Another Daily

I've been focusing more on my capsule than ever.  My wish list for seasonal treats, has been minimized to accessories only.  Special things to go with my everyday style.
Goodness, there is so much fashion all around us!  It's incredibly inspiring.  And then crippling in a way, from overwhelm.
And especially after big sales like this past Memorial Day weekend, it's tempting for even a seasoned minimalist like myself to buy things just because they're fun and financially within my grasp.

But I must stay true... to what is true and meaningful.  And I truly love having only what I absolutely love and need.  For everyday!  
This kind of lifestyle often means rarely springing for sales, as well as watching the daily plethora of promotions I get hit with every morning come and go.  And I enjoy it.  I've grown well-accustomed to browsing and feasting on eye-candy.  And then being done with it.  My Tiny gem of a closet is a product of that.  And for the record, I never considered it a "capsule" until the word became popular and I found that it best described my wardrobe.  But really, it's closet.

Anyway, I've grown an allegiance to what you could call a minimalist lifestyle partly due to the type of person I am, and also because of my daily routine.

These photos show me on one of the shoots I directed during the week for my clothing line.  Since I do roughly the same things every single day - and many times, I do the same things at even the same time everyday, I am a creature of habit, so my collection of clothing definitely reflects that.  

Everything in my life, from my closet to my head to my heart has a place, and I get better everyday at cutting out the rest.  I want to make as little decisions as possible on the daily stuff and have more room for making the big juicy interesting decisions that take more time and energy so...
I guess this has made me a minimalist.  

This piece, a fabulous deep-v tunic is part of my daily look.  Like all the time, ha.  It's also part of The Capsule line where all of the items are available year-round...  Because I wear them year-round.  
We all have items in our closet that are go-tos all year long.  I think a closet is better if it has that quality.
 Because maybe you have a pretty routine day-to-day yourself and isn't it so nice to be able to grab a fabulous outfit everyday that always works for you, and always makes you feel fabulous?  I think it is anyway.  So here's another daily look for ya.  I don't change them much but I do love indulging in making them look even better.

Do you love your daily wear?
Thank you for visiting and reading!  See you next week for another capsule look :)


  1. A nice balance of everything. What an eye. I love the shade of the bag and the size too.

  2. I love all of your pieces and how you put them together, and have been eyeing up the Tourist for a while now. Would you consider doing it in machine washable cupro, like the dusty lilac you made a dress and blouse in?

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