Fun with Layers

Searching through my Tiny Closet last week, I was in mood to put together something outside of my usual bag of tricks...   After circling around 4 items I wanted to wear, but which one??, I realized I might be able to wear all of them at once.  Yes, I'm talking about layering :)

When I think of the style of layering, my mind instantly shoots back in time to the 90s when one layered themselves in a myriad of tops and jackets of the same family of material, genre and/or size - the top-most layer of course being oversize.  Think Fresh Prince of Bel-Air meets My So Called Life....  Basically, a brief explanation for awful.  But maybe my headache-inducing eye roll is just a reaction to the embarrassment I have of my endless experiments with layering during my adolescence.

Anyway, I transcended the shame of my past and broke into layering that morning with wild abandon.  And not much thought.  Because you cannot - I repeat - you cannot think too much about it.  Layering needs to be intuitive but thoughtless.  Or else you'll talk yourself right out of what could be a great idea.  Or right into what could be waaaay too pre-meditative.
 I adore this Shades of Grey chambray (I love it so much it makes me rhyme!).  I also love this sheer waterfall skirt that I always end up wearing as a top.  The leather paneled leggings I've worn through thick and thin (no really, when I was thicker and then when I was thinner).  And the BCBGMAXAZRIA blazer is right up there on my most-fave list. 

Why not wear them ALL??
Wearing the waterfall skirt and turning it to the side, it looks like an asymmetrical tunic.  Tying my chambray over it, cinches the skirt and also accessorizes as a belt.

Glam, bold jewelry of the same nature as my glossy heels was definitely necessary for this atypical ensemble.  And yes, Rachel Zoe is so right - jewelry really does pull it all together.  These fantastic earrings will go in and out of style throughout the years and I will never let them go.  A birthday gift from Theo.  The necklace I found on the floor of a vintage/consignment shop (more on that later!).
necklace: vintage / earrings: Tory Burch / nail polish: Illamasquah "Rampage" / engagement ring: custom made by Whitney Stern Jewelry
 heels: Diesel

blazer: BCBGMAXAZRIA / leggings: H&M / bag: Rebecca Minkoff

So now of course, this lil experiment and spark of confidence enough to play again!  And you know how my Tiny Closet and I just luuuuv us some versatility.  And speaking of versatile, yes, I have worn these items time and time again and do they get old?  Never.  Check out how else I've worn a few of these items recorded in different ways on different days....

skirtAfter Dark
leggings: New Hairstyle
chambray: Color

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  1. I am cutting my dreadlocks soon because I have had them for way too long and need a new fresh natural hairdo. So naturally, I will have an 'afro'. I so wish my hair was like yours, but I could never pull that off because of my lineage (I am a pure bred black South African, our hair is extremely rough). Love the layering, but that's taboo ground for me right now. Too many clothes at once freak me out. Your blog is my fav, love it (:

  2. You're making downtown Seattle look REALLY good this morning friend :)

  3. Great style - It is truly put together. Flawless.