyday-wear-with-anything days.

My favorite of the two that were sent is "Ballroom Blush" (pictured above) this raspberry color is the perfect berry and will transition nicely into Fall when I wear more jewel tones! 

I'm wearing two completely different colors.... can you tell the difference between the photo above and the photo below? 

I can't either....

"The Fulton St. Fuchsia" (below) was very similar to a lip balm instead of a lipstick and I had to coat my lips several times just to get a good color going.  Afterward, it looked identical to "Ballroom Blush"!  Huh.

One big thing:
All NYC New York Colors are suuuuper creamy feeling.  Mmmm, I loved how soft and moisturized my lips feel with this stuff!  That doesn't tend to happen with heavily pigmented lipsticks.  I wore all of them throughout the past few days and found a moment for each of them to shine.

And now you can too!
NYC New York Colors is hosting a giveaway on beauty and style blogs, including The Tiny Closet and they'll be picking lots of winners!

To enter, just click the link below to possibly win all the products featured in one of the 5 Uptown Looks from Walmart.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Live Your Life Off The Wall

Life ain't so bad at all
If you live it off the wall...

denim jacket: American Eagle / tee: Capsoul / gypsy pants: Tiny Closet Collection / scarf: Diesel / booties: Santee Alley 

The Art's District is my backyard and stomping ground.  Full of amazing murals, installations and empty alley ways.  Hanging out there is a constant visual of people's expressions of creating and doing what they love. It's also a reminder to not be so cozy sometimes and get my back up off the wall and do the same.

lips: Milani "Flamingo Pose"

Speaking of walls, zooming through the district yesterday after coffee, Theo and I realized many of the old murals we're used to seeing were covered by this color blocking scheme.  Since I was wearing my favorite funky pants, I thought it would be fun to play with all the colors.   Especially my lip color!!
Flamingo Pose by Milani is my new go-to lip color.

It's been cooler at night lately so I've been happy to wear my fitted, cropped denim jacket with these amusing gypsy pants.  And with all the zooming around we've been doing on our Vespa, my light painted scarf is the perfect scooter accessory :)

So live up the rest of the week, ladies!
and live it off the wall.

Monday, May 19, 2014

One of a Kind Wardrobe

I've been talking about romper and jumpsuit shopping for a bit now.  Spring and Summer always remind me that one-pieces are all I really want my Tiny Closet to be made of.  

If only....

If only I could find the perfect collection.  But the search has been so difficult just to find one!  And I mean, I did find one.  But I want another one maybe?

I was way past tired of not finding exactly what I was looking for in a romper or jumpsuit until I was browsing vintage sewing patterns on Crafty Paneen a few weeks ago and I found the absolute perfect jumpsuit sewing pattern from the 80's!  
I snatched it up quick.

Instead of going straight to the obvious knit or white linen to make my classy, one of a kind jumpsuit, 
I chose to go a completely different route and instead, chose a statement print.

Tropical prints on mens clothing in particular is super fresh and urban right now, and I totally wanted to play with that modern style using this old sewing pattern.

Of course, I did take the liberty of making a few simple alterations to the pattern.  I gave myself short sleeves and also put elastic on the sleeves and legs so the jumpsuit would wear more like a track or sweatsuit.  This made it look a bit more classic hip hop, which I wanted but it wasn't too obvious due to the modern print.  

Working with this pattern was brilliant because it reminded me that even though I design clothing for myself, 
I don't always have to create from scratch every time I want something I can't find in the stores.  That can easily become a hassle.  

There's literally thousands of sewing patterns, old and new, to browse through online and in stores to either make yourself or have made for you!  

jumper: vintage pattern from Crafty Paneen / shoes: Vans / lips: M.A.C. Ruby Woo / nail color: American Apparel White

From time to time, sewing special or basic pieces is a wonderful step to creating a one of a kind wardrobe and wearing what you love.   

With your own choice of fabric, prints, and sizing the possibilities are endless! 
Just like a gal's Closet should be :)