TBT 2: Favorite Restyles of The Past

I thought it was time again for another walk down Tiny Closet memory lane.  A perfect showcase in continuing on with this special re-style feature.  And this lil wardrobe of mine has seen a lot of restyles!  

Yes, for me, there should always be a piece or two that will be saved for those special moments.  Pieces that just shouldn't be re-purposed, you know?  But for the rest of my clothes?  I'm gonna wear the heck outta them!

This tunic can go from day to night, from Summer to Fall and even layer-able for Winter.  Leggings and boots or stripy sandals and big hair.  For when I want to be classic or when I want to be fabulous. 

This skirt was the first piece I ever designed and sewed from scratch.  I still love the lightweight linen and gorgeous print.  Amazing with a muscle tank and a bright crop top.   It can also be worn with some thick tights and Winter booties like in my post, Textures & Patterns.  I probably should've included that photo but I honestly prefer this pleated number with Summery toppers.  I like the juxtaposition since it has such an Autumn-like print.

Ugh!  I frickin love this Rodriguez cutout blouse.  No buttons.  Just an open drapey, fresh piece.  Anyway, like all of my clothes, I try to mix them with as many items as possible.  But with this blouse, I need all the reasons possible to wear this as much as I can.  It can be casual, it can dressy and it can be in-between.  Isn't it just amazing?!

I don't wear denim dresses.  I prefer denim to be worn from the waist down, personally.  But this thrift denim vest dress was pretty perfect for my Summer office temp jobs at the time - and it also worked very well for my weekend trips to the country as an open vest coat. 

These sumptuous Bottega Veneta harem pants are the height of understated luxury.  I can't stand wearing luxury that screams to be looked at.  These don't need to say anything.  The comfort, fit and feel say it all.  Wearing them - regardless with what - makes me feel quietly luxurious as well.  

This shawl was one of the many gifts I received from my husband while we dated.  He turned my focus away from corporate retail with their tendency for factory looks and showed me how awesome it is to wear indie designs and support local clothing designers.  Which opened me to considering being one, myself.  Dramatic, edgy and very warm - this piece is a purposeful work of art when worn.

Blazers and jackets are tricky since I am incredibly petite.  But maybe they're tricky for everyone?  Still, I love them and prefer them to coats. And on those extra chilly days, two coats may be better than one after all!  I had fun layering this light seasonless blazer over my fitted cropped denim jacket.  The best part is the length differences of the sleeves.  I'd seen this idea a couple times on Pinterest and it is so stylish!


  1. pants, skirts, tops and accessories: LUV them all. This is no Tiny Closet, that's for sure.

  2. You and your TINY closet pieces are a delight. That denim dress is rocking it; both ways! May I borrow the Bottega Veneta harem pants? They would look sumptuous with this blouse I plan to rock to an event in a few weeks!

  3. I love all of these, especially the harem pants. I have a pair I've kept for years for that same effortlessly chic feel. I loved seeing all these photos together, you have such a rockin' style.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  4. This throw back proves that your style is classically timeless. There's nothing here that can't be worn 2 or 10 years from now. Cheers!

  5. Love them all! Classic!

  6. I love all you remixes you are a Black girl who rocks for sure :)

  7. Girl! Just fly!!! I love all the looks but especially the harem pants look and the oversized black sweater... WERK IT!

    Luxe Beauty Blog

  8. I really dig seeing your remixes!