Daily Looks

I am a creature of habit, especially with my clothing and keeping a wardrobe.  So when I find a new uniform or daily ensemble I can count on, I wear that baby out.
I've been feeling artistically moody lately as I was mentioning earlier... feeling the misty, dark Northwest spirit.  But the weather in L.A. has been nothing but sunny clear skies and scorching, balmy heat.  What gives?  Come on, I'm trying to have broody cool vibes over here.
At least I can capture them in photos.  Even if I'm sweating under this turban.
I promise I'll have something else to talk about in my next post.  But this!  This dress has climbed the closet billboard to #1 in just a matter of a week.  Side note, it started out longer and I shortened it - voila.  Instant daily wear.

Short enough to flirt with on my way to dinner.  And long enough to not have to cirque-du-soleil myself out of an Uber without disaster.  The swing-like back drapes and flows so beautifully so I don't mind that there is minimal detail.  I'm a minimal detail kinda girl.  Give me one big statement and you can keep all the other bells and whistles.
I am normally so disappointed in how I look in wedges.  My calves are built to keep me moving so needless to say, they don't have that slender swan-like look that can pull off a bottom heavy shoe like a wedge.  Buuuuut, I have noticed that a super narrow wedge is much more complimenting on athletic legs like mine so long story short, I love these wedges I'm wearing!  And they are perfecto with this high-low dress.

Easy and sophisticated for day and effortlessly sultry for night.  What a great day-to-night outfit this turned out to be. 
Visit The Tiny Closet Shop to view this piece in more detail.  I'm rolling out some fantastic and fun outfits for Fall! ... If only it would start getting there.  They'll be trickling in as the weather cools.  Check back on Monday to see a brand new outfit and maybe some new ideas to help you put your Fall Capsule together!

Happy, happy Thursday to you!


  1. I love the easy look, it totally suits you. So then I start to think that I would love one of your dressed but each time I look at one of them, I wonder if you are having to continually tug it up at the shoulders? That would drive me crazy!!

    1. Thank you, Sandra! I'm glad you like this piece. It's one of my faves for the shop. No issues that I've experienced with tugging - but then again, I adore deep V necks lol! This one stays put but it is deep! I will be releasing pieces soon with higher v- necklines but try this out and see for yourself if you're unsure! Ya never know until you try :)