Utilizing My Basics

This silk over shirt has really helped to upgrade my style on those lazy days when I just want to wear a sleeping bag...

A racerback tank dress, jeans and flats get what I hoped to be a sophisticated boost with a drapey open-back top/jacket.  
This layered look has been a regular for me while the weather is still fluctuating under 80 degrees.  

And, like my Pinterest boards reveal, I particularly enjoy when minimal chic styling includes a boyish charm.  It gets me every time.

These horse-hair, spiked flats have been with me a few years now.  I absolutely adore them!!  My lil monsters :)  
I've worn them with some casual khakis and a chambray and also with a white Winter coat.

This deep, exquisite green Illamasquah nail color is my favorite green.  It's a chore to put on with all the layers it needs but I really should wear it more.  
It's versatile and such a gorgeously unique color.

top shirt: Robert Rodriguez / tank dress: FIDM / denim: All Saints / flats: Romwe.com / hat: H&M

Speaking of versatile, this tank dress has been helpful on more than one occasion:  with shorts and also harems and heels.  And I also sleep in it.

All in all, a perfect example of a Tiny ensemble!  Made up of trusty pieces that can be put together in a myriad of ways, 
I truly do have a closet that will always give me something great to wear. Tiny as it may be.


  1. love it! especially that green nail polish!

  2. Love it! You have such swag ma'am, I love the way the shoes makes the whole outfit pop :)

  3. This is a great look on you. I tend to enjoy a little boyish charm too!
    Those shoes will get ya', watch out! LOL Those are awesome.