Layering Handsomely

Exploring our new hood on a walk on Sunday, I didn't feel like wearing my usual jacket or sweater or blazer or or or...  So many options that I've worked to death it seems, and I was completely uninterested in all of them.  I try my hardest not to let that negative feeling of the there's-nothing-in-my-closet syndrome get to me, but when I open my Tiny Closet and it comes over me, it's the worst.  Talk about closet interruptus.  heehee!

Thank goodness my attention has recently landed to rest for a moment on men's fashion!  Otherwise, I don't know how long it would have taken me to leave the house that morning, omg.  Drama drama, right?  Anyway, the things boys have been doing with clothing and textures lately is pretty inspiring and snapped me right out of my funk.  I was inspired in fact, to try out a bit of their handsome styling tricks myself by taking something I've been seeing a lot in the boy mags: 

layering a denim jacket with a tweed blazer.  Handsome!  
And as it turned out, I just so happened to have those same ingredients in my Tiny Closet to brew up the very same look for myself :)
 The key is all in the tailoring.  Men are wearing such fitted clothing these days and I'm loving it.  Loving it for myself as well.

My cropped, fitted denim jacket is just tight enough to be layered underneath my conservative fit all-season tweed blazer.  If these items were any bigger or more loose, the styling effect wouldn't have worked.

 I also wore Theo's socks 80s aerobic style, bunched over my skinny denims.  And of course, my favorite Bass brogues were right as rain for the look.  I love these girls!  The suede bow ties make the shoe and never get old.

denim jacket: American Eagle / tweed blazer: Value Village / tee: James Perse / denim: Zara / socks: Happy Socks / brogues: Bass

 Looking forward to the sun this week so I can use my pool!!  Okay okay, all you Californians go ahead, roll your eyes and chuckle at my enthusiasm, I don't care!  Just because every single apartment/condo/complex in L.A. has a pool or two doesn't make it any less amazing to this Seattleite.  

I might as well be J.Lo right now, y'all.  Hahaaa!  Hope you have a wonderful week!

Natalie Out.


  1. Hey there!

    Nice to know you are back to the blog, looking great as usual, but my biggest question is, what do you use in your hair? what is your hair Regime? I will be very thankfull if you can share some hair tips with us.

    Beijos Sheila (Angola)

  2. I love the layering and shoes shot!
    The little fringes of your blazer makes it a little less conservative and works even better with the denim jacket (not that it wouldn't look good otherwise!), and it seems to be such a nice tweed.

  3. AWESOME!! Never would have thought of the two (denim & tweed) layered together. You pulled it off handsomely!! :-)