A Day To Vacay

I've had the case of the blues lately.  When it rains it pours I guess.  But amidst the pouring, my dear photographer (and main squeeze) reached out and gave me a lil umbrella :)  You know, so as not to get my skirt wet.  He really is quite wonderful.

Yes, with various current events my creativity has been zapped, my mind, completely pre-occupied.  But when things are done going up and start coming down, that's when your passions for what you love can be a wonderful high road.  And when I mentioned not getting my skirt wet, I meant to say new skirt!
And by new, I mean that I made it myself.  Roaming through Pacific Fabrics, an enormous fabric outlet in SODO, I came across a truly fierce geometric, Grecian-like patterned linen.  I grabbed up as much as I could afford (thank the stars I'm super petite!) and headed home to make this pleated skirt you see here.  As I mentioned before, I don't use patterns - I actually drape my sewing projects on myself and sew and cut from there.  Tedious I know but fit is key so all those extra hours are worth it to wear something that is literally made for me.
And that high road I chose to stroll down that day was actually pretty sea-level but the breeze made all the difference.  I chose to wear a pair of glossy Taryn Rose flats as Theo and I observed the skyline from a different angle.  These flats still have a gloss after all these years so of course, they have prime real estate in my Tiny Closet.  
I've never owned a muscle tee but always wanted a few in muted, white and nude tones.  Muscle style tees in those colors make the look so fresh and cool!  And the opportunity came up to sport one finally when Theo cut up his old "Original Gangster" tee and gave it to me.  Actually, he cut it up for himself and I took it and wore it that day and he didn't say anything.

belt: Forever21 / muscle tee: Zebra Club / tank: H&M / sunglasses: Anne Klein

And under my manly muscle tee, I wore a sweet cotton spaghetti strap tank fit for a ballerina.  Sans tee, the simplicity of the tank, voluminous pleated skirt, and shiny flats made a more classic, feminine ensemble that I thought I'd show as well.  And speaking of transitions, this skirt will also do very well come Fall and Winter.  I'm thinking black tights, stiletto booties and my gorgeous chocolate wool wrap, hello!

So, back and at it with my usual [Rebecca Minkoff] bag of tricks (and hopefully some new ones?) I am feeling the tingle of creativity trickling through my veins again.  Here's to a relaxing long weekend and a sumptuous day of un-laborious activities.

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Beautiful. Great job making the skirt - I like the pattern.

  2. I love that you paired black w/ brown and the casual tee with a such a beautiful skirt! One of my fave outfits.

    1. Thank you!! I loved making this skirt too. Lots of learning. I wanted to have a skirt that could be dressed up or down so I will be wearing it again soon in a more formal A/W ensemble :) Thanks so much for visiting!