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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Layers, Mixes & Game Night!

Lately, I've noticed I've been ditching my minimalist nature and have started leaning towards more mixing and layering.  Eh, it's a passing phase for sure but why fight it?  I'm having so much fun!  

And speaking of fun, yesterday evening Theo and I went to a Flight of The Conchords trivia night at Central Cinema.  In a silly rambunctious mood to watch reruns of this beloved show and laugh with the other Conchord nerds, I dove right into the essence of the evening and had some fun with my outfit as well.  Before heading off, we took some impromptu photos of my decision making:
And no, I didn't forget to mention my sexy new wedges!  A birthday gift from my mother.  My Tiny Closet welcomed these babies with open arms.  Keep visiting to see how much mileage I can rack up with these in both versatility and longevity :)  As that is The Tiny Closet way of course.
 Yoohoo, and have you seen this muumuu??  I wear this ol' thing everywhere.  You may remember I wore it here.  Yep, even on the other side of the world, I can always think of a reason to where this vibrant piece.  I cinched it with a belt to wear it more as a tunic over my leggings.

 leather jacket: Muubaa / denim top: Diesel / muumuu: Philippines / leggings: Gap / wedges: Trouve / tote: gift from a Vince Camuto trunk show


  1. Those wedges! Momma done good :)

  2. I agree with Anna. Thank you to your mommy. Those wedges are sexy.

  3. You have a cool style, love the shoes!