Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A His Shirt For Her

I've always loved the look of a woman in a man's white business shirt.  

Problem is, after several unsuccessful attempts over the years to replicate the look as an effortlessly sexy single piece (arms way too wide, collar not complimenting, shirt body too short for my abnormally long torso, etc...) I decided that perhaps my non-Julie Roberts measurements just didn't fit the look.  

That is until I found this men's shirt inspired linen button up.  
For women :)

And it's fit for petite women to boot!  Ah, a one piece "men's shirt" with heels finally accomplished. And you know how I feel about one pieces!

top: Vintage Chic by Grace (Lida Baday) / sandals: Nine West / earrings: Cinema / scarf: vintage

This top I found at my most favorite vintage boutique in Studio City, Vintage Chic by Grace.  I adore every personally handpicked item that stylish woman sells.  What a treat it is to shop there!   

The long slits on the sides of the shirt make it sexy and breezy for Summer.  And easy to transition into Fall as it's perfect to pair with pants or some chic leggings.

I am also excited to bring these big gold earrings into Fall as well.  So many plans for this upcoming season, ladies!!!!!

But for now, I am loving the closing of Summer, my new hue, bare legs and upcoming Labor Day activities!  ...and privately trying out new hairstyles for Fall and Winter...  

Excited to show and tell!

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Skirt: A Cure For The Common Day

Think about your most drab, casual, errand-running outfit...  Now replace the bottoms with a skirt.  

Better, right?

top: Zara / skirt: The Tiny Closet / flats: Breckell's / earrings: Tory Burch / bag: Banana Republic

A skirt is perfect for upscaling my tendency to dress too casually in my day to day life.  When I made this one in particular, I'd planned for it to be a chic, fashionable item to run errands in.  Just a casual day skirt that I could pop on with any of my tees and go.  But I hadn't guessed just how much of an upgrade it would be!  

Skirts are one of the most versatile articles of clothing 
a woman can own. 

But until now, I'd never really paid attention to what an aid they are when I've got more important things to think about than trying to look presentable before running off to Costco and then to the bank. 

So on those days when I find myself in a ragged tee, frumpy cutoffs and Chucks, I'll promptly kick off the cutoffs, pull on a skirt, smile and go!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wear It Another Way

If you've been following me for a while (or have been peeking through my archives), you may more than likely have passed by this All Saints fave of my mine...

This amazing Summer maxi dress has been my go to comfort/elegant/glam wear for almost two years.  I have worn it in the Winter here and here.  I have worn it as a skirt.  Aaaaand

now I have worn it as a tube dress.
 (incase you were curious, this is how it was meant to be worn.)

Yes, this dress I've worn many ways on many days.  I love it and that's why it's in my Tiny Closet - but, in a way I had planned this all along.  
When something catches my eye for good reason (perhaps the style, tailoring, etc), I always try to imagine it worn as many ways as possible.  

If I can't see it any other way than how it looks on the hanger, 
I usually don't go for it.

Why??  Because a girl likes options.  It's one of the many reasons why women tend to have closets full of unworn/forgotten clothing in the first place.  Minds change, moods fluctuate, styles evolve...  

In the past when I've bought items  that I couldn't see more creatively than "as is", they've grown terribly dull to me over time to the point of disgust.  That's no good!

I want my clothes to grow with me.  And they can.  
They just have to be adaptable!  

Taking a drive over to Long Beach's gorgeous dog beach, my old man of a dog reunited with the blissful sea waves.  And I reunited with my bliss :)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Choose The Mini

Shorts are tricky.  

Keeping in mind thigh width, leg length, not to mention torso, and hip measurements, shopping for a great pair of shorts is for the patient and non-jaded lady.

So over the years of skipping shorts shopping all together,  I've taken the high road (the sky high road) and focused my potential on the mini.

 top: / skirt: Paper Denim / flats: Breckell's / bangles: Philippines / bag: Banana Republic

Minis are flirtatious, chic, fun, versatile and great for petite women like myself.  And regardless of size or height, you can wear a mini with flats or heels.  But most importantly to me, 

mini skirts are simple!  

Like shorts, I can pull one on and go.  But unlike shorts, I don't have to worry about the boring details like my measurements in order to find the right one.  With minis, there's lots of "right ones".

 [these jumbo bangles are a staple accessory!!  Bangles like these are not just for Summer though they're definitely indicative of resort wear.  
But I love to wear them all year round, in a poolside coverup or an oversize wool sweater dress.  Staples I tell you!]

Strolling through an outdoor mall in Glendale, I realized I don't actually have a lot of mini skirts.... not that I need a wardrobe full of them but it occurred to me that the only reason I didn't have more is because I've never lived in a consistently warm/sunny climate.

So now that I'm here in L.A., living it up in a desert lifestyle, I should probably find a couple more minis to coordinate with my oversize, drapy tops.  
My mother teases me for having 7 identical James Perse scoop neck tees.  One for every day of the week.  But I've always felt 

if you love something and it works for you, get more of it...
because if you just have one, you'll wear it out and that's not cute.  Just sayin'.

Saw the movie Elysium after our day of strolling.  If you wanna see Matt Damon all tatted up and thug like, you should go.  Not gonna lie, I dug it.  
The movie was pretty good too ;)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Two Pieces

Over the weekend, I updated my Pinterest boards (!!!!) and while surfing through fashion boards, pinning like a maniac, I became so inspired by the incredible fashion and style and imagery, that I was re-motivated to continue rebuilding my closet and go out and do a little more shopping.  

a Tiny shopping trip :)

This time, instead of checking out a new boutique I went back to my all-time favorite vintage boutique, Vintage Chic by Grace in Studio City.  Going there, I knew my high wouldn't be potentially sobered by the disappointment of not finding anything if I'd gone to a new place.  I always find something I absolutely adore at Vintage Chic - and that Saturday was no exception.  
But I will save my love and photos of my new finds for another post soon!

For now, here are some photos of our fun, lazy Saturday...

sunnies: RayBan / necklace: Heavenly Couture / cardigan: Fluxxus / bracelet: Swarovski

bag: Banana Republic

Juanita's - My new favorite neighborhood spot for tacos.  The best!

And I did something that I haven't done in a long, long time... I wore heels shopping.  I remember when I would only shop in heels.  Yes, yes, times have changed but it's funny, the moment I declare that heels no longer work for me, I can't stop thinking about them.  And wearing them.  And my shopping list is full of heels as well!  I don't get it.  
Or perhaps I do.  I think I just don't care to wear the type of heels that I used to.  

These cage-like, lace up heels I bought off Ebay are very comfortable and the design keeps me in them longer.  Nuff said.  
To think I was about to swear off heels just because I can't wear the same crazy ones I used to.

When something new and amazing works on you that hasn't before.  It's not a fluke.  Study the ingredients of the miracle and replicate, replicate, replicate!


After shopping, Theo and I shared a nectarine popsicle and I did finally change my shoes :)   These flats are perfect for storing in a tote for long outings.  I also wore them here.  

And with this heat, I really can't wear more than two pieces.  Ah, but who am I kidding?   I never wear more than 2 pieces anyway.  This tube dress and light-as-a-feather cardigan were perfect together.  For heels and flats.

Anyway, can't wait to show you my new items soon!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Wearing Fishnet

Yesterday, Theo and I had lunch at Guild.  After passing by it on Target runs and trips to the movies, we finally decided to go inside.  I decided to give my new fishnet tee-dress another go, 
after wearing it Monday but failing to take photos in it.

Since I have never worn fishnet beyond my legs, I thought I'd ease into the style and wear it with brogues first and dress it down for midday.  This is a different type of fishnet apparel though with it's tee-shirt like design and wool crocheted netting.  It's actually warm!  And very soft.  It also has a surprising drape to it, which comes off looking elegant or just casual.  Depending on what shoes you wear :)

Dressing outside my comfort zone always turns out to be the most fun because that's when I really learn about my capacity for style.  No matter what your views are about different types of clothing, clothing has no definitive style until it's on you.  Once you put it on, it's your own interpretation.  It's your style.  And you can make it look any way you want, be it a fishnet dress, silk gown or a leather jacket.

After trying on this dress (at one of my favorite boutiques, Cinema), I saw it being a lot of fun for the remainder of Summer and also lots of potential for Fall and Winter because of it's versatility.  Very excited to try out my ideas.

Guild turned out to be amazing.  Either we have great taste in trying out new restaurants or the restaurants in downtown L.A. are just fabulous in general.  Theo and I are total foodies and so far, every restaurant in our neighborhood is on point.  We're so spoiled!


I must admit, with my irregular schedule and no two days ever being the same, I've been struggling to post as regularly as I'd like...  It's funny, the zen outlook I have with clothing really should be put to use on the rest of my life.  Like I say, my Tiny Closet is about ignoring all the rules, doing you and keeping it simple.  So instead of trying to set rules for my ever-changing schedule, I'm going to try, well, not doing that.  And post when I can and when I'm wearing something I can't help but show and talk about - which should be a few times a week at least, but on no particular day.  

So I hope you check back with me often and keep up to date with my never ending new stylings and ensembles!  
I absolutely love sharing :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

To Carnival

On a particularly boring Friday evening, the type of evening when no one can agree on what to do, I got a text from the roomy about a charming little carnival in Noho.  


Hotdogs, churros, rides and slides.  Finally, something we can agree on!

The swing ride is for "Swingers", heehee :)

tee: The Tiny Closet Collection / button up: thrifted / cut offs: Paper Denim / belt: GAP / all jewelry thrifted / flats: Breckelle's / bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAB
I was in a red and gold mood that evening.  Gold accessories with red stripes and red buffalo check.  It's been a while since I've worn that flannel button up and it was perfectly comfy cozy for evening carnivaling.

Saltiest fries I've ever had!  I was nearly hallucinating.

 cage ring: Forever21 

 Needless to say it was a fun, spontaneous evening out.  A good cure for the boredom blues.  Since Theo and I don't really do that well with routine, we'll have to start exploring more of L.A. and beyond, now that we've settled into our hood pretty well.  

Looking forward to sharing more outings in the future :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Swimsuit to Bodysuit

So I've been wearing my one piece swimsuit as a top lately.  I don't know why I hadn't thought of this at the beginning of the Summer....  
I just needed a chic, fitted top to tuck into my high waist pants and voila!   

Instead of buying more tank tops, this one piece has been perfect for the look I'm going for.

Now that I've had this idea, a flood of more ideas for Fall and Winter  are flowing into my brain!  For example this would be awesome with a blazer or boucle cardigan, yes?  
I'm excited to experiment further!

swimsuit: thrifted / pants: Cinema / earrings: Cinema / heels: Aldo

I picked up a pair of devastatingly glam earrings at Cinema, one of my favorite boutiques in the garment district.  I was instantly attracted to their jumbo size and just putting them on made me stand taller.  Mainly because they would sit on my shoulders if my posture was slumped.  Earrings that keep me mindful of how I carry myself.  That's a first.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Black & White and Stripes All Over

When it comes to skirts, I tend to have a consistent taste for the classics.  Yes, I'm a very modern girl, clothing wise and my favorite fashion decade (of all the fashion decades) is the one we're in but still, skirts have always held a retro place in my heart.

Cinched high waist, thick pleating, dramatic tapering, midi length - I really do love the older trends and classic skirt designs.  So after eyeing a breathtaking remnant fabric at work the other day, I decided to use the piece to make my own cute, retro skirt.

Black and white can be worn day or night, dressed up or dressed down, in Summer or Winter.  The stars kind of aligned with this fabric, ya know?  And it has turned out to be just perfect for my Tiny Closet.

I am wearing my trusty white, I still have not found another pair that can even stand next to these gems.  But they can't go on forever the way I wear them all.the.time.  The search continues for their successor.

skirt: The Tiny Closet Collection / top: thrifted swimsuit / shoes: CMG / jewelry: thrifted

Monday, August 5, 2013

What, This Old Thing?

Speaking of silk, it reminded me of this dress I picked up a few years ago on a shopping trip with my bestie.  
I loved it from the moment I spied it on the sale rack at a Banana Republic and I haven't wanted to give it up since.

I wore it all that Summer and even wore it a couple of times in the Winter.  What I was reminded about (by some wonderfully helpful comments on my last post) was that silk is actually a seasonless fabric.  Gorgeously fit to wear all year long.

For now, it's excellent for Summer.

The dress came with a belt but, you know me, I love the more voluminous, oversize looks so I usually go without the cinch in the middle 
when it comes to open designs like this.  Especially during the warmer months.

Also, I can't get enough of these new heels.  They go with everything and I'm ecstatic about that of course.  
PLUS, even though the heels are sandals I've got a pretty cool idea on how to make them A/W ready.  Ah, but in due time :)

With roomy pockets, a loose heart shaped neckline and space to sit back and lounge, I love that this ol' silk thing is also elegant.  Ahhhhhh :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Working with Silk

On my way home a couple weeks ago, while walking through the Garment District, I spotted a couple rolls of silk that stopped me in my tracks.  "Whaaaaaat?"  I whispered out loud to myself.

I came. I saw.  I bought four yards.

The print came in two colors and I got both!  Now to explain to Theo.

Since I was pretty much cut off from buying any more fabric before using the fabric I already owned, Theo made me promise that I had to make something awesome with the forbidden silk I couldn't walk away from.  So I promised that it wouldn't sit and collect dust.

And it didn't.

Last week, newly off the sewing machine, I put on this silk jumpsuit around 2am and attempted modeling it for a dozing husband.  Prancing around the living room area, I think the best I could get out of him was a mumbled 

"It's beautiful, baby."

I only like wearing silk in billowy, draping volume.  And even though I'm pretty sensitive with prints, 
I've been coming out of my shell with the concept of wearing them and with a watery silk like this, a big print flows nicely.

I was also thrilled that a pair of heels I received from eBay very recently would go beautifully with the new piece.  Perfect!  I have been glued to eBay these days.  Finding all these random old shoes that have long been sold out in stores.  When I came across these lace-up heels from Foreve21, I was extremely wary of the quality.  But for the minute fraction of the cost as well as my fleeting fancy of wearing heels, 
I thought eh, I'll just get them and wear em til I can't anymore.  

Oh but we'll have some fun!

The design of this jumpsuit was inspired by a jumper I've had for a while now.  I thought my version would look edgier with a narrow neck, jumbo straps and gypsy ankles.  Sadly, I forgot to get a shot of the back - I forgot to put a zipper on the body so at the last minute I put a big gold zipper on the back of one of the straps - so that I could actually put it on, heehee :)

Anyway, this item is indeed for Summer.  In fact, I think this a rare wardrobe piece that is only fit for one season.  Sigh....  I really don't like having single-season items.  What a waste the rest of the year!  But perhaps I will get some creative ideas on how to wear this perhaps for an evening out with a swing coat during the Fall and Winter months, I mean I do live in the desert after all. It doesn't get that cold...

Any ideas?

jumpsuit: The Tiny Closet Collection / heels: Forever21 / bandeau: Heavenly Couture

I had mentioned in a previous post that I'd probably end up sewing my new wardrobe... I am actually on my way to doing that lol!
So keep visiting to check out more of my new pieces as I make them.  I've got some fun fabrics I'm working with!!

Hope you enjoyed this newest project :)