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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

...And The Livin' is Easy

After a few months of intensive people watching here in L.A., it's clear that I am not the only chick in town that craves comfortable, easy, sultry ensembles.  I am loving the beachy, loose and loungy styles I keep coming across.  It's like a perpetual Coachella - very bohemian indeed.

And normally, I steer clear of bohemian styles.  Taste-wise it's just never been my bag of tricks.  But bohemian looks have definitely evolved past the saturated gypsy/70s vibe and into an eclectic mix of looks that I very much enjoy currently.  People like Sienna Miller and Halle Berry are actually a great inspiration to me when branching out to find more sexy, comfy looks.

So on Taco Tuesday, while walking through downtown choosing which taco place to hole up in, I tried my hand at an eclectic bohemian mix.  Check it out!

It's about that time again (in California anyway) for sunny, carefree dresses and skirts.  During the Winter months, I use my Summer dresses as nightgowns - like here.  But since Summers in Seattle are a mere dot in the space time continuum, this skirt has mainly been nightwear.  
While getting dressed, Theo asked me why I was wearing my pajamas...  
They're not pj's anymore!

My bohemian mixture was a bit Southern with my fedora and tassled oxfords - mixed with a bit of Western with my prairie skirt and beach top.  Overall, a very easy bohemian brew.

I also did my hair :)

 top: Tiny Closet Collection / oxfords: CMG / 
necklace, skirt & fedora were bought at stands in the Philippines


  1. I love a good casual and cute outfit. Love this look! I always love your pics...great quality and I like the different backgrounds!


  2. I like!! You look quite bohemian :-)

  3. Lovely and very comfortable.

  4. Your blog has SO much personality! It's probably the best one out there and I subscribe to a lot. I am always excited when I see you in my email inbox.

  5. What a glorious mix! Love the addition of the fedora.