A Boot For All Seasons (Almost)

One thing I've noticed here in L.A. is boots.

L.A. girls go hard with boots.  More than I've ever really seen before.  Even in the Summer.  It could be 100 degrees outside and girls are rocking boots of all shapes and sizes.  I'm stumped.  Aren't they hot?  

I asked a girl recently, while slowly melting into vapor under a sweltering sunset just how she can wear her super cute pirate boots with her romper...  She hadn't noticed any overheating.  I guess you desert girls are used to it.  So the most sense I can make out of it is that boots are just the thing to wear here no matter how hot it gets.  And for the record it gets frickin' hot here ok?

 I grew up in rain forests and left work early when it hit 70 degrees outside but that's cool, I'll play too.  I got myself a pair of transitional booties.  I'm saving my thigh-high boots for cooler weather, thank you.  But these boots are edgy and non-suffocating for Summer  - and also, more importantly, perfect for Fall.

And I'm back to black leggings.  Ahhhhhh.  I love my fall basics.  And these boots have woven themselves beautifully into my Tiny Closet.  I absolutely love the gold accenting!

 top: Vintage Chic by Grace / leggings: Heavenly Couture / boots: Santee Alley / earrings: Melrose Trading Post
This simple ensemble is effortless, comfortable and... chic maybe?  I'd like to think so anyway :)  But it really is a great Fall staple look.  Staple because I've worn these leggings countless times and this newer linen top, I can wear as a tunic as well as a dress.  Like I did here.

I found these charming earrings while shopping at the Melrose Trading Post last weekend.  You don't even know - this place.... *sigh*  I now have to go every Sunday, I'm addicted.  Excited to show you all the treasures I snatched up!

So be prepared to see these boots with everything I own!  Because they go with everything - as that is the Tiny way.  

And because I'm an L.A. girl now :)

Enjoy your weekend and see ya back here on Monday!


  1. Can't wait to see what else you got, those earrings are nice. Yeah... I don't get the boot is heat thing either.

  2. aww how cute! I love boots too...and I can't wait to say that... "I'm an L.A. girl now" SOON!
    Love the fit.

    Chymere Anais

  3. Beautiful as always...

  4. Your bun is gorgeous! Would you do a post on how you do your bun?

  5. Melrose Tradiing is the absolute BEST : ) loving the buckling detail on those booties and can't wait to see the rest of your melrose haul

  6. Those boots are great! I've been trying for so long to find a pair of ankle boots without success. Every time I think I find a pair, they end up taking over my feet. I think it's because I have shapely legs, skinny ankles (thanks, dad!), and big feet, so anything that too much will be overwhelming. Until I can find the illusive all-purpose ankle boot, I will live vicariously through you.

  7. Beautiful. I love the who outfit. Those earrings are amazing.

  8. Yes loving those boots with the gold accents! And yes- LA girls are ride or die with their boots. It's something that I definitely noticed during my semester there for school. But rock those boots girl! Love 'em!


    The Kris Bliss

  9. So I am glad i'm not the only one that noticed the 4 season boot trend here in LA...this marks my 14th month as a LA Gal, and I still can't bring myself to whip out boots while the daytime temperatures are still in the 80's!! Great boots! Great post!