Go From Evening to Evening

This light-as-snow chiffon waterfall skirt is a fabulous item in my Tiny Closet.  Particularly for travel.  In fact, I bought it while traveling.  
Why?  Because it is as versatile as I need it to be.

So! for this continued post, as part of my feature on restyling, I chose to showcase this style skirt.  
I'm actually using this post to persuade you to get a loose elastic banded waterfall skirt for your wardrobe (and for your suitcase!).

Left Photo - button up: Michael Kors Men / skirt: Zara / heels: Ivanka Trump / necklace: street vendor
Right Photo - skirt as top: Zara / pants: Santee Alley / heels: Santee Alley / earrings: Santee Alley

I know, I know, I rarely tell you to go out and get anything specific.  Yes, this blog is indeed about style - not necessarily the items themselves.  But I have to say, whenever I travel- whether it be for a weekend or for a couple of weeks, I always take this skirt.  It's incredibly versatile, it plays well with all the other girls in my closet, aaaaaand it's on the fancy side so I never have trouble getting dressed up with a minimal luggage of choices.

Many times while traveling, there's several evenings that call for  more than a swimsuit coverup and wedges.  I found that this skirt with an oversize top, heels and a necklace does the trick when showing up to a beachside dinner.  And for those pesky business trips, it works equally well for afternoon meetings in the hotel lounge or those obligatory cocktail events. (psst, can you tell I hate business trips?)

Just a mens button up, a necklace made from coconuts and some soft textured suede olive heels.  So simple, so minimal but the skirt makes it much cooler and unexpected.  Who wants to be predictable anyway?

And on those other evenings when dressing up is clear and expected, even if spontaneous or impromptu, you can just take your best slacks or pants from that day, put on some bangles and your biggest earrings, along with any pair of fancy sandals that you can find in your suitcase - put it all together with your waterfall skirt and voila!  Instant glam.  Made of basically, luggage remnants.

My thoughts have been pausing on travel lately.  So many places to go.  Shall I tour the American Southwest or eat my way through Spain?  Go glacier gazing in Alaska or cave diving in Southeast Asia?  Anywhere I go, I'll be taking this skirt with me.  And whenever that time comes, I can't wait to share.  Meanwhile, hopefully this post will be of some help for your next travels.  Try it!!  With a skirt like this, packing will be lighter for sure. 


  1. So, this is a skirt worn as a dress, right? I love it and I as well have several skirts (banded) that I wear as a dress and or halter dress often. Don't let it have a flare to it, I'm on the dance floor (ballroom dancer ;-) ) twirling like Ginger Rogers, baby! :D
    I like your pairings and I particular like it with the pant. As far as your travels; SPAIN! SPAIN! SPAIN!

  2. You are workin it with the new hair and I love it! Very chic and lovely :)

  3. The gold hoops earrings are eye-catching. Nice touch.

  4. Well, let me know if you're ever going to South Africa! Love the poolside outfit!

  5. Love this skirt so much. So, the idea is that many of the "must have wardrobe items" you've featured will be in your store, right? Because if so, I can't wait to see your design of these pieces.

  6. You always know how to put something together is such an unexpected way and make it look great. I love the shoes for both looks as well--Im actually drooling over them as I type!

    Travel has been on my mind as well--maybe it's the spring/summer thing to do!

    Luxe Beauty Blog

  7. Love this look. And accessories are perfect.