Fall Capsule Beginnings

I am finally taking some time to explore separates this season!  

I love a one-piece-throw-on-and-go uniform, hence my infinite discussion about them in my posts (and clothing line). They're the secret to [effortlessly] getting ready any time of day, any day of the week!  But I'm taking a pause for a season or two to finally tackle tops: 

how to wear them / how to style them / how to design the right fit.  And I think I'm on the right path...

I went from dresses to... tunics!  They're considered tops too.  I'm getting there.
This beauty, Portia, an acupuncturist by trade and an ever patient model by friendship shed some light while I worked out the kinks and fiddled with wear last weekend.  Ah, the art of wearing separates!  

I think all you need is drape.  Oh, and good bone structure.
 Starting with white and black, I took classic lines and played with them a bit.  I always like to start from a classic foundation and build into whatever I'm feeling.  And I'm not talking just design - I'm referring to style as well of course!

I've always been intimidated by separates.  A lot of options can lead to a lot of indecision.  But if focused on the style of look you want, I realize it's quite easy to pick out and put together the pieces that fit that vision.  Rather than having some random top here and there that doesn't go with anything and a ton of tops that match one random bottom that you don't even care for.  Anxiety!

So I wanted to share a little peak of what I've been up to over here in The Tiny Closet.  Makin tops and talkin shop!  But seriously, I've been working - experimenting, finding the perfect fit, drape and look to curate a collection of separates and statement pieces into what I believe will be my best Fall/Winter capsule yet :)

Posts to unfold later this week, guys! 
And I'm super excited too because I don't get a chance to share so regularly these days.  I hope you'll check back again before the week is out to see more!


  1. shes stunning full name plz may we follow her

    1. Hi Modiki! Thanks so much for your wonderful comment :) Her name is Portia Wilson and she is based here in L.A.. She is an acupuncturist and you can follow her on her site, http://deepergenius.com or on her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deepergenius.acupuncture/

  2. I need the first and second top now! The third one is in my (flat stomach) dreams!�� These are can't wait for's! Well done!

  3. Love all these pieces. What's lacking in the market are tops with style, instead of the standard tee. Although dresses are simple, as you're saying, still many people wear pants too. I love this new direction.

    1. I completely agree! Sometimes I don't want to dress up in a dress but keep it casual with a top and trousers. I love these finer "statement" basics for those times I want to do a little extra. Thanks for commenting!