My Spring Capsule

This might just be my favorite seasonal capsule yet.  And I'm not even a "Spring" person.  

But the color palette I pulled together for this season really fit my personal style and did a good job of translating my mood for Spring.  I may not kick it with pastels or florals, but warm tans, crisp white, an understated blush statement (with lots of wheat hues) all together transition me nicely out of Winter.

My foundational capsule, Thee capsule, I wear all year round so it is always apart of my seasonal wardrobe.  But lets just focus on the Spring capsule for now: 
Texture is pretty important to me.  I don't wear a plethora of color or prints so I need to go deeper with coordination and focus on design and texture!  Super thick mud cloth, smooth rayon ponti knit, a lightweight linen and ribbed cotton knit.  No matter how I wear any of the above pieces with each other and with my base wardrobe, they will compliment everything quite nicely.
There is one item missing in this capsule during the shoot and that is this top here, which is presently being made into a pattern to be manufactured and released in the shop!  Very exciting.

All my Spring pieces are items you may've already previewed - but if not...

  • The blush V-neck dress is a new fave of mine this season and for Summer as well.  I have not yet featured it here on the blog but it too is available to shop and you can view it on me here.

  • My new gaucho pants are hands down my most favorite design.  These haven't been featured yet on the blog either but they'll be debuting in the shop very soon!  And you can view them in my Look Book.

  • The cropped ribbed top is a new piece scheduled to be released in the shop this month.  You can view it here.

So that is my lil collection for Spring!  

Now let's recap on my base wardrobe.  I pulled the various items below to be apart of my Spring capsule as they go best with the season and the specific collection.
Almost all of these items are available in the shop.  The Tiny Closet Shop really is a reflection of my personal style.  I shop for my clothing mainly from myself, ha!
This dark stormy top is long in back and cropped in front.  Featured in this blog post here, it goes with all my pants and jeans - all my bottoms!
This heather grey jersey dress is asymmetric and great for not just everyday activities but events as well.  No wonder I wear it all year long.  Originally featured here on the blog in a slightly different grey.  And you can shop it here at my shop!
This railroad denim dress has been in the shop for a few seasons now, first debuting for Fall.  But with mild, comfy California weather, I can wear this mama almost all year.  Anyway, you've never seen me in it - only my models in the shop.  But I'll be wearing it here on the blog this season.
I think this smoky asymmetric dress (identical to the grey knit one above) is drop dead gorgeous.  And I feel so luxurious in it!  I love it also because even though it feels and looks just like washed silk, it's semi-synthetic cupro (made from cotton) aaaaand no dry cleaning necessary!  Just pop it in the washer, tumble dry and go.  It's fancy without all the maintenance.  Plus it looks dynamite on.  You can take a look (and even shop it!) here at the shop
And I did want to include my new season shoes.  I will probably were mules for the rest of my life.  Why?  I have no idea!  I just really fancy them.  They're luxurious looking yet comfortable and I can wear them leisurely as well as for higher end events and occasions.  

The polka-dot chinos were a spontaneous purchase (gasp!!)  J. Crew has been having absolutely ludicrous sales so I finally jumped on it and bought 2 things.  These pants I'll be showing you on Thursday in my normal scheduled posting time.  They're so fun and easy.  And I got them two sizes too big because I wanted a really loose, baggy look.  You'll see em' in a couple days.  That reminds me, speaking of spontaneous/impulse purchases, there is indeed an art to it that I have been planning to share!  Impulse purchases are not only ok (yes, even if you're a minimalist) they're dare I say, necessary!  But more on that later...

I own two pairs of vintage Levi's: one pair is baggy and a bit torn up and the other pair, though I haven't shared them with you yet for some crazy reason, are tight, high waisted and make my butt look like a baby pumpkin.  Heyoh! 

But anyway...
Lots to share and still more to show and tell!  I'm looking forward to the continuation of this season.  I am also working on featuring my season capsules earlier than in the middle of the season itself.  Sorry about that.  But hopefully this Tiny tour of my Tiny Spring closet will inspire ideas for your own personal style and show you that just a few thoughtfully curated items you absolutely love each season can really make a fulfilling difference.  Quality over quantity isn't just efficient for my personal lifestyle, it's actually more cost effective!  You wear your clothes longer, you shop less, you waste less and you conserve energy on daily decision-making.  



  1. Love everything about this post. The simplicity of it all is so enticing.

    1. Thank you for the compliment :) Simplicity is always my goal and motivation!