Fit Form Style

During the day, I try not to eat heavy foods as I get tired very easily and anything heavier than toast will just send me to dreamland.  But I also don't really feel like having just a juice in the middle of the day either.  So, to keep my stomach from growling around 3pm (and to satisfy my demanding sweet tooth), I like to blend this quick snack:

ice cubes
20 almonds
1 tbsp flax seeds
small glass of almond milk


Trader Joe's Midnight Moo chocolate syrup


Almonds are a great source of vitamin E (yay for skin!!) and give me energy.  And flax seeds are like a superfood with Omega 3 fat and fiber.  
Midnight Moo is also a very important source of goodness... so that's something too.

And why am I wearing Skipper's undergarments?  

Well, I don't have a fit form.  If I did, my life would be a slice of amazing pie.  But I don't so, oh well...

For those you who don't know what a "fit form" is, it's a mannequin form usually of the neck to butt portion of the body.  In the sewing world,
it's made for draping and tailoring commonly for formal wear.  Which I am doing.  But without a fit form :(  wah, wah - you get the picture.

So since I am sans fit form for now, I have resorted to draping and measuring pieces on myself, which means that instead of wearing drapey, comfy clothing,
I have to wear second skin pieces while sewing so I can measure and place fabric with ease.

It's not my first outfit choice for the house but it makes my projects much easier and...

Sometimes I catch myself in the mirror walking by and I have to say, the simplicity of this look is kinda chic no?

Anyway, I wasn't really wearing anything interesting on Sunday but I thought I would just show what I was wearing anyway!

I'm out ladies!  Off to watch my Khaleesi kick some butt in Game of Thrones!!


  1. Hope GoT was good last night, haven't watched it yet. Love your blog.

  2. Ha! I'd love to prance around the house in that. In fact, let me go do that right now. lol

  3. your skin is to die for...lovely

  4. Your snack actually sounds pretty good...hmmm I may have to try it. And I love Game of Thrones too!!!

  5. That sounds delish and have the ingredients except the chocolate sauce. A trip to TJ's is in order.

  6. Love the new banner! Ok maybe I need to get my pregnant act together (just ate one of those Klondike Ice Cream Sandwiches) and try this as a substitute!

    Great Accessories for Spring 2013 - Pretty Girl Rock

  7. Natalie,
    First, I'd like to say you're awesome. Everything about you is pure perfection from head to toe. Can you PLEASE do a post about how you style your hair? You did a hair care routine post, but I'm sure the ladies who view your blog would love to see about about how you style your hair.

  8. Wow. Looks yum. I would definetly try that if my gut was not sensitive to chocolate. Maybe I could do a vanilla version. Anyhow you look great. I love your self exceptance. Its encouraging for me even as a skinny girl and its refreshing.


    ps Your hair is AWESOME!

  9. Good to know smoothie idea, amazing.

  10. That sounds delicious, but I'm terrified to try it. LOL

    Have you tried ebay for dress forms? They have a few on there for a nice enough price. =D

  11. Just as stated above your skin looks awesome!

  12. Midnight Moo is "an important source of goodness". LOL. Sometimes that really has to be the bottom line doesn't it? What has goodness in it. Sounds yummy!