Earth Tones

I'm not really much for earth tones.  Mainly because they don't flatter my tones.  Still, I couldn't help put this ensemble together on Monday, simply for the sake of fashion and style.  The colors and lines all went together so cohesively and the resulting style reminded me of a modern pioneer woman.  

What is it with me these days?  Pioneer?  Prairie?  Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman? 

Lately, I've been leaning subconsciously towards strong, Western looks.  This too shall pass I'm sure but while my fingers are pruny in it, I might as well record the phase. 

shawl: Nicole Bridger / dress: James Perse / necklace: Goodwill / earrings: Whitney Stern Jewelry Design / belt: Forever21 / boots: Cole Haan 

It's interesting all the different looks I find in this Tiny Closet of mine :) Even if it's not really my style, who cares?  Clothes are amazing because you're in them and then you're out of them and on to something else.  I have become addicted to seeing just how dynamic and versatile my wardrobe and I can really be when it comes to daily expression.  

So yes, I have worn these items tons of times - (one of them being here) and all in different ways.  You can also view the shawl and boots together with denim here!

Thank you for visiting!


  1. Love those boots. I am majorly on the hunt for a great pair of brown high heel boots.

  2. Really great outfit, I think the colors look great with your tone. I love the brown and grey together and that necklace and so pretty!!! I need clothes like this so I can put outfits together effortlessly and still be chic/stylish. I think I spend way too much time trying to find outfits and can never find anything in my closet that goes together. I have alot of clothes but nothing that I can really put together and make outfit, then again maybe I just don't have the eye to see it LOL!!

    Carsedra of:

  3. I love the look! You look great. Those boots are NICE!!


  4. I love your site and the hair, from a fellow natural belle. I think I know what the big news is!!!!!

  5. I think i know what the big news is too - :) xxxx

  6. Im excited for you! ♥♥You put the C in chic!

  7. nice, I thought the outerware was a swing coat. I love it!!