It has been so dark and gray in L.A. lately.  A perfect backdrop to my routine reflection and contemplation.  Blah.

Right about now in the year, I'm pausing.  It'll be my birthday in a couple days and like clockwork, I am turning contemplative and yearning for change.  Or just a bright sunny day, as it's the time of Gray May.  But being from sunny Southern Cal, I have my pick of the sunny days so I'll stop complaining. 

I'm needing new vibes is all.  New surroundings to engage myself!  
It's odd because I don't really crave that in my wardrobe.  Different outfits everyday.  New colors, new looks - Nah, you can keep it.  I guess that's why a 28-piece capsule works so well for me.  This ensemble is part of that of course.  And I get a kick out of wearing each piece daily because I know I'll always look and feel great in them.  I am confident in my wardrobe and enthusiastic in evolving it.

But around this time of year, I don't feel so confident.
My birthday always finds me assessing my journey so far in life, trying to congratulate myself on my work without glaring too hard at the many things I procrastinated on.  But mostly, every birthday, I find myself still waiting for something. 

Does this happen to you?  Do you ever feel like you're waiting?
Maybe I'm waiting on that mythical moment where I can put up my feet and relax because I'm finally here!  Hey there, adulthood!  Hey there, life, I'm here and I'm crushing it!  I really want to say that.  

Or maybe I'm waiting for that adventure of a lifetime.  The kind of epic adventure where I'm so in the moment, I forget time exists and I'm so hysterically caught up in life that I'm not worried about paying rent or if I fed the dog.  

Or maybe I'm waiting for the big game-changing break in my career where I feel like my hard work has truly paid off and I'm really making a difference. 
But those things have already happened in my life.  A few times actually.  Yet, I'm still waiting.

I really am happy to be turning 35.  Ok I just wrote that and realized I'm definitely not.  Fine, so I'm not that happy to be turning 35!  

But I'm not pursing my lips at the vanity of age.  It's the fact that I don't really know what I want out of life.  
Clearly, I'm waiting for something to come along though.

My clothing, my mastery of my personal style has helped me see who I am over the years.  I've focused so hard on the art of getting dressed, building and mastering a closet I love.  I think I need to focus on how to build and curate a life that I love.  

I read somewhere, "What would your 86 year old self tell you now?"  I think she'd tell me to take more breaks, spend more time with friends and be easier on myself.  I'll start with that.

Hope you enjoy the Memorial weekend and join me next Thursday for a new post!


  1. Kelly Fant-TurnerMay 24, 2018 at 4:37 AM

    Happy Birthday Natalie! Please be assured you are not alone in your thinking about life as I am turning 60 in a few days! Embrace your journey and keep bringing us your fabulous Tiny Closet...

    1. Thank you, Kelly :) I will try to dive in and embrace the unknown. It's nice to know it won't be a lonely journey at least! Happy Birthday to you as well!

  2. When I turned 35 years old last year I thought the same things ... I think no matter what with each birthday we'll always be contemplating whether we are where we are suppose to be. But I'm with you, I think my 86 year old self would tell me the same thing. Happy (early) birthday!

    1. Really? Hm, that makes me feel better actually. Maybe it's just human nature to ponder our life choices and place in the world. Lol, I'm glad at least that I'm not the only one. Thank you for the reassurance, Faith!

  3. Happy Birthday! This is one of your best looks. I love the simplicity and clean lines. You look comfortable and classic and fresh and modern all at once. Have a fantastic Birthday!

    1. Thank you, Edie! I feel right as rain wearing this ensemble. Thanks for the bday wishes!

  4. Where is this gorgeous setting for these gorgeous images of gorgeous you?

  5. I just need to know where those shoes are from!

  6. I found the shoes by checking your instagram! They are so fab

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