A Dress & Jeans

Restyling my closet has always been a high-energy sport for me.  And over the years, styling, mixing, repurposing has grown to being the forefront of fashion anyway.  Mixing high end luxury clothing with clearance sale fast fashion, mixing genres, mixing textures, seasons - it's the new expression of fashion.

And last week I played with an old mashup: a dress over jeans.  Honestly, I feel like any (yes, any) dress can be worn over jeans but it's got to be the right jeans for the right person.  And shoes are a biggie as well.  Technically speaking, someone of my height (a wee 5') shouldn't play with this method.  And uncharacteristically, I actually agree with this guideline...  
But not today.  These jeans are my most favorite denim ever so I'll find any excuse to wear them with anything else in my closet, let alone my Fall capsule.  And this wrap dress that I've named, "The Nomad" in my shop has become my new favorite piece so I also want every reason to wear it.  Voila.
It got pretty chilly for a few days last week and I thought this mix was a good idea.  But it was back to 96 degrees yesterday so I think I'll be mashing up quite a bit more throughout this season, at least until there's more consistent weather.  For those experiencing similar weather while trying to get into the classic Autumn spirit, stay tuned.  

And for those of you starting to feel the nip, I guess this post is for you!  
Because I would've been sweating like a lil piglet if I decided to wear this ensemble any other day.  It was fun while it lasted.

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  1. Very nice! It is perfectly suitable me. Yes , These jeans are me also most favorite denim ever. Thank you for sharing woderful blog

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