Lunch Break!

After running errands downtown all morning, Theo and I decided to grab lunch in the Exhibition Center.  When we got to the court yard, employees seemed to have flocked from your cubicles to sit in the sun during their lunch.   I hadn't planned to take any photos of my outfit that day but being that it was unbelievably sunny and gorgeous, it inspired my impromptu decision to celebrate my ultra casual attire.

It's amusing to see Seattleites in the sun.  They act like they're at the beach.  Men in business suits were taking off their blazers and laying down, women were taking off their shoes, etc.  Funny.  

We waited for everyone to leave and then got to clicking!

Once again, I was wearing Theo's Shades of Grey chambray.  Why do I always borrow it when it's hot outside?  I really do need to get a nice chambray of my own to sweat through.

The classic look of khakis, white tee and an open button up is...classic.  And though I love the classics, I naturally add my own diversion.  Instead of loafers or ballet flats, I chose to go with a pair of leopard spike smoking shoes.  Instead of a just-another-crew-neck tee, I decided to wear a cowl neck top in white linen.  Still ladylike but a bit more adventurous.


 Oversize boyfriend watches are incredibly popular right now.  And of course, one would've been right as rain with this ensemble buuuut why copy?  I prefer oversize safari bangles instead.  And my layered coconut necklace fit right in with the other atypical toppings I chose that day as well.  

I'll leave the boyfriend watch for an evening gown or something :)

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