Mid Drift

So I've been wearing a lot of mid rift tops lately.  Partly because of the stupendous weather, a little because I'm lightening up a bit - 
but mostly because I'm neck deep in mid-drift culture now...

Eh, when in Rome!

Though in the past I've proven to be quite experimental and courageous with clothing (yes, I was the girl in high school changing in the bathroom into platform heels and a shorter skirt before class), I've still always dialed it way back when it comes to showing tummy.  You gotta leave a little mystery right?  A bare mid-drift's place should be purely beach or poolside but all well, some thoughts need to be changed, you know?  Cropped tops are cool. modern, edgy, sexy, playful AND classy!  

And btw, yes, I know I'm like the only woman who is just now getting hip to this "cropped" concept, please be patient with me :)

top: Tiny Closet Collection / skirt: H&M / wedges: Et Fiancees / earrings: Francesca's Closet 

So, I have decided to finally add them to my closet.  And this cropped Tiny Closet Collection piece is fitting right in!


Oh!  And I finally found a moment to add more photos of my new Chevron print dress! 

 Scroll down to view or just clicky here!


Looking forward to the weekend!  
Lots of sewing, maybe catching a movie and definitely going out to try a new restaurant :)
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  1. Well in all honesty, I have also only now started waking up to the mid rift trend, and imagine in South Africa we are now approaching winter....which is a far cry from what mid rift is meant for. But I saw an absolutely stunning photo of a lady with a cropped long sleeved poloneck, heavy skirt and boots and threw atop a long coat. She looked all sorts of amazing.

    Ofcourse you look just as amazing!

  2. I have been reading your blog for a while now, and just have to say: You're so cute! Now that you are in LA, if I see you around I will definitely say hi! :-)

    But crop tops are fun in that it allows you to play with a different proportion, a high waist skirt or pant with just a peek of mid drift skin. I think I will go to some thrift stores this weekend and cut me up some crop tops!

  3. Very cute look, the cropped top looks really cute on you. I wear some crop tops but with a tank under it, haven't gotten that confident yet to wear it without one!!! LOL

    Carsedra of:

  4. Fabulous look on you. Love it. No crop tops for me, but man that is so cute!