Birthday Brunch

And now I am 29.  I've always loved my birthday.  I love turning over a new leaf, recognizing my growth, inching my way closer and closer to what I believe will be my "fantastic 30s" 


I get to have everything my way for just one day :))  

I know women who get depressed on their birthdays.  WHY?  Women become amazing with age.  In fact, My Tiny Closet and I can already list three reasons why getting older is better

Better taste in clothing 
Older, more self-possessed women tend to look 
more attractive and classy as they've fine-tuned 
their wardrobe preferences and stopped chasing trends

More money 
Earning a higher salary, one can buy nicer clothes

With more responsibilities and bills to pay, 
older women have more respect for the luxury of shopping 
and tend not to be as wasteful with this special event

Also, hello, this is your day to be a princess.  And you may be thinking snarkly to yourself, "Yeah, I'm totally not the princess type..." and to that I say, 

Psst! Of course you are.

I usually hold a rather large celebration each year however, this year I did things differently and celebrated my birthday during the morning hours and with a more intimate group of special friends and family.  I was so happily surprised by the incredible turn out, I think I may have started a trend :)

And finally, I was able to take pictures of some of the delicious dishes we had at Boat Street Kitchen

After brunch, I invited everyone to take photos with me in Sculpture Park.  Of course, the flashiest ladies of the group obliged.  As our heels crunched over the fine gravel, it reminded me of all the Fashion Week photos I see of women making their trek to the next show...*sigh*  We had such a good time!

 And speaking of Fashion, do you like my coat?  I believe I manifested this coat, actually.  You may remember my "C'est What?!" blog post where I highlighted Chanel's 2012 Pre-Fall show.  From that moment, Lagerfeld's vision of Indian couture was burned in my brain.  So much to the point where out of thin air, while searching for inspiration, I found this coat packed tightly into a clothing rack in my favorite consignment shop in Seattle, Le Frock and mumbled out loud to myself,

boots: Jessica Simpson / top: Zara / pants: Zara / bracelet: wrapped necklace (unknown) / coat: vintage
 Starting next week, I will be showing this item again, along with a few other gems in my upcoming video featuring my June shopping treasures.  The first video of a monthly installment!!

To my dear friends who helped me celebrate my birthday in fancy brunch style,
I so so enjoyed myself :)


To the fabulous ladies who joined me in front of the camera for this post, 
you are truly the dopest!


  1. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a great time with our friends and famlily. I hope the rest of the day was just as fab! :) And you're right about aging. It's a privilege you know... not everyone gets to do it! :)

  2. Ahhmazing indeed is that coat. Love the outfit, very stylish, elegant yet simple.

  3. Bday brunch was fabulous and you 3 girls look so beautiful in these pictures! Love them!

  4. Happy belated, the food looked great, and looks like you guys had fun! That coat is STUNNING!