Alluring Basics

There tends to be a narrow view of "minimalism" and "capsules"...
Maybe because the aesthetic of minimalism is always marketed as blank or stark.  Monochrome arrangements with black, white and grey as the featured colors.  As the only colors.  

And then with capsules, which is supposed to be a small collection of clothing that you wear year round - they tend to be made up of predominantly black, white and grey pieces as well.  And as much as I love that trio of colors, I've never resonated with wearing them all year long, day in and day out - blah.

Very few women do!  

And so the minimalist lifestyle with its capsules and uniform-like closet staples continues to be misunderstood and avoided.  What a shame.
Because this minimalist outfit right here is my kind of basic uniform.

Aside from my strong opinion that yellow is always a good idea, who said basics and all-season colors had to be black, white and grey?  Yes, those shades match with everything - but at what cost people?!  
Yes, capsules are focused on utility and efficiency but that's not all they're about.  The most perfect, efficient closet is useless if you don't want to wear the clothing.

Like most women, I enjoy bringing out my natural coloring with different hues and prints.  I also have different moods and dress for different versions of myself (like we all do) - so I need diversity and versatility.  My point is...

Your capsule closet can be whatever you want it to be.  And your endeavor into minimalism doesn't mean you throw away everything and go on a clothing fast.  If you love plum, leopard print and florals - well those can be worn all year long and make for incredible "basics".  You know why?

Because you love them, that's why!
This month I'll be continuing to touch on the diversity of minimalism and how inclusive it really is.  The Tiny Closet is my closet, where I show my way to live as a minimalist and work with capsules.  But minimalism has many faces and is as individual as each of us.  So I'll be featuring different looks as a fun exploration of this niche lifestyle.

Thank you for visiting!
Come back next Thursday for another new look, same closet.


  1. Amazing style and yellow is one of my favorite colors 🌞. I’m looking forward to adding this to my new wardrobe

  2. I am always envious of this trench each time you include it in a post. I'm only 5'1" and have curves, a soft drapey trench is not an easy thing to find. I would like one that is not just outdoor outerwear so I can wear it all the time as I live in a warmer climate (so not a coat so much but more of a topper for my outfit in lieu of a sweater or blazer). Agreed, on the idea of a capsule. I do wear neutrals as I love neutrals but a capsule can definitely have a ton of color.

  3. I’m definitely in agreement with your version of minimalism. By the way that yellow looks great on you, my coloring leans cool and I favor the blue hues.

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