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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A His Shirt For Her

I've always loved the look of a woman in a man's white business shirt.  

Problem is, after several unsuccessful attempts over the years to replicate the look as an effortlessly sexy single piece (arms way too wide, collar not complimenting, shirt body too short for my abnormally long torso, etc...) I decided that perhaps my non-Julie Roberts measurements just didn't fit the look.  

That is until I found this men's shirt inspired linen button up.  
For women :)

And it's fit for petite women to boot!  Ah, a one piece "men's shirt" with heels finally accomplished. And you know how I feel about one pieces!

top: Vintage Chic by Grace (Lida Baday) / sandals: Nine West / earrings: Cinema / scarf: vintage

This top I found at my most favorite vintage boutique in Studio City, Vintage Chic by Grace.  I adore every personally handpicked item that stylish woman sells.  What a treat it is to shop there!   

The long slits on the sides of the shirt make it sexy and breezy for Summer.  And easy to transition into Fall as it's perfect to pair with pants or some chic leggings.

I am also excited to bring these big gold earrings into Fall as well.  So many plans for this upcoming season, ladies!!!!!

But for now, I am loving the closing of Summer, my new hue, bare legs and upcoming Labor Day activities!  ...and privately trying out new hairstyles for Fall and Winter...  

Excited to show and tell!


  1. This is perfection !!!! Love everything from head to toe doll

  2. Beautiful Natalie I love the shirt with the shoes looks totally effortless. and very chic.
    Now I have to raid my husband closet. lol

    Happy Labor Day! :)

  3. Im sooo loving this look!!! So effortlessly done!!! love it!

  4. Very cute, love how you rocked this shirt!!!

    Carsedra McKoy:

  5. you are so beautiful and inspiring!

  6. U know how I like men pieces for women ;) Rockin' the men's shirt oh so very well!

  7. So effortless.

  8. very cute! where did you get the shirt?

  9. I really love that you're excited about every piece you get. :D

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