One Piece

Continuing my recent theme of simplicity, it's been heating up around here lately, and I've been more conscious of effort and ease.  What could be easier than wearing one piece?  

I have noticed....    the simpler an outfit is, the more intriguing it becomes.  

A shift dress, a onesie, a jumper, a tube dress.... Ahhhhh.  Slip on one little piece and go!  Easy.

And the simpler the outfit, the more options you have for accessories.  For fun, I decided to wear every bangle I own!  

Even my heels I wanted to blend in so that all focus would go to this simple one shoulder dress I made last Summer (the first of my Tiny Closet Collection pieces).  I chose nude leather with a slight platform.  These babies have been my go to for the last seven years.

sunnies: thrifted / dress: Tiny Closet Collection / heels: Aldo / 
bangles (middle 3): Philippines / bangles (outside 2): H&M

Not a cloud in the sky for days lately.  I thought I might have to wait until April to start testing out bathing suits but it looks like I'll be debuting some Summer styles early!!  

Soooo excited to share my swimwear ideas 
so keep visiting!

have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. I am in love with that dress!

  2. The dress is gorgeous. I'm new to your blog ... do you sell your designs?

  3. Great dress, I love those bangles!!!

    Carsedra of:

  4. @jeanology--I hope she does! I'm curious, too, if you sell your designs.

  5. hi! i came across your lovely blog while googling "dusters" because i wanted to show people that filipino muumuus are actually quite chic. go figure! i noticed you live around DTLA. i just moved back to NY after spending a year in DTLA and i miss my old fashion haunts already. You have to check out Samira's Closet. It is hands down my favorite boutique down there, mostly because Samira herself is the best. I never fail to purchase a piece im totally in love with every time i set foot in there, so i want to show them some love.

  6. you always nail the simple classic chic look. My number 1 style icon 4sho!

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  8. Hi! Your blog was recommended to me by a friend and I absolutely agree with this post!! Simple and classic looks are always the way to go! Thanks for this post :) from

  9. that's the best thing about a dress! its so easy and doesnt required much thought and it always looks good with the right accessories! looking good girl! Also LOVE the arm party!