Fresh Spring Tones

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to squeeze in a new blog post for you today.  My full time job has taken me completely away from the blog for a moment and I plan to return with a fresh new restyled look next Thursday.

I've been doing a few features for other brands recently and I thought I'd share one with you!

As you may already know, I absolutely love 2Rivers leather bags.  Their dedication to quality is definitely something to be admired, especially in the world of fashion accessories.  Their very simple, streamlined designs become beautiful statements, as they leave ample room to showcase the quality of the leather and how nicely the piece is put together.

When I was gifted a full size open tote, I knew I'd be carrying it everywhere!  
 From groceries to random errands picking up crafts and sewing notions, I've been taking this bag along as it carries everything -  aaaaand the straps are long enough that it can still be worn on my shoulder.  I can't stand my hands being occupied.
 I also love how neutral all of their bags can be.  While this Mombasa Tote does come in different colors, I love sticking with the natural leather.  The way it ages is gorgeous and it goes with my entire wardrobe.
Anyway, I really liked the outfit I put together with this bag.  The cocoa midi pants are actually available to shop now!  Simple and comfortable, this is the style I will be rocking all season long.

Check out The Mombasa Tote!  Great for weekend getaways, groceries and camping.  

...and get 15% off your purchase when you shop there using code: FR15.  

You can also shop my other favorite 2Rivers bag, The Kampala Purse, a smaller, more purse-like version of the Mombasa.  I love them both!

Thank you for visiting and as I try to catch up with my work, I'll be excited to get back into shooting another feature outfit for ya next week!


  1. Nice look. Did you mention in an earlier post that there was going to be a discount code you would provide that your readers could use?

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