Style After Style: A Little Yellow Dress

Remember this little yellow knit dress?  I wore it at the crisp beginning of  Spring - probably the first yellow dress I've ever worn.   Designed for The Tiny Closet Shop, this midi dress was meant to be quite versatile and go with any foundational wardrobe.
Anyway, instead of a trench and white woven block heels, I decided to spice it up for the sake of restyling inspiration: a fun fresh white mud cloth open coat and black simple strap heeled sandals.
This particular ensemble isn't something I'd wear - it's not quite me but I couldn't help but take photos of it when I thought up the pairings.  It reminds me of something fun to wear on a girls trip or out to lunch.  And I do this a lot actually, these types of out-of-my-zone stylings.  The habit keeps my brain and ideas fresh and ready to experiment with anything.  Why is that helpful?

Well, for me personally, since I design clothing for other women, it keeps me thinking about all the different possibilities of styling and designing and not just sticking to my own comforts, which is limiting over time.   Experimentation, dress up sessions, are also helpful for finding one's own personal style.  Or igniting a spark of new ideas with an old wardrobe.

Take your clothes and just try on everything with everything else!  

You'd be surprised at all the fantastic outfits that can be put together when you come at styling from a different, unfamiliar angle.  That's what my Style After Style series is all about.
This is the last one (for now) of my Style After Style series.  I will probably start up a new one again in Fall or Winter.  I love taking seasonal pieces and crossing them over to other seasons.  So I hope you enjoyed these posts dedicated to restyling one's own wardrobe!

You can get this midi dress (The Hostess) in "limoncello" at The Tiny Closet Shop!  

And you can also join me again next Thursday for an all new look as I push willingly into... new Summer styles!


  1. Hello Tiny Closet,

    Love your pics and posts each week. I ran across your YouTube channel and that led me to your blog. Your blog is inspiring visually and conceptually. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Can you say what shoes (brand and style) you're wearing in these photos? I've been looking for a pair just like them.