Thursday, March 21, 2013

Some S/S Excitement

As I'm actively preparing for Spring and Summer, loading up on lots of gorgeous fabric, my interest has been held lately with stripes and chevron prints.  
I'm sooooo into it these days.  And while I'm going gaga for stripes, I dove right into it with this newest Tiny Closet Collection piece.  

Do we like?

This buttery striped jersey maxi dress I whipped up will now be the perfect pull on for almost anything.  
And I left it a bit longer than normal so I can pair it with heeled sandals during the Summer.

With stripes and 3/4 length sleeves, I designed this simple thing to just be a modern and versatile version of the muumuu.  So it can be a cozy dress to lounge in at home or wear out to grab my groceries, and theeen! -- add some gold accessories and some heels and it can be an elegant, easy dress to wear to my neighborhood rooftop bar.  

Whoo!  Easy breeeeezy!  
Just how I want the Spring and Summer months to be :)

 dress: Tiny Closet Collection / shoes: CMG / earrings: thrifted

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yeezy Taught Me

Theo is a big fan of Kanye West and he's been talking about the new thing now is tying shirts and denim jackets around the waist.  The last time I wore a jacket or shirt around my waist, I was 16 years old smoking in the parking lot at a Folk Life festival.  No thank you.  So, I've been telling him he's never gonna see me in that silly, dated fad...

Until yesterday when I was feeling severely unmotivated after eating an entire block of Beechers cheese that morning and then passing out for six hours.  Waking up again around 3pm from my cheese coma, I asked if there was any more cheese left Theo to pick out my outfit for the day.  Of course he took full advantage of the task and put me in this.

90s camp counselor meets hip hop rockstar.  But I did feel a retro cool coming over me.  It's surprising how much you can turn your clothes around to make
a wardrobe fit for someone else completely.

Yes, The Tiny Closet did it again with it's versatility.  Having someone else look at your closet for a change is very interesting.  This look is signature Kanye and yes, the waist-tied jacket is a borrowed fad, as well as the multiple necklaces, the draping tee, the blazers stint and leather pants but who taught me how to put this craziness together?

Yeezy taught me.

tee: James Perse / necklaces: thrifted / jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch / leggings: H&M / shoes: Nike Blazers

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monochrome or Boredom?

Monochrome.... I have a tendency to do this if I'm not paying attention while dressing.  I don't know what it is but, I automatically choose the same colors subconsciously when putting things together (specifically when in a hurry) and it comes out kind of amusing.  

This four-shades-of-grey number was what I came up with yesterday morning when nothing but a pale blanket of clouds covered the sky and I had no good plans.  Ah, wait!  I totally know what it is now, I realize I tend to go monochrome when I'm bored or uninspired - yes, that's it.  

But that's the bad kind of monochrome.  That's the inevitable end result of dressing while bored.  What's the good kind?  I guess I'll have to show you this all again later.  I can't let this be my only say on monochrome because when deliberate, it can be dramatic and regal!  It can be posh and eccentric.  I'll have to work on this and return here with a better example of monochrome.  

A better example than this:

sweater: All Saints Mens / top: Tiny Closet Collection / pants: Zara / wedges: Castaner / necklace: thrifted

Monday, March 18, 2013

"Fabulosity, In All Seriosity"

My sister and I used to have this funny saying when one of us would try to be cool or glamorous...

I laughed to myself yesterday remembering that old saying as I put this outfit together.  Sunday was pretty chilly and I was prepared with one of my favorite Tiny Closet Collection pieces: a cobalt wool poncho with a gigantic, fabulous collar and tail

My new lapis earrings by Karla Deras for Roman Luxe were perfecto for my poncho and of course, with the look going further into regal, my thrifted cat-eye sunnies followed suit.  
In, all seriosity, this really was fabulosity :)

The only thing I was disappointed with were my mary-jane heels.  My tap shoes would have been so much cooler I realize now.  But that just goes to show how versatile this outfit could be and will be because you truly can do so much with just two pieces.  In my case, my two pieces were a poncho and gypsy pants...oh the possibilities ladies!  Really.

And just like Tiny Closet style, I have worn this all before :) 
Check it out:

Working with a new hairstyle.... we'll see what the survey says - it might just be my new do!


Friday, March 15, 2013


I never wrap my hair at night so by morning, my curls tend to mold into a Huey-esque style, dense and tall.  Yesterday morning, I decided to just go with it.  I put in some bobby pins, smoothed the sides and threw on some wayfarers.  Not gonna lie - the new do felt pretty fresh!

To compliment my architectural hairstyle, I wore a streamlined jumper and a simple white tube dress.  Minimal just how I like it.  
**sidenote: the applique Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn kissing is amazing.**

So I think, all together, this new updo is pretty awesome.  

Sometimes I forget just how much a hairstyle can change and influence clothing.  

It has revved me up to experiment some more this weekend!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wearing My Top Cropped

I've been going through my old graphic tees lately.  I never wear graphic tees except to bed but I found one in particular that was cute enough to reconstruct for casual wear.  Graphic tees never fit me correctly - that's why I only wear them to sleep - so when reconstructing this cute little Nutella tee, I cut it short.  Really short.

And to make up for the lack of real estate up top, I paired the tee with a high waist Tiny Closet Collection piece: this pleated linen geo print skirt.  When I picked out the fabric to make this gem, I knew it would be a favorite!

This Nutella tee I got from an old neighborhood cafe in Seattle.  Nutella is such a nostalgic childhood favorite for me, and with the cropped top and colored wayfarers,
I felt like a kid :)

top: Faire Gallery / skirt: The Tiny Closet Collection / brogues: CMG

And like true Tiny Closet style, I have worn these pieces before!  This skirt in particular, I wore in a Fall ensemble and here with a muscle tee.
It's very versatile so you know, it's perfect for me because I like to be able to wear my closet all year round.

I've been feeling kinda bored with my hair lately....  Thinking of trying something different these days.  Hopefully I won't be too lazy this weekend to experiment and show you on Monday!  This girl needs a bit of a change!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Throughout the course of The Tiny Closet, I've been asked a lot about my style, my inspiration, my hair, where I come from...  
It's been incredibly flattering just to be asked my opinions and thoughts on matters, serious or silly.

But it occurred to me that I've never shared these questions and answers here.  So I compiled some of my favorite questions to share on my blog.  With you!

Pelumi from Care For Your Hair asked:

Where do you draw style inspiration from?

Hands down, I draw inspiration from Solange Knowles, Ashley Olsen and Karla's Closet.  I'm obsessed with all three and no one does it better than those girls.  
For eye candy, I frequently visit Jak&Jil and

Would you say your style has changed since you've been natural?

I thought it would have to since I'd always wore my hair stick straight with blunt bangs.  But it didn't have to change.  However, it inevitably did change though as soon as I became comfortable with my natural hair.  As soon as that happened, I stopped being afraid and self conscious about everything else about me.  
So my style became more bold and unique and unapologetic.

One piece of advice you would give someone thinking of going natural:

It all depends on why you're going natural.  If it's to stop being dependent on chemicals than have fun, get to know your natural hair and don't take it too seriously.  At the end of the day, it's just hair.  You can always relax it, weave it, or cut it again :)  Regardless of the reason, I think a big tip would be PATIENCE.  Patience with yourself and your expectations.  Forget about expectations.  Have nothing but love and curiosity for your natural hair and try not to make it be anything more than what it is.

Priscilla, Journalism Major at Temple University asked:

Do you consider yourself a member of the "natural hair movement? And if so, how do you personally define this movement? 

I think what is currently happening with African American hair particularly in the U.S. is rightly called a "movement".  Wearing one's hair in its natural state (curly) has really become a progressive thought and realization.  These ideas are being hatched and passed around by thousands of specifically black women more and more everyday through pictures, blogs and videos so at this point, regardless of reason or message, any black woman who doesn't straighten her hair is still part of the natural hair movement just by default simply because she's seen as an inspiration and a beacon to others who consider themselves very much apart of the message.  So yes, I'm apart of it regardless of whether or not I want to be.

Reiko of God's Favorite Shoes asked:

Your wedding dress/photos were phenomenal... How would you describe your hubby’s style? Do/did you have a great influence on his overall look?

Thank you!!  I swooned at Theo's look too!  He said he wanted to wear skinny jeans at the wedding and I was like, whuuuttt? But I didn't debate it and he ended up looking amazing.    His style is very English and French with a pinch of hip hop.  Anything English though he adores.  He has a few tweed blazers, skinny slacks, lots of colorful socks, and scads of button ups.  
His stores are Opening Ceremony, Shades of Grey, AllSaints and John Varvatos.  

Truth is, his style is super fly and he dresses better than I do!  He used to dress me entirely and then I got the hang of it.  I am very much influenced by his innate style choices.  

You see a lady looking fabulous. Do you go out of your way to tell her or just stare at her from afar? Would you ask her where she got something that she is wearing?

I see beautiful, fabulous girls all the time!  It warms my heart when a girl looks like she put effort into her ensemble so I usually give her a quick passing comment that her outfit/shoes/hair rocks.  I never ask where they got their clothes, it's not ladylike.  But I make sure they know that someone has noticed by telling them they look fab.  
Compliments from strangers feel great to receive!

Tashira of Politics & Fashion asked:

Where are you from?  How has your background shaped your identity and style of dress?

I grew up in a wealthy little city in Washington (Bellevue).  I was surrounded by white people and knew one other black person, pretty much my whole life up until 20.  There was an extreme lack of diversity and I left as soon as I was financially able haha!  I moved to Boston, then New York and then back to Washington (Seattle) and my identity formed through that experience - through me and my observations.  Fashion wise, Bellevue is conservative and, for the most part, people there conform to the micro trends and don't deviate from that.  It's the suburbs ya know?  It was fine but not my speed at all and definitely didn't shape my style of dress.  I came out of the womb wanting to be comfortable with an adoration for heels.  That has never changed.  My background stopped influencing me years and years ago!  Growing up as the only black/Cuban/Puerto Rican/Spanish/French girl, I made my own rules and found my own style.  I couldn't look to anyone else so I taught myself.

What's the story behind your blog?  How has it evolved?

The Tiny Closet was formed out of boredom and as a tool to find a way to deal with not having a lot of money anymore.  I wasn't working and therefor, my normal activities had come to a screeching hault and I just stayed at home all day.  I had gotten laid off from a well paying job and I'd grown VERY used to shopping all the time.  I bought clothes I would wear only once and then throw out, I just loved fashion and style and wanted it all in a very indulgent, abundant, non-creative way.  Being without a job and having time to think, I realized I needed to have more quality in my life. For example, to get a job I actually loved!  To have a life that meant something to me and no one else - and also, since I had such a strong passion for style and clothing, I wanted to wear clothes I loved and only loved.  So, with those resolutions, I started purging everything in my life that didn't make sense.  Including my closet.  And it became very Tiny!! LOL!  And since that depressed me at first, thinking I seemingly had "nothing to wear", I decided to get very creative with it since I wouldn't be shopping for something new everyday and I recorded my endeavors with this blog.  Tada :)

This answer is incredibly long but I really did want to take the time to explain because The Tiny Closet has become a lifestyle for me now.  Women think they need so much just to stay in trend and feel like they have enough and I learned that you really don't need that much at all.  Especially since fashion is an art form, I treat it as such.  It's not about abundance and mindless buying.  So even though I am not in the same boat I was, I still don't shop a lot and I make the best of what I have over and over again in new ways.


so I'm back at the sewing machine again and cannot wait to wear some of the easy breezy dresses I've concocted.  With this sudden 85 degree weather, I can't finish them fast enough!  

See ya back here tomorrow :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Should Wear More White

Chatting with PishPoshPerfect the other day, we were talking about colors and what significance they have.  I commented that I always wear white on my birthday because it makes me feel unique and spotlighted.  And regal.  And I only wear all white on my birthday.  It's special.

And then remembering my simple white gown at my wedding, I felt so organically wonderful and simple in that dress that day - I realized I don't need a specific reason to wear all white.  

If it makes me feel amazing and important on those special days, what's stopping me from choosing to feel that way any old day?
Nothing...  So I will :)

dress: Fluxxus / belt: Forever21 / necklace: thrifted / sunnies: thrifted / wedges: Et Fiancees

The streets are pretty busy where I live so sometimes, I prefer to record the various outfits I wear in a bit more peace and privacy and I take a walk upstairs to our outdoor pool area.  I thought this little white dress in particular would pair well with the sunny scenery.

The drape and weight of this dress is very elegant and gives it's playful casual shape more sophistication and formalness.  

I've been hovering over the water these days just waiting for the right moment (temperature) to get in and splash around.  Yesterday was NOT that day at all and my feet stung in the picture below as I kicked up the arctic cold water.  The sun is incredibly deceptive here.  I could be sweating under the rays but the water is still sooooooo cold!

I'll give it another month and then I'm diving in!  It is, afterall, still Winter here...

Anyway, I should wear more white.  So I will.

And you should too!  
I think P Diddy was on to something awesome with all those all-white parties we used to read about him throwing in the 90s.
All white is so fancy!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Warm & Rugged...In Stilettos

Last week it got pretty cold... and just when I was starting to think about swim suits.  Oh well.  So I pulled out my trusty sweaters again for one last round and then had a fun idea to wear something totally different and surprising on the bottom.  The bottom as in, my feet.

With a tunic-length sweater and my favorite drop-crotch jeans, instead of following suit with my normal brogues or oxfords, I opted for heels.  And not just any heel, I wanted something 
a bit outrageous and out of place.

Of course, with all this talk of comfort, these sandal stilettos definitely make the ensemble  So I decided to make it a dinner and a movie outfit.  Casual date night evening street wear.  Not too much walking, mostly sitting, totally cool.  

I'm warm, a bit rugged and I'm still in stilettos, ladies.

 sweater: H&M / denim: All Saints / sandal heels: Jimmy Choo for H&M

Happy Monday!

Oh and P.S., I am toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootally
But good guess...I guess.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Starting Small

I am growing more and more excited for the future these days...

Wednesday was a big day for me and marked the small beginnings of something new.

I can't wait to divulge but for now I'll just talk about my favorite casual dress by James Perse!

denim jacket: American Eagle Outfitters / dress: James Perse / oxfords: CMG

I think this is my favorite, least fussy way to wear this dress, actually.  You may remember, I wore it here with boots and here with heels.  I absolutely love it with a cropped denim jacket and oxfords though.  No belt, no necklace, no other accessories than some sunnies - like true Tiny style :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lunching, Musing, Lounging

And not necessarily in that order...

Grabbing lunch at Parish, a favorite restaurant of ours,  I decided to wear Theo's cardigan (that I bought him a few days ago), a pull-up cotton pencil skirt, and brogues.  Since deep v-necks work for my neckline, I decided to skip wearing a shirt and show off a bit of bra lace instead.

I was feeling so musey and loungy.  Sharing a good meal with a loved one tends to really fuel my creative flow - plus, the outfit I was wearing made me feel like a character in a Woody Allen movie, raw and effortless with a hint of modern, metropolitan sophistication.  

caridgan: Fluxxus / skirt: American Apparel / oxfords: CMG / necklace: Heavenly Couture / sunnies: thrifted

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Photographer...

I get asked a LOT what kind of camera I use.  I'm flattered by the question and it makes me happy to hear when people have been inspired by some of my photos...  And even though the questions about my camera are simple to answer, the photos are not as simple as as they seem.  It's not just the camera.

It's the photographer.  It's his work.

Meet the man behind The Tiny Closet.

Though I am the center of his universe, I am definitely not the center of his universe :)

In between shooting actual professionals, he's found the time to help his lovable, quirky wife with her blog.
But as the founder of Media Design Elements, he works in bringing out the best in actors, models, dancers, businesses and even families and has done it for years.

Sometimes I forget his own work is completely different from that of my lil closeted world...

Demo Reel from Theo Macabeo on Vimeo.

So where the case of The Tiny Closet is concerned, yes, I wear the clothes, I write the words, I give the opinions, but!  ... none of those things would exist if it wasn't for this man, his 
Canon 5d Mark 2 and his incredible eye for catching life and making it still and beautiful.

Friday, March 1, 2013

One Piece

Continuing my recent theme of simplicity, it's been heating up around here lately, and I've been more conscious of effort and ease.  What could be easier than wearing one piece?  

I have noticed....    the simpler an outfit is, the more intriguing it becomes.  

A shift dress, a onesie, a jumper, a tube dress.... Ahhhhh.  Slip on one little piece and go!  Easy.

And the simpler the outfit, the more options you have for accessories.  For fun, I decided to wear every bangle I own!  

Even my heels I wanted to blend in so that all focus would go to this simple one shoulder dress I made last Summer (the first of my Tiny Closet Collection pieces).  I chose nude leather with a slight platform.  These babies have been my go to for the last seven years.

sunnies: thrifted / dress: Tiny Closet Collection / heels: Aldo / 
bangles (middle 3): Philippines / bangles (outside 2): H&M

Not a cloud in the sky for days lately.  I thought I might have to wait until April to start testing out bathing suits but it looks like I'll be debuting some Summer styles early!!  

Soooo excited to share my swimwear ideas 
so keep visiting!

have a wonderful weekend :)