Style After Style: The Patent Mule

These amazingly fabulous, stunning patent sky high mules aren't that well travelled yet but I've already managed to add them to all kinds of ensembles over the past year.

I'm not sure which look is my favorite so far - I love all the pairings I've done.  But I guess that's the product of a Tiny Closet you truly love.  Every look, every item tends to be your favorite!  Let me tell you, it is so wonderful always having something fabulous to wear.  And it has nothing to do with money.  Actually, now that I think about it, it may narrow down to two things:

Know what you like to see on yourself.
Buy only what you love.

But speaking of a dream closet that doesn't have anything to do with money...
These new chinos (yeesh, I never thought I'd say that word: chinos. Bleh.  I guess I have a dated association of that word with my high school days when Old Navy reigned supreme in suburbia) from J.Crew were a TOTAL SPONTANEOUS BUY.  Sorry for the obnoxious caps buuuut if you know The Tiny Closet "way", you know building a closet you love rarely relies on impulsive consumption.

But there's a slight difference between impulsive and spontaneous.  Impulsiveness is driven by emotion, which is probably why "impulse shopping" feels naughty. 

I'd been looking for a pair of fun pants that I couldn't sew myself.  Preferably of the polka-dot nature and baggy.  In pops a timely email from J. Crew announcing a ludicrous sale.  40% off sale items, double promotions, combining discount codes, yaddah, yaddah yah.  Amazing right?

I had no plans on buying anything that day or even browsing online.  I had actually sat down at my computer to check on a shipment number and 30 mins later, I'm pressing Buy Now on two items in my cart.  Impulsive?  Nah.  Spontaneous? Yes.  

And it was all according to plan.
Well, some type of plan... 
But that's the thing, when you know exactly what you want, when you randomly see it, a random purchase is not so out of the blue.  You'd been wanting it and simply waiting for it to come into your radar.
So these awesome pants were deeply discounted and now dearly loved by me.  Olive khakis, a Tiny Closet A/W17 top and a glossy heel.  I bought the pants 3 sizes too big for a slouchy, baggy S/S casual Friday feel.  

Simple, city stylings for a darker Spring look.
Black may not be the it-color for the season but the jumbo dots and the loose cropped top are a version of Spring I tend to play with better.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Style After Style and I'll be featuring anther next Thursday, same time, same place.  And if you haven't yet - check out my new Spring Capsule now on the blog!

Also, there's something very exciting going on in The Tiny Closet Shop right now.... but if you're subscribed, you already know.