Styling Intuitively

When I go super casual, I of course try to balance it with a great hair style, a bright, fresh face and a pop of accessory of some kind.
Because it's surprising how fast a jeans-and-tee look can go from fun and casual to frumpy and dodging an ex in the grocery store.  
And "casual" doesn't mean you don't need to put at least a little somethin into it.  

Seeing street style photos of celebrities looking drop dead fabulous in regular looking getups - it aint the clothes or their beauty.  We are all gorgeous first of all.  It's their inherent style that makes us wild with envy and style goals.  It is style that is lead by intuition.  Because that's what it is.  Simply knowing what works, really well, for you.
I talk about "effortless" quite a lot.  And really, all it is is intuition.  Good style can be seen in anything - even if all you're wearing is a bath robe.  Or maybe jeans and a tee.  

It's much less about the labor.  

The majority of street style shots proves this: candid photos of women who simply style themselves intuitively.
I mean, I think we all agree that no one wants to work hard at looking good.  Plus we shouldn't even have to.  It was never about that anyway.

Come visit again next Thursday where I'll be starting a new series of posts on the versatility and plethora of styles in minimalism and a Tiny closet!

Oh!  And there's a sale going on at The Tiny Closet Shop (plus a couple restocks of favorites!)


  1. Love this post and your look! You're so right.

  2. really love this look. I think i'm gonna get me some converse!