My Fall Capsule

I have been waiting to reveal this!!   With the weather having been like mid July for the past couple months, I postponed showcasing my Fall pieces so that I could actually wear them and figure out what kind of look I wanted to have this season.  
Finally, overnight, Fall has descended upon Los Angeles as a silvery dark cold blanket.  Never mind last week, which was sunny and in the hundreds - it's Fall so get used it!

Let's get right into it: 
Look-links to click! top to bottom: brown platform sandals / patent heeled mules / open toe wedges

These few pairs of heels have been my go-tos since August.  The coppery brown sandals I wear pretty much year round because firstly, I'm in sunny, warm California and also because their color is gorgeous for Summer and Fall looks (sometimes even warmer Winter months).  The other mules go well with denim, leggings, midi dresses - you name it.  And they should because I got them for that reason actually - not for my wardrobe but for modeling with my clothing line.  Having no intentions to make them part of my Tiny Closet, I bought them to wear for fittings and product shoots.  None of them are even over $40!  They looked so good though, I just started wearing them to the shoots and then out leisurely.
This is actually a sneak preview of my new collection of basics coming up...soon.  The collection is called "Standard" and these particular designs were fundamental in creating my clothing line.  Anyway, I'm very excited to share these pieces with you.  For now, they are part of my Fall capsule this season specifically because I am testing the fabrics for performance and look.  So far I love them! And so will you.  On the subject though - I've found it very helpful to always have a set of fine tees.  White, heather gray and black are my set.  Excellent drape, great feel, and a feminine deep neckline for a light sexy, slouchy style.
Look-link!  cropped lace camisole

And a lace or silk camisole is super helpful.  A key piece in bringing a capsule together.

This midi skirt has been a keeper for years.  Definitely medium weight kid leather (the most exquisite kind!) with a silk lining, I only take this babe out for Fall & Winter.  I've noticed an article of leather does well in every seasonal capsule, whether it's pants, a skirt or a jacket.  If leather aligns with your ethics, or maybe vegan leather, the look is all-season and you can have fun with colors for each capsule!
Look-link!  one-shoulder knit midi dress / Available for preorder 11/9

My one-shoulder knit midi dress comes in handy pretty much all year.  I debuted this piece as regal Summer evening wear.  But I've found it's relevant and beautiful for Fall.  I plan to make this piece in a long sleeve to better fit the current season.  

My orange wrap dress from Summer also does very well for Fall here.  I'm thinking a scoop neck body suit underneath as an additional look for the season?  Could be fun.  A dress with an of-the-moment statement color or print always does well in a capsule.  Always!

Of course, I had to include my smoke black V-neck waterfall dress.  It seems to be perfect for any occasion!  I designed it and even I'm surprised by its capacity.  This piece became quite popular after I released it's first design as a Summer tunic (below).  The fabric is heavyweight so for me, it's definitely a Fall piece.  Layered with tights and an overcoat or statement sweater, it could also work as a light dress for Winter.

A Summer tunic turned every-day oversize top.  This long roomy tunic goes so well with my work clothes, it's almost as basic as a big white tee - I'm sure I'll bring this top with me through all of my capsules.  I am also releasing it in a mulled wine color next week sooooo.... maybe that will be my new Fall favorite?  It'll be nice to have options though :)

I love The Painter dress as it's called in my shop.  But the original dress I released last Spring looked better on me.  Also, I haven't had a chance to wear it much with the blistering heat.  The denim is heavy weight like a stiff pair or jeans so Fall/Winter months only.  It's got a great silhouette and damn sturdy!  And since Fall came to us literally overnight, I'll have more opportunities to sport this daily workhorse dress.

Be sure to check out all my "Look-Links" to see how I styled each of my Fall capsule pieces in past and present season.  And speaking of looking... 

New Winter pieces are arriving in the shop next week!!!! 


  1. Love your collection and you look good in every single piece. Unfortunately for me, too much drape does not suit my body type ☹️. I would get lost in too much volume or material.

    1. Ah! I understand - a lot of women have this fear actually. But I think it's personal style. I am a mere 5 feet with a tiny frame (very few people are smaller!) and I feel fine in roomy draping pieces. I think it's because it's my style. It's also all in how you wear it and it does have to be cut just right. Meaning, with the waistline, hem and shoulders do have to frame the body. Everything else can be roomy.

  2. I absolutely love everything! I am excited and patiently awaiting the arrival of the t-shirts in grey, white and black. They look exquisite. Always on the hunt for the perfect fabric and drape. They look yummy!

  3. I love the pop of pure orange in your closet! I never used to wear orange but lately I've been branching out a bit and I really like this color. I also like your hairstyle - the chignon is so elegant and effortless. It sets off the drape of the clothing so well.


  4. Wow... Great content a usually. Bringing orange back...awesome!! As an on-line fashion owner I can always look to you for great content ( Thanks for being inspirational and exceptional!!

  5. Hi! I've followed you on IG for awhile but a more recent visitor to your blog and shop. I'm looking forward to trying a piece or two from your shop! I'm petite with curves and your style is very similar to mine so I am quite happy to have found you. Can't wait until the shop is open again.

  6. Inspiring to see the growth of you brand. Keep inspiring!