Wear a Shawl

I woke up this morning and did not want to do a thing!  I didn't feel like going on my morning run, nor taking the shower that proceeded, nor styling my hair or putting on makeup.

But then mornings like these, I am reminded of a story my mom told me of her being out with her sister (my aunt) and, spotting her ex-boyfriend in the distance, grabbed her sister and walked the opposite direction.  My mother immediately explained that she could NOT have her ex see her dressed like "this", indicating her dismal appearance.  At which point my absolutely fabulous aunt asked her, "Then why are you dressed like that?" ...Good point.

From that point forward I started working at dressing well everyday because its great to just be out enjoying a casual day and knowing I am fashionably prepared for whatever the day brings.

Here's me out getting coffee:

So I took the time to get ready anyway.  I still had no desire to tackle my head of curls so I just wore it down.  The style inspired a somewhat equestrian rustic country theme in my ensemble today.  I went with it.

I am wearing the same gray jeggings as in my Shades of Gray post.  This shawl was a gift from fiance and I never brown but because there is a dark, ash hue in the brown, I can still wear all of my gray items and even my black items.

So comfy for a coffee date with my girlfriend but its a bit formal like I love to be.

This shawl is the warmest!  I altered the sleeves 3/4" as I am very petite.  Sometimes its cheaper to get a wool shawl instead of splurging on a new coat (especially if you already have a coat).  And every year I want to buy a new coat - well this year, I am enjoying the nice coats I already have and to satisfy my desire for a new Fall item, I bought a shawl instead.  With even a bit of layering, a wool shawl is just as warm and very elegant.

Nicole Bridger (stylish little boutique in Vancouver BC)


Kenneth Cole / bought them at a consignment shop for $30!!!

Yves Saint Laurent

Abercrombie & Fitch

Free People

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