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Friday, April 19, 2013


We still don't have curtains in our bedroom.  Or in our entire apartment for that matter.  Ah, but we love the light!  
When it comes to editing video, photos, and generally using a computer however, we're pretty much blind between the hours of 8am and 3pm.

So, Thursday we finally (begrudgingly) decided it was time for some curtains.   I don't care for curtains.  They tend to look messy no matter how you hang them or what material you use and over time, the pattern or color can make me feel stir crazy.  I love beautiful bare windows - especially against brick, which is coincidentally what we have - 
so if I have to cover them up, I decided to make my own.  

Being only a few walking blocks away from the garment district and a world of options for, well, anything - Theo and I set out to shop for some chic, simple curtain fabric.

Of course I got super distracted by all the street-side tulle and fabrics for costumes and Quinseanera dresses.  Siiiigh!

chambray: Shades of Grey / pants: All Saints / necklace: Heavenly Couture / smoking shoes: 

I also had to pick up the final fabric for a gown I created for a friend.  I am tremendously excited to see how this special project turns out.  
And of course, I will be showing it here soon!  



  1. Woah - I love this, I love your hair, I love that outfit, I love this blog - Man, I love it all! Can't believe I'm only finding you now! Forever stalking from now on :)


  2. How fun the Garment district is! Good luck finding what you want! I have the hardest time making a decision!!
    I can't wait to see the finished products!

  3. I like bare windows too and my hubby is forcing me to get some type of window covering for our new home... :-/ Oh well! Happy curtain shopping!!!

    And girl that hair is EVERYTHING! Werk it!

  4. You are quite talented. Your inspiration is amzaing.

  5. Yo look great ... where's the fabric for the curtains? LOL