A Day of Sweets

Over the last few days, I've had an overwhelming craving for dessert.  Having gone twice in one week to have the "chocolate pot"at B&O, my favorite dessert joint, I was still craving more, more, more by the weekend!  So while shopping for gifts in the area in a new simple ensemble I'd pieced together, I finally just decided to let go and let my cravings flow...and look stylish doing it!

First order of business: gelato
Strawberry and chocolate.  One scoop for me and one scoop for Theo.  This gelato cafe is incredible.  Gelato, espresso and fashion magazines.  Amazing!

My dress is actually a skirt made for indeed, a taller woman.  Found this wonderful thrift item at Value Village - and I did in fact wear it as a high-waist skirt here.  But then like true Tiny Closet style, I changed it up of course and wore it as a dress.  Versatility is in the fine print of The Tiny Closet way. 
nail polish: OPI - Uh Oh Roll Down The Window

Next: marshmallows, m&m's 
and more chocolate 

pedi nail polish: OPI - Ski Teal We Drop

final mission: Truffles
I chose Fran's Chocolatier.  I've been going here for a few years now and I love her super tiny truffles.  So exquisite!  Plus, this downtown boutique is so glossy and posh that I can't help feeling elegant and even reverent almost while counting down the days 'til I reach Diabetes Type I.  
heels: Jimmy Choo for H&M / dress: Value Village thrift / belt: Zara / earrings: Nordstrom / bracelet: Forever21 / bag: Rebecca Minkoff 

Oh happy day.  A day of sweets and treats!  One of most indulgent things I can do is get all dressed up to go eat chocolate :)


  1. That is a very beautiful dress/skirt. I love those shoes, quite fierce yet elegant.

  2. Yum yum yum! Heels are fierce! I am having the same issue this week, craving anything and everything sweet! Haha enjoy!


    p.s. I know you were on the hunt for a wedding dress, I found a really pretty dress I recently posted to my fb page via Free People if you wanted to check it out! I think it's lovely!

    1. Thank you for the thoughtful suggestion!! I love that dress, it is so beautiful and ethereal actually, wow! Sadly though, it's a bit too bohemian for a girl like me :( So nice to look at and dream of an alternate wedding :P

  3. Love the dress/skirt but I kept thinking how are you not freezing?! The weather in Seattle must be way better then in Vancouver right now! SO COLD!

    1. Haha! I WAS freezing. When I got inside stores, I would take off my sweater :) I refuse to wear winter clothes in June!!

  4. You look gorgeous! Love your dress!

  5. Oh my gosh, you look so lovely and carefree! The perfect ensemble for a dessert date.

  6. sexy but innocent look.. and classy... hello from ─░stanbul...