Cozy In Leather

I think it was Coco Chanel who said "comfort is true luxury...".   I forget.  I certainly remember thinking, how poignant that statement was though.   That hit the nail on the hammer for me right there.  Because it's true.  I mean, for me it rings true.  I know many other women feel differently.  But I feel my most sophisticated, most beautiful, most luxurious self when I am comfortable.  Like, cozy comfortable.  It's my passion - my mission in cultivating and perfecting my style to be so comfortable in whatever I'm wearing, I could fall asleep in it.  Whether that be a pajama set or a ball gown...  And that's hard to do!  Mission accepted.

I've worn a lot of ensembles on this blog.  Many of them are for the blog specifically - meant to inspire imagination and creativity... And then some are truly me, my style, who I am through and through.

Speaking of comfort and my core style, this outfit hits the nail on the hammer.

 This buttery kid leather midi skirt is the only thing I'm wearing these days.  I've never ultimately preferred skirts because I don't like the draft nor the handicap of not being able to open my legs.  But this midi skirt is heavy enough to keep the draft under wraps and it's also roomy enough to lounge comfortably in without feeling like I need to hold a dime between my knees.  

And did I mention how buttery it is??
Paired with this oversize cable knit cardigan, well there you have it.  A cozy, stylish everyday wear. 

 This photo was taken Sunday morning on our way to our favorite neighborhood cafe.  Can you tell I'm in a hurry to be done taking photos and ready for crepes and coffee?  I know I missed posting last week so I'm extra happy to share with you this week.  I'm wearing a basic crew neck muscle tee half tucked in and some leopard slip-ons.  I wish all outfits could be this simple to put together.  What more do you need, ladies?

Happy Monday to you all!
and if you're eyeing my new bucket bag, yay!!  I love it.  And I'll be showing closeups soon :)


  1. I agree Natalie. While I love skirts, I really don't want to think about the legs and uncomfortable shoes, so most of the time I'm in pants. But thanks for validating my feelings about style. You show the versatility of clothes which is why I love your blog. Plus, you rock everything you wear. Now where did you get that comfy tee and sweater???

    1. Thank you Sandy! The muscle tee is from American Apparel and the sweater is actually from Lane Bryant :)

  2. I LOVE this. I cannot wear heels and I'm not really a skirt or dress person. This may change my mind.😊

  3. I did miss you! lol I never comment but I would check back occasionally like "well, life a hold of her!" I love your blog and understated style and new hair Cut!! (well I love all the hair cuts :)) I live in DTLA too so it's cool to see where you shoot.

    1. Hi Crystal! Thanks for continuing to check in and visit! Yes, I can't quite seem to stop changing my hair LOL - glad you like the latest flavor :) And we're neighbors! If you ever see me walking around dtla, say hi!

  4. This is such a great look! Def my style too. Cozy, comfy yet stylish. A little tomboyish too.

  5. I love this look on you. You can make any type of clothes look good~ love your blog keep it coming :)