Rugged Chic

I couldn't find any time yesterday to shoot pics of my warmer wear so before I took off to go pick up all my holiday pieces to sew today, I grabbed Theo to take some photos of the newest new styling in my Tiny wardrobe.
Canvas, leather and a pair of booties with the thickest, grippiest soles.  This is as rugged as it gets with an oversize army green canvas coat, my favorite midi skirt in the softest leather and my city boots made for strutting, stomping... and parkouring.
 Finally!!  I've found an oversize army-green coat that doesn't make me look like a little girl wearing her dad's fatigues.  Got it from Target while picking up some dishwasher detergent.  I love those random score moments when you come along something you've been searching for in all the wrong places.  I call it a planned-impulse buy.  Don't know where I'll find it but when I see it, I'm going to buy it.  Done.

Is it really December 1st??


  1. Girl you are looking super duper chic the hair , the outfit and that red lipstick is FIRE :) Go ahead Natalie straight out of Black VOGUE ! Now I am going to start begging : When are you going take care of us plus size girls I want that Curator dress in black a size 20-22 (2x) ~ Thank you :)

  2. This look is fan-tas-tic! Love how you've changed it up - lips, hair, glasses. Perfect with the outfit for sure. Love your clothing line - designs are really great - I have two of your dresses and I've worn them to death, so versatile (no, really, to death)! The thing that keeps me coming back is how your designs were derived; the thought (and person) behind the ideas ... Well done you!

  3. Chic look on fleek! The army jacket fits swell!

  4. I love this look. Very comfortable and casual. The lips were a nice touch!

  5. Super cool pics..Liked it.. Lovely snaps :)

  6. I love this outfit but the hair and lips are divine