Thursday, June 28, 2012

Library Chic

Last week, while brainstorming fun, unique reception dinners, Theo and I both paused on the thought of cooking and preparing the wedding reception dinner ourselves... Yay!  It would be amazing dishes cooked with love for our family and friends...  So we decided to go to the library to gather cook books and theme options for the menu we would create.

Well, I'll just cut to the end of the story, the idea imploded before we even got back to the parking lot.    The obvious reasons made us eventually run from the idea: cooking for 50 people.  And cooking for 50 people on our wedding day.


We had a nice laugh, patted each other on the backs and found our way to the magazine section.  I happened to be wearing a nice streamlined ensemble.  Minimal, comfortable and chic.  

But isn't James Perse always?
 James Perse is a godsend to cotton-lovers.  This dress is deceptively simple.  It's fitted but not in a body-con way.  When I think of a fitted, jersey dress, yikes - I close all doors to the possibility of wearing such a thing but this dress has two layers of the same material.  Brilliant!  So the imperfections of an unforgiving single layer of jersey are completely hidden with, aha - two layers of jersey!  Crisis averted.

Also, the wide v-neck is tolerable as I never wear this neckline type but the ultra-soft material stretches nicely into a scoop-v-neck, which softens the look into a more casual style.  I also never wear belts on my hips (psst, because I don't have any hips!) but I love this particular belt from the Gap for men.  It is perfect for a maxi dress or a fitted dress like this one.  I can't wait to wear it with a oversize AllSaints maxi, whoohoo!

 And hello, the library gets French Elle??  I have been paying shameful amounts for these!  I will keep this in mind indeed.
dress: James Perse / belt: Gap Men / necklace: Philippines / heels: Aldo

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Movies With The Guys

On Sunday, Theo and I took my dad out to the movies to see Prometheus.  Given that I'm a total sci-fi nut (Theo as well *sigh*), of course it would be obvious that we all had to come together for the Alien "prequel" - as that was the best belated Father's Day gift a dad like mine, in particular would love :)  
And he did!

Since I tend to fancy men styles and knew heels would be a bit obnoxious for this matinee occasion, I put on my girl-next-door Chucks, my hipster-next-door vest, added a lil Chanel-like flair and hung with the boys for the afternoon.

vest: Diesel Men / tee: Zara / leggings: Gap / necklace: thrifted / leather jacket: Muubaa / shoes: Converse 

And all with just a working canvas of leggings, a simple graphic tee and sneaks.  Accessories can be everything.  Especially when you're trying not to look like you tried.  

Cus you know, you're just hangin' with the guys ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Layers, Mixes & Game Night!

Lately, I've noticed I've been ditching my minimalist nature and have started leaning towards more mixing and layering.  Eh, it's a passing phase for sure but why fight it?  I'm having so much fun!  

And speaking of fun, yesterday evening Theo and I went to a Flight of The Conchords trivia night at Central Cinema.  In a silly rambunctious mood to watch reruns of this beloved show and laugh with the other Conchord nerds, I dove right into the essence of the evening and had some fun with my outfit as well.  Before heading off, we took some impromptu photos of my decision making:
And no, I didn't forget to mention my sexy new wedges!  A birthday gift from my mother.  My Tiny Closet welcomed these babies with open arms.  Keep visiting to see how much mileage I can rack up with these in both versatility and longevity :)  As that is The Tiny Closet way of course.
 Yoohoo, and have you seen this muumuu??  I wear this ol' thing everywhere.  You may remember I wore it here.  Yep, even on the other side of the world, I can always think of a reason to where this vibrant piece.  I cinched it with a belt to wear it more as a tunic over my leggings.

 leather jacket: Muubaa / denim top: Diesel / muumuu: Philippines / leggings: Gap / wedges: Trouve / tote: gift from a Vince Camuto trunk show

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun with Layers

Searching through my Tiny Closet last week, I was in mood to put together something outside of my usual bag of tricks...   After circling around 4 items I wanted to wear, but which one??, I realized I might be able to wear all of them at once.  Yes, I'm talking about layering :)

When I think of the style of layering, my mind instantly shoots back in time to the 90s when one layered themselves in a myriad of tops and jackets of the same family of material, genre and/or size - the top-most layer of course being oversize.  Think Fresh Prince of Bel-Air meets My So Called Life....  Basically, a brief explanation for awful.  But maybe my headache-inducing eye roll is just a reaction to the embarrassment I have of my endless experiments with layering during my adolescence.

Anyway, I transcended the shame of my past and broke into layering that morning with wild abandon.  And not much thought.  Because you cannot - I repeat - you cannot think too much about it.  Layering needs to be intuitive but thoughtless.  Or else you'll talk yourself right out of what could be a great idea.  Or right into what could be waaaay too pre-meditative.
 I adore this Shades of Grey chambray (I love it so much it makes me rhyme!).  I also love this sheer waterfall skirt that I always end up wearing as a top.  The leather paneled leggings I've worn through thick and thin (no really, when I was thicker and then when I was thinner).  And the BCBGMAXAZRIA blazer is right up there on my most-fave list. 

Why not wear them ALL??
Wearing the waterfall skirt and turning it to the side, it looks like an asymmetrical tunic.  Tying my chambray over it, cinches the skirt and also accessorizes as a belt.

Glam, bold jewelry of the same nature as my glossy heels was definitely necessary for this atypical ensemble.  And yes, Rachel Zoe is so right - jewelry really does pull it all together.  These fantastic earrings will go in and out of style throughout the years and I will never let them go.  A birthday gift from Theo.  The necklace I found on the floor of a vintage/consignment shop (more on that later!).
necklace: vintage / earrings: Tory Burch / nail polish: Illamasquah "Rampage" / engagement ring: custom made by Whitney Stern Jewelry
 heels: Diesel

blazer: BCBGMAXAZRIA / leggings: H&M / bag: Rebecca Minkoff

So now of course, this lil experiment and spark of confidence enough to play again!  And you know how my Tiny Closet and I just luuuuv us some versatility.  And speaking of versatile, yes, I have worn these items time and time again and do they get old?  Never.  Check out how else I've worn a few of these items recorded in different ways on different days....

skirtAfter Dark
leggings: New Hairstyle
chambray: Color

Wanna read my thoughts?  For more pictures and opinions, 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Day of Sweets

Over the last few days, I've had an overwhelming craving for dessert.  Having gone twice in one week to have the "chocolate pot"at B&O, my favorite dessert joint, I was still craving more, more, more by the weekend!  So while shopping for gifts in the area in a new simple ensemble I'd pieced together, I finally just decided to let go and let my cravings flow...and look stylish doing it!

First order of business: gelato
Strawberry and chocolate.  One scoop for me and one scoop for Theo.  This gelato cafe is incredible.  Gelato, espresso and fashion magazines.  Amazing!

My dress is actually a skirt made for indeed, a taller woman.  Found this wonderful thrift item at Value Village - and I did in fact wear it as a high-waist skirt here.  But then like true Tiny Closet style, I changed it up of course and wore it as a dress.  Versatility is in the fine print of The Tiny Closet way. 
nail polish: OPI - Uh Oh Roll Down The Window

Next: marshmallows, m&m's 
and more chocolate 

pedi nail polish: OPI - Ski Teal We Drop

final mission: Truffles
I chose Fran's Chocolatier.  I've been going here for a few years now and I love her super tiny truffles.  So exquisite!  Plus, this downtown boutique is so glossy and posh that I can't help feeling elegant and even reverent almost while counting down the days 'til I reach Diabetes Type I.  
heels: Jimmy Choo for H&M / dress: Value Village thrift / belt: Zara / earrings: Nordstrom / bracelet: Forever21 / bag: Rebecca Minkoff 

Oh happy day.  A day of sweets and treats!  One of most indulgent things I can do is get all dressed up to go eat chocolate :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Over 10,000 views!!


For me, seeing this the other day was HUGE.  I am overjoyed by the support and just overall interest I've received by women who are just like me: ravenous about style and fashion

So of course, this calls for a little celebration and a big, warm


From my lil closet to my big ol' heart, here's to all of you :)

And here's to more outfits, more ideas, more inspirations 


keeping this magical closet of mine... Tiny.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday Brunch

And now I am 29.  I've always loved my birthday.  I love turning over a new leaf, recognizing my growth, inching my way closer and closer to what I believe will be my "fantastic 30s" 


I get to have everything my way for just one day :))  

I know women who get depressed on their birthdays.  WHY?  Women become amazing with age.  In fact, My Tiny Closet and I can already list three reasons why getting older is better

Better taste in clothing 
Older, more self-possessed women tend to look 
more attractive and classy as they've fine-tuned 
their wardrobe preferences and stopped chasing trends

More money 
Earning a higher salary, one can buy nicer clothes

With more responsibilities and bills to pay, 
older women have more respect for the luxury of shopping 
and tend not to be as wasteful with this special event

Also, hello, this is your day to be a princess.  And you may be thinking snarkly to yourself, "Yeah, I'm totally not the princess type..." and to that I say, 

Psst! Of course you are.

I usually hold a rather large celebration each year however, this year I did things differently and celebrated my birthday during the morning hours and with a more intimate group of special friends and family.  I was so happily surprised by the incredible turn out, I think I may have started a trend :)

And finally, I was able to take pictures of some of the delicious dishes we had at Boat Street Kitchen

After brunch, I invited everyone to take photos with me in Sculpture Park.  Of course, the flashiest ladies of the group obliged.  As our heels crunched over the fine gravel, it reminded me of all the Fashion Week photos I see of women making their trek to the next show...*sigh*  We had such a good time!

 And speaking of Fashion, do you like my coat?  I believe I manifested this coat, actually.  You may remember my "C'est What?!" blog post where I highlighted Chanel's 2012 Pre-Fall show.  From that moment, Lagerfeld's vision of Indian couture was burned in my brain.  So much to the point where out of thin air, while searching for inspiration, I found this coat packed tightly into a clothing rack in my favorite consignment shop in Seattle, Le Frock and mumbled out loud to myself,

boots: Jessica Simpson / top: Zara / pants: Zara / bracelet: wrapped necklace (unknown) / coat: vintage
 Starting next week, I will be showing this item again, along with a few other gems in my upcoming video featuring my June shopping treasures.  The first video of a monthly installment!!

To my dear friends who helped me celebrate my birthday in fancy brunch style,
I so so enjoyed myself :)


To the fabulous ladies who joined me in front of the camera for this post, 
you are truly the dopest!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lunch Break!

After running errands downtown all morning, Theo and I decided to grab lunch in the Exhibition Center.  When we got to the court yard, employees seemed to have flocked from your cubicles to sit in the sun during their lunch.   I hadn't planned to take any photos of my outfit that day but being that it was unbelievably sunny and gorgeous, it inspired my impromptu decision to celebrate my ultra casual attire.

It's amusing to see Seattleites in the sun.  They act like they're at the beach.  Men in business suits were taking off their blazers and laying down, women were taking off their shoes, etc.  Funny.  

We waited for everyone to leave and then got to clicking!

Once again, I was wearing Theo's Shades of Grey chambray.  Why do I always borrow it when it's hot outside?  I really do need to get a nice chambray of my own to sweat through.

The classic look of khakis, white tee and an open button up is...classic.  And though I love the classics, I naturally add my own diversion.  Instead of loafers or ballet flats, I chose to go with a pair of leopard spike smoking shoes.  Instead of a just-another-crew-neck tee, I decided to wear a cowl neck top in white linen.  Still ladylike but a bit more adventurous.


 Oversize boyfriend watches are incredibly popular right now.  And of course, one would've been right as rain with this ensemble buuuut why copy?  I prefer oversize safari bangles instead.  And my layered coconut necklace fit right in with the other atypical toppings I chose that day as well.  

I'll leave the boyfriend watch for an evening gown or something :)