Style After Style: Rugged Femininity

Obviously I've worn these rugged jeans a million and one times but I wanted to highlight these two instances, these two above ensembles to show the range of my favorite denims!
I never wear a cropped top with harem pants of any kind, especially with these drop-crotch jeans.  I always thought it looked terribly unflattering.  Buuuuut, I recently designed (what I think to be) a gorgeous top and, in its newest color: femme-y lavender, I decided to pair this cropped top with the most rugged, worn denim I could think of.
And whadya know, I quite liked how it turned out.  
Definitely not an outfit I would wear daily (I do not typically show tummy skin - not even at the beach, humph!) but for a party, or a couple drinks with friends in a crowded bar, this outfit will do nicely.  I feel like a lady, but rugged enough to not feel frou frou...  Because lavender is most certainly frou frou to me.  Pretty much any pastel is, in my opinion.  But shame on me because with styling and intuition, you can make anything look the way you want it to look, no matter how solidified its pre-existing reputation.
Anyway, this was another fun "Style After Style" feature.  And actually, this series is the nuts and bolts of The Tiny Closet!  This is what my lifestyle is all about.  Taking the clothing you have, honoring what you buy and really utilizing it for your daily style as artfully and thoughtfully as possible.

Hope you enjoyed this round and come visit me again next Thursday for an all new post! 
Aaaaand if you're curious, this top above is available to shop in The Tiny Closet!  It's a new fave and limited in the fabulous lavender hue you see.  So... shop it now while you can!


  1. gorgeous, I am glad to have found your blog!

  2. I love your style!how do you get your hair like that?marichen from South africa

  3. Nice post.. !! Thanks for sharing:)

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