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Monday, March 4, 2013

My Photographer...

I get asked a LOT what kind of camera I use.  I'm flattered by the question and it makes me happy to hear when people have been inspired by some of my photos...  And even though the questions about my camera are simple to answer, the photos are not as simple as as they seem.  It's not just the camera.

It's the photographer.  It's his work.

Meet the man behind The Tiny Closet.

Though I am the center of his universe, I am definitely not the center of his universe :)

In between shooting actual professionals, he's found the time to help his lovable, quirky wife with her blog.
But as the founder of Media Design Elements, he works in bringing out the best in actors, models, dancers, businesses and even families and has done it for years.

Sometimes I forget his own work is completely different from that of my lil closeted world...

Demo Reel from Theo Macabeo on Vimeo.

So where the case of The Tiny Closet is concerned, yes, I wear the clothes, I write the words, I give the opinions, but!  ... none of those things would exist if it wasn't for this man, his 
Canon 5d Mark 2 and his incredible eye for catching life and making it still and beautiful.


  1. I'm forced to comment because I'm dripping from jealousy. You're lucky ma'am to have him. His works are just perfect. Oh and I am of the opinion that you are the centre of his universe.*smiles*

  2. Wow he is truly talented, you both are a talented couple.

  3. I love seeing creative couples. You two are beyond cute!

  4. Kudos!! It's always beautiful and meaningful when an artist can give praise and credit to another one; especially when it's your partner. I'm happy to see both of your works.

  5. Your husband has an amazing eye, it takes someone with an amazing eye (I think) to capture beauty and bring out beauty in the form of pictures, video etc...!! You two make a great couple!!

    Carsedra of:

  6. Awwww such a cute post! Your husband is super talented. Can my bf take some photo lessons from him? ;)

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House

  7. Yay for teamwork! It must be awesome to feed off each other's creative energy :-).


  8. I have been admiring your photos and you have a very talented hubby. Your photos often look like great editorial spreads.