Library Chic

Last week, while brainstorming fun, unique reception dinners, Theo and I both paused on the thought of cooking and preparing the wedding reception dinner ourselves... Yay!  It would be amazing dishes cooked with love for our family and friends...  So we decided to go to the library to gather cook books and theme options for the menu we would create.

Well, I'll just cut to the end of the story, the idea imploded before we even got back to the parking lot.    The obvious reasons made us eventually run from the idea: cooking for 50 people.  And cooking for 50 people on our wedding day.


We had a nice laugh, patted each other on the backs and found our way to the magazine section.  I happened to be wearing a nice streamlined ensemble.  Minimal, comfortable and chic.  

But isn't James Perse always?
 James Perse is a godsend to cotton-lovers.  This dress is deceptively simple.  It's fitted but not in a body-con way.  When I think of a fitted, jersey dress, yikes - I close all doors to the possibility of wearing such a thing but this dress has two layers of the same material.  Brilliant!  So the imperfections of an unforgiving single layer of jersey are completely hidden with, aha - two layers of jersey!  Crisis averted.

Also, the wide v-neck is tolerable as I never wear this neckline type but the ultra-soft material stretches nicely into a scoop-v-neck, which softens the look into a more casual style.  I also never wear belts on my hips (psst, because I don't have any hips!) but I love this particular belt from the Gap for men.  It is perfect for a maxi dress or a fitted dress like this one.  I can't wait to wear it with a oversize AllSaints maxi, whoohoo!

 And hello, the library gets French Elle??  I have been paying shameful amounts for these!  I will keep this in mind indeed.
dress: James Perse / belt: Gap Men / necklace: Philippines / heels: Aldo


  1. I'm glad you came to your senses re: cooking for your own wedding! Maybe in your free time you could whip up a wedding cake? Kidddddddddddding

  2. First off you look hot. Second off really you wanted to cook for your own wedding? That is adorable and INSANE and I'm glad you came to your senses :)

  3. Sexy, elegant and classy!!! You wear all three very well. I love it!! Cooking for your wedding guest - that's beautiful and thoughtful - yet it's alot. Love ya