Lengthy Statements

I've been styling this white v-neck tunic all Summer long and now into Fall.  It's an upgrade from a big white tee - in fact, it's not even jersey.  It's a woven rayon with drape for days.  And I love draping it with everything!
So yeah, yeah you can wear this tunic with leggings and palazzo pants - predictable but looks fabulous nonetheless.  But I like to play with more atypical styles.  Styles that, while still completely accessible, they're a bit off the well beaten path.  This vintage (can you believe 80s is now considered vintage??!!) leather midi skirt is my fave and I'll have it for years more to come.  It was the first thing I thought of pairing after designing this tunic.
I initially thought having two long oversize pieces on my small 5 foot frame would be a distraction.  No one should notice your outfit before noticing you.  You and your look need to be an equal pair.  But when I put the two together, it balanced quite nicely.  No distraction from the wearer, very me and so very comfortable.
I chose to go silver for this style.  I never wear silver, having such warm tones but for one, this chain-link cuff was a dear gift from my husband and I haven't been able to fit it in years.  I tried it on randomly and boom, it fit like the day he got it for me...7 years ago.

Also, I've always loved these simple hammered silver earrings.  Topped it off with a sky blue Larimar ring (which was featured here two Summers ago) and my minimalist heart was pleased.
There's a handful of outfits I'll never tire of and this one was just added to the list.  Such a simple artful statement - and so effortless!  That's why it's fun to experiment with going against the rules.  I always do.  Because you never know just how wrong those silly "fashion rules" are if you don't try breaking them.  Wearing what you love and looking how you want to look always makes a statement anyhow.

Happy Monday :)
p.s. you can actually purchase this fabulous v-neck tunic at my shop!  Enjoy.

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