Yeezy Taught Me

Theo is a big fan of Kanye West and he's been talking about the new thing now is tying shirts and denim jackets around the waist.  The last time I wore a jacket or shirt around my waist, I was 16 years old smoking in the parking lot at a Folk Life festival.  No thank you.  So, I've been telling him he's never gonna see me in that silly, dated fad...

Until yesterday when I was feeling severely unmotivated after eating an entire block of Beechers cheese that morning and then passing out for six hours.  Waking up again around 3pm from my cheese coma, I asked if there was any more cheese left Theo to pick out my outfit for the day.  Of course he took full advantage of the task and put me in this.

90s camp counselor meets hip hop rockstar.  But I did feel a retro cool coming over me.  It's surprising how much you can turn your clothes around to make
a wardrobe fit for someone else completely.

Yes, The Tiny Closet did it again with it's versatility.  Having someone else look at your closet for a change is very interesting.  This look is signature Kanye and yes, the waist-tied jacket is a borrowed fad, as well as the multiple necklaces, the draping tee, the blazers stint and leather pants but who taught me how to put this craziness together?

Yeezy taught me.

tee: James Perse / necklaces: thrifted / jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch / leggings: H&M / shoes: Nike Blazers


  1. The hubby did a good job putting together your ootd retro indeed love it!

  2. You look so dope!
    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  3. I love these pictures, that jump in the air looks so high! You look very nice and I love your hair

  4. I love that your husband picked out this fly look. If my husband ever dressed me, I'd be in stilettos and a spandex dress. No thanks. LOL.

  5. Lets talk about the air you got on that jump tho :)