I Should Wear More White

Chatting with PishPoshPerfect the other day, we were talking about colors and what significance they have.  I commented that I always wear white on my birthday because it makes me feel unique and spotlighted.  And regal.  And I only wear all white on my birthday.  It's special.

And then remembering my simple white gown at my wedding, I felt so organically wonderful and simple in that dress that day - I realized I don't need a specific reason to wear all white.  

If it makes me feel amazing and important on those special days, what's stopping me from choosing to feel that way any old day?
Nothing...  So I will :)

dress: Fluxxus / belt: Forever21 / necklace: thrifted / sunnies: thrifted / wedges: Et Fiancees

The streets are pretty busy where I live so sometimes, I prefer to record the various outfits I wear in a bit more peace and privacy and I take a walk upstairs to our outdoor pool area.  I thought this little white dress in particular would pair well with the sunny scenery.

The drape and weight of this dress is very elegant and gives it's playful casual shape more sophistication and formalness.  

I've been hovering over the water these days just waiting for the right moment (temperature) to get in and splash around.  Yesterday was NOT that day at all and my feet stung in the picture below as I kicked up the arctic cold water.  The sun is incredibly deceptive here.  I could be sweating under the rays but the water is still sooooooo cold!

I'll give it another month and then I'm diving in!  It is, afterall, still Winter here...

Anyway, I should wear more white.  So I will.

And you should too!  
I think P Diddy was on to something awesome with all those all-white parties we used to read about him throwing in the 90s.
All white is so fancy!


  1. Absolutely stunning as usual :) I love that dress! Heck, I love the whole look. Also, you look so fit and in tip top shape. Just sayin'

  2. I love your blog! You are so beautiful! I love this look on you. Your pics make me want to move to sunny LA. :)

  3. Lovely dress! I can't even think about wearing something like that here in NYC yet.

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House

  4. very cute dress. I love wearing white shirt, does that count?? :-) Will have to venture out and find a cute white ensemble. Thanks for the inspiration

  5. Love this dress...and your statement about wearing white. And I adore that last photo! Excellent work, Mr. Theo!

    ~Chymere A.

  6. Beautiful dress and you have amazing legs!

  7. TOTAL. Hollywood. Glam. Like--70s retro sexy dress, big natural hair, huge sunnies pool photo glam! Amazing color, amazing dress, and you make that freezing pool look like the most fun anyone ever had. LOL. Inspired!


  8. Natalie...YES! the sun is so deceptive...but it keeps the east coasters jealous! :) We moved here in July 2012 and it took until about late august for the water to "warm up"! I have yet to get in the "ocean" as it has NEVER been warm enough for me!

    Enjoy the early summer!


  9. you should totally wear more white. i'm always afraid someone will spill something on me, but that shouldn't stop me right? i'll try something new.

  10. Love the dress. It's a great shape.

  11. Very cute dress! Nice scenery too. You live in my neck of the woods:-) I know that backdrop very well.

  12. You have INCREDIBLE legs!! Woo~!