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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monochrome or Boredom?

Monochrome.... I have a tendency to do this if I'm not paying attention while dressing.  I don't know what it is but, I automatically choose the same colors subconsciously when putting things together (specifically when in a hurry) and it comes out kind of amusing.  

This four-shades-of-grey number was what I came up with yesterday morning when nothing but a pale blanket of clouds covered the sky and I had no good plans.  Ah, wait!  I totally know what it is now, I realize I tend to go monochrome when I'm bored or uninspired - yes, that's it.  

But that's the bad kind of monochrome.  That's the inevitable end result of dressing while bored.  What's the good kind?  I guess I'll have to show you this all again later.  I can't let this be my only say on monochrome because when deliberate, it can be dramatic and regal!  It can be posh and eccentric.  I'll have to work on this and return here with a better example of monochrome.  

A better example than this:

sweater: All Saints Mens / top: Tiny Closet Collection / pants: Zara / wedges: Castaner / necklace: thrifted


  1. Dang, I know YOU don't have a sock in that generous bun!

  2. Maybe it's just my love of neutrals/simplicity talking but I think this looks very posh!! Also love the new hairstyle yesterday and today :)

  3. Could you please show us your hair routine? And how you got that luscious bun...

  4. Erm...I absolutely HEART this outfit!:D x

  5. Awesome! The rough looking texture from the cardigan really adds a nice contrast to the smoothness of the shirt and pants. And the wedges just seal the deal. Great look! :)