Rugged Jeans & Fine Tees

I've been exploring more separates lately.  I took a break from the one-piece look, my most favorite look, and started getting into my jeans, bottoms and tops.  Probably because I've lost a good amount of weight and all of a sudden, pants have started to become appealing to wear again.  I've always loved a good one-and-done, you name it: jumpsuits, rompers, dresses,  if I can pop it on and go, I'll take it in every color - but specifically, Theo bought a pair of denim from All Saints years ago and back then, their designs in everything they did were so incredibly, meticulously, amazingly tailored, and these jeans included were just *sigh* the best damn boyfriend jeans a gal could dream of.
In fact, I wrote a post on the boyfriend look, solely inspired by these jeans.  And yes, 2012 was in fact the last time I was comfortably able to wear them since most recently.  Oh, life.
Anyway, as elated as I've been to be able to wear my most favorite jeans again, I am now equally excited about how I will style them this season!  And what tops shall I rock with these bad ass bottoms?  Whatdya know, I actually do have just the tops ready to pop on and go...
My first choice is this edgy cropped asymmetric top, The Studio Top.   Weighty for Fall, drapes like a dream with a very silk-like look and feel.  These jeans have a dropped crotch that was huge at the time, now not so much.  But harem pants and drop crotch styles are my forever loves so I didn't hesitate throwing a cropped top over the look.
Even now, when I'm not being deliberate about the tomboy/boyfriend style, wearing boyfriend jeans in general will always give an ultra casual (even rugged) look.  And for me, with my build and height, that combination can get a little too close to "frumpy town".  So I like to mold the look into being a bit edgier with a hint of sexy.  The top is a finer top - so it automatically upgrades the jeans to exuding urban, edgy vibes.  Complete with slim wedges is the hint of sexy that I'm looking for.
 Getting closer to a classic Tee style, my next go-to top option is a white deep V tunic, The Tourist.  The oversize tunic style matches the slouchiness of the jeans without being redundant overkill because it's light, slinky and not a tee.  It's a finer top that once again, graduates the boyfriend look to a bonfide Angelina Jolie girlfriend look. ha.
And these patent leather heels are dynamite!  Currently my most favorite shoes in my closet.  Surely a pair you will see in my upcoming post on my new Fall Capsule!
So there you have it, mixing rugged textures with finer threads works fabulously when working with classic separate duos like a jeans and tee.  I love these two ensembles and they'll indeed be my Fall uniform for leisure outings.

Come back on Monday where I'll be sharing more new ensembles from my almost-completed capsule!
Oh, and something really cool just arrived in The Shop todayyyy.  Go check it out!

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