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Monday, March 18, 2013

"Fabulosity, In All Seriosity"

My sister and I used to have this funny saying when one of us would try to be cool or glamorous...

I laughed to myself yesterday remembering that old saying as I put this outfit together.  Sunday was pretty chilly and I was prepared with one of my favorite Tiny Closet Collection pieces: a cobalt wool poncho with a gigantic, fabulous collar and tail

My new lapis earrings by Karla Deras for Roman Luxe were perfecto for my poncho and of course, with the look going further into regal, my thrifted cat-eye sunnies followed suit.  
In, all seriosity, this really was fabulosity :)

The only thing I was disappointed with were my mary-jane heels.  My tap shoes would have been so much cooler I realize now.  But that just goes to show how versatile this outfit could be and will be because you truly can do so much with just two pieces.  In my case, my two pieces were a poncho and gypsy pants...oh the possibilities ladies!  Really.

And just like Tiny Closet style, I have worn this all before :) 
Check it out:

Working with a new hairstyle.... we'll see what the survey says - it might just be my new do!



  1. I LOVE that poncho! I don't know if much else needs to be said except that it's wonderful and I want one!

  2. wow! in all seriousity, you are the queen of fabulousity! werk

  3. I've been loving your ponchos. You've recreated what could otherwise be so blah. And I especially love how you've been focusing on your relaxed pieces lately . Fashion blogs can seem very costumed and so well thought out that its nice to see some realistic , soft , fun and interchangeable pieces .

  4. Great ensemble. I adore the poncho. And those earrings are to die for!

  5. "In, all seriosity, this really was fabulosity" - AGREED! And I actually love the mary janes with this. Very ladylike.

  6. oh! hairstyle is totally cute too--mama loves a good top knot ;-)

  7. I am so inspired by you. Where can I purchase your capes?

  8. LOVE the blue poncho and the earnings...totally saying... "oh i'm a lady!!!" -- Tiny Closet...needs a website for Tiny readers to purchase!!! :)

  9. Beautiful. Love the poncho and cute earrings. The shoes are just classic.

  10. Love the look. The color looks great on you.

  11. This is such a fun look! Super cool.

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House

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  13. Hi Natalie,

    I'm a college student doing a street style blog on the side for fun... I was hoping to run into you in Seattle, but then you moved to Cali! haha

    Has your style changed after moving? Other than dressing for warmer weather, of course.

    - Lea (

  14. This cape is amazing fab color on u doll

  15. OBSSESSED with that cape!! Fabulostity indeed!