Mandarin & Mud Cloth

 I am living(!) in my Summer capsule!!  

Which is exactly the point.
This wrap dress is in my most favorite color of the moment (I call it sun-dried mandarin, mmm!).  And, paired with this clay white mud cloth duster coat, is all I wear these days.  You can check out this duster with some vintage 501s here.

Throughout this Summer, I'll be showing you how I coordinate my Tiny Summer capsule.  And so far...

every cafe and boutique in my 2-block radius has probably memorized this ensemble as it's all I wear.
But this is the first of many ensembles I'll be playing with in my Tiny Summer capsule, as that is the Tiny Closet way.  Also, L.A.'s Summers don't end until practically November so you'll be seeing a few more pieces added before I'm finished :)

With California weather, the temperature never wavers too far north or south so I'm sure I wont be tucking either of these pieces away completely.  I look forward to wearing this dress with a crisp black turtleneck and heeled booties.

Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let's talk about Summer!

If you're interested in seeing this dress in more detail, visit The Tiny Closet Shop and peek around my new arrivals!
Have a blissful weekend guys :)

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